Now would you rather buy a house sooner or have more money in retirement for many people it is a real trade off between having a deposit for a first home and having some super is the superannuation system working for you. That is our briefing topic in just a moment. First annika’s here, as we hit the big news of the day, western australia has delayed plans to remove all covert restrictions after an outbreak on a ship docked at fremantle. So far, 24 crew members on the bulk carrier have tested positive premier. Mark mcgowan says the state which hasn’t had any community spread for six months is still at risk. We’Re, surrounded by the threat of the virus covered 19 is circling the state and it’s circling the nation right now, it’s at phase four of a six phase plan that’ll be tweaked slightly from saturday and while wa has the most freedoms in australia, there’s still that two Square metre rule for venues with more than 500 people and a cap on the number of people still allowed to attend major events. Yeah i did see over the weekend. They hosted the wine machine music festival with thousands of people standing outside at a big concert, which was pretty amazing to see, but also interesting, to hear their annika. They are exercising some caution as those ships sort of show a degree of risk. The other interesting thing in the covert space is the the ongoing fight between the feds and dan andreas, with josh freidenberg coming out really strong, saying this cautious path for reopening is unforgivable, and then dan andrews saying this it’s all about the politics with this bloke isn’t.

It that’s all he does he’s, not a leader he’s, just a liberal. What do you make of this little spot politicians doing politics that’s what they all do. I thought but look it. I think it’s a bit of a distraction for dan andrews. He is under a bit of pressure. There is a push to reopen. You can imagine why josh fredenberg’s keen here’s the treasurer. He gets money when people go back to work and the federal coffers are pretty empty at the moment, so they both have conflicting. I guess um things they want to achieve at the end of this. Dan andrews needs to be really safe and return people, so this doesn’t happen again, but josh freidenberg really wants to start making money again for australia, yeah and staying in victoria. Today, we might finally find out who approved security guards for hotel quarantine. The probe had wrapped up, but last week, inquiry chair, jennifer coat announced it would re, examine senior health officials after emails emerged, which had not been disclosed to the inquiry. The first time around yeah. This is a really interesting development to see this inquiry reopen media reports revealed chief health officer. Brett sutton was involved in an email trail which discussed the private security, and that was months before he told the inquiry that he actually first became aware guards were being used. Yeah it’ll be interesting to see how he goes today. Look brett, sutton maintains he did tell the truth and that if emails weren’t handed over it wasn’t his call.

My role is not to determine what emails go or don’t go. All of my emails have been made available for the team to look through and provide according to the request yeah. But the big question is: did he tell the truth about when he knew uh? Private security was being used and it’s an interesting story because he became quite popular from his daily press briefings annika yeah. He had a bit of a cult following down in victoria. Who knows whether this will tarnish it? I think people have picked teams in victoria. It seems to be quite tribal down there, uh so i’m, not too sure how we’ll go today, but there was talk that some of those stories suggested that it wasn’t him that actually stopped the email. There were people in his department. That said, we don’t want to hand these over, so it’ll be interesting to see. If we get to the bottom of that and it’s been a weird week for footy awards, the nrl’s dahlia medal ceremony has been overshadowed by an embarrassing leak from the daily telegraph who published the shock winner before the ceremony had even started yeah. It revealed that raider jack whiten had pipped favorite nathan cleary even publishing the vote, tally now whiten told nine. He didn’t find out early, even if everyone else did halfway through they took all their phones, so we didn’t know what was going on. So we had no insight to that at all.

Do you reckon you really didn’t know? I think you might have known he’s playing along anyway, um, not surprisingly um rugby league’s furious. The arl chairman, peter vlandis, has announced an investigation into how it happened. But anika you worked at the telly for years um. How does this stuff happen? Look there’s been a number of things. I know that oz uh did this with the loki’s a few years ago, and so did the herald. Sun often it’s, because the story is rewritten and this happens when they give out embargoed information, they say don’t put, this is the winner don’t put this online until a certain time. The story is all ready to go and then, of course, it goes up a little bit early. So usually it is a mistake. The only way around this, though, is to not give the information embargoed, but that sets up another problem. When often, you write two stories, you write what, if this winner wins, and what, if this winner wins, you see this with say presidential runs and then, if that goes up, that’s even wrong information going up. So i really just don’t know how to get around it. Yeah, well, i guess of those two worst case: scenarios you’d rather be early and right than on time and wrong. That has happened before the uk has accused the russian government of planning a cyber attack on the tokyo olympics. Yeah, the uk’s national cyber security center says russia’s.

Military cyber unit was planning to target organisers, logistics services and even sponsors before the event was postponed. It’S also quote 95 sure the country is behind the tack of the 2018 games in south korea that crashed the website and the stadium’s wi fi yeah news on this front from america too, overnight it’s charged six russian government hackers for allegedly hacking, other governments, infrastructure and Elections doing a billion dollars worth of damage now anika i’m watching house of cards at the moment and when a u.s journalist dies they’re like we’re, going to blame this one on the russians and they do a deal with the russian president you’re going to take the Blame for this death and um – i just can’t, get that out of my mind when i hear this story all right in just a moment.