My 20 days a few years ago now, but you never forget you certainly don’t forget it – is a very highly rated grand Wembley for UEFA and, of course, the European Championship final of 2020 and the semi finals, they’re gon na be played here as well. Yeah it’s still got a special magical feel about it. I think generally regarded hold the football it’s a messy place. You never cease to be amazed by the sheer size of it when you walk up, and this is the way they will start the game today, they’re in Louie’s place alongside Scott Rambo staffing in defense, many service Applause, the lone striker today bachelor cities line up today. The donkey that is Edison Raheem Sterling starts with riyad mahrez in the white positions, and today it’s, just a one striker in the side is in chenko Qaeda. True Applause fly off the punch, the scoring in the Applause sikita, the Applause slightly different viewpoint on it. Applause Manchester City are in the lane, the city and the 1771 measured earlier Applause trying to find an opportunity want to keep possession that’s the way they play, but they’re not doing it. It’S very good skill, he’s made the defender look a bit awkward there like his hat. They read the opponent’s mind that got the ball. This could bring them level whether it’s an erotic moment for the goalkeeper and an error, but an error that he’s got away with. When you give the ball away as a keeper, he probably leads to a dangerous situation.

That’S the nature of the job and just about got away with it: Applause, Sylva, that’s, a turn over to the opposition Applause was with de Bruyne, the brunette spotting, the true path, Applause disadvantage at the moment, but it’s a classic example of the being on his toes. The defenders totally Applause, just why they watch it here to 2002. In the 17 Music lizard Ursula Danny, survives, template survived they’re predictable with the passing and the opposition able to deal with that. An incisive past well he’s, come in a bit on the wild side, refresh shown the card it’s yellow to the arsenal’ man design, wars perfect. He had a great view. I think he’d love to shoot, but he can’t from this angle and I get a good ball into the box. His in chenko rabbit Silva read the play well to intercept Applause, it’s, a turnover in play – Applause. Well. The tackle there has led to a throat reading of the by anticipating to pass that you’re. A Guerra is david silva. This could work here in terms of possession. Can they find the final class Nicola, pepper Applause that’s, an easy interception, the pass wasn’t? This could be a chance Applause, another insurance go. Surely they can’t throw it away here? Well, it’s, a fine individual counter, tuck his dick. What a ball from him Applause have to say, it’s. So one sided today with all credit to the table. Racking up the girl saw it coming carried out good work, I’ll defend it just getting across.

He talked quickly as well. Applause cut out the pass, only two more minutes to be added on by the referee. Now, who has the intentions of the opposition there to make the interception looking to win it back? These players will have been dreaming about a scene like this at halftime going and, as you can see, from the score line. As we start the second half, there might not be too much of a contest left in this game. Applause they can spread the play now and I’ll. Fernandinho is with the broiler Applause. Is worker but it’s footed to cut out the pass Danny ceballos while the white man can show his skills here? Take the shutup bounce out it’s over an attempted pass that doesn’t work out. Obama, yang shut up that’s, a great block, a real chance here and he’s caught back right just off target, not too much long with the technique. There, here’s Walker, there’s Kevin de Bruyne, oh it’s, a very good interception. Applause is a tackle and a half look has that good piece of work by the goalkeeper to turn that away from danger Applause granite jacket. Now, with luck, a set there’s still a long way to go, but in the right direction. With this goal well, don’t. They look good when they fly in, like that, could ease they’ve gone anywhere else in the stadium, but it’s gone where he wanted it to go. That’S for sure, yeah that’s, the sign of a natural finish up that one touch finish.

It really was a beauty. Applause damaged silver could be substituted 31. The scoreline, as we reached out the game, his in chenko good. No, I is with the broiler Walker good range in his passing now fernandinho now de Bruyne, Oh Walker, Johnstone’s city boss. In this in terms of control in possession and no wonder they’re winning with that possession I’ve taken their chances, they played some lovely football to become to be on top here, make sure the pass wasn’t completed, measured, easier, he’s won it back easily Applause attacking now wasteful Pass unforced error really his teammates have recognized the potential of this attack, Sergio agero, now Applause keeper, that did look like a real opening, but they dealt with it well. We’Ve been waiting for this and actually could have done it a bit earlier. You know the extra striker yeah, the crowd were were bein for the started to come up. I’Ve got the wish now: Applause we’re down now to the last six minutes, plenty of space out wide and they’re going to use it a family yeah in goes the cross. Luck has it very good stuff here corner for Arsenal and goes to corner in with a header and a good position, but it’s really wide and she’s good chance. Don’T show if that came off his shoulder. You know, he’s, looking clean connections, Walker place another to finish. It off by the referee gives it away straight to the opposition just 1 minute left on the clock Applause.