Stay tuned we’ll have all the action for you live here on ea tv. It is a special place in the world of football. A warm welcome to london, a warm welcome to wembley i’m derek ray and joining me here on the commentary box is lee dixon and we have action from the semi final stage of the fa cup just moments away. It is manchester united facing brighton and hope. Albion. Well, thank you derek. I hope. You’Re excited i’m excited it’s, a semi final. The final is in touching distance. You have to say one side is a bigger favorite than the other, but can they put them under pressure? You never know it’s a semi final and at number seven cristiano, ronaldo and here’s. The lineup for manchester united, the highly proficient david de gea, starts in goal. Harry maguire plays alongside victor lindelof in central defence, and the main striker is the unmistakable cristiano ronaldo Applause. Thank you for attending wendell, steve team selected for brighton and herb albion and goal for this match. It’S matthew, ryan shane duffy plays alongside lewis dunk in central defense, and the idea is to have just the one striker up there trying to pose problems for the opposition. Pogba has it Applause definitely look as though they want to make the smoke count. Applause danger, harry maguire, now well, it’s unavoidable. We always have to talk up cristiano ronaldo on the big stage lee for you. What does he do, especially well everything there’s, no weakness in his game, his drive his hunger, his skill, both feet, heads the ball.

Well, scores great goals, scores tap ins. I could the list could go on Applause, alexis, macarista mopey is knocking it around looking to carve out a chance Applause sensational goalkeeping from david dicker he’s tripping in the corner. Nothing positive comes of it, unfortunately, fred with it lindelof now straight down. The throat of the opposition. Applause, marcus, rashford, well, he’s. Giving us away march might really be able to trouble them here march and offside is the decision. It must have been very closely well yeah. The linesman’s got the best view of them all. I think he got that right. Mcguire luna fernand has it giving the ball away Applause and moy with it, and the emphasis is on creativity, wonderful challenge and a throw in coming up cross blocked, rashford unable to hold it dunk on the ball. Stevens enough build up. Can they carve out a chance? Maguire paul pogba here’s ronaldo, not just the united getting players forward and moving the ball around here away comprehensively untidy in possession linda well manchester united controlling possession here, but they need to turn that possession into creating more chances the forwards have been vacant today. They really have midfield, not good enough as well. The fans are expecting a lot more from this team and he was in the right place to intercept james luna Applause. Well, keep it tight that’s what both managers would have been saying, but now the opening goals gone in tactics have got to change.

I just love to look at perfect technique and you won’t get any better than this it’s. Just a dream strike brilliant, brilliant effort, a chance to revisit the goal so they’re playing again. It’S manchester united with the lead here number six paul pogba now in possession cossack rashford Applause, here’s, ronaldo Applause heavily caught out Applause Applause Applause are in order stevens and moy. With it march, so the whistle then we’re at the halfway stage in this match. Music Applause has anticipated plenty of talking points so far and now the second half is underway, stevens now in possession for stevens, mcallister and moy with it and given away Applause, a tremendous vision. The outcome is a goal. Kick here. Oh, he knows that could have been the game right there. You can see his frustration as well. Well, the speculation has been out there for a while now, but if the reports are to be believed, iax could be on the verge of getting the manly yeah. If the media and the papers are believed, they’ve made an official bid, not surprising, really he’s a top player he’s been rumblings for a while now i guess we’re likely to find out over the next couple of days or so Applause, fred, marcus, rashford Applause, pogba, shaw, Fred others in the vicinity, ronaldo, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents, montoya march mopay, well, that’s, very smart, defending and now they have the ball again. Alan juan bisaka here is fred.

Pogba spraying passes around almost waiting for the opposition to make a mistake and now passing it through for dangerous substitution time. It is options in the center. Here is fred now for pogba. He succeeds in clearing it. James pogba has ex Applause would have been disappointed. Had he not dealt with it corner given to united pogba. Well, that is a moment. I’M sure he wishes he could have back well. He did everything right the movement and everything he got his head on it, but it’s way way off target montoya. Pascal now let’s come down to the final 20 minutes here. I just couldn’t. Keep the ball. Luna finance beautifully disguised ball. Well, he did his best to remain on side, but just failed yeah. It was close, he was closer that’s. All it needs to be close. He was offside and united will switch things around personnel wise. Give it away well it’s, been all united in the last 15 minutes or so derrick. Their play warrants another goal for me, and that will be it. The game will be over here’s ronaldo manchester united, have lost the ball clear, foul play and, as a result, a free kick forthcoming and they have elected to go to the bench at this stage of the game crossfired over just wanted to get it out of there. Now in possession corsair the cross is on useful ball towards the back close this side. Every goalkeeper would expect to catch that one spot on with that tackle with their noses in front in the second half.

What will be the thinking and the countley dixon? Well, with a narrow lead in the clock, ticking it’s so easy for the united players to lose. This might pay dividends. Applause in the direction of the back post. It comes to nothing fred, it’s with higano and he’s, taking us away, and only two minutes remaining here. Davey proper pascal ghost alexis macarista, the fourth official, the electronic board has been held on off Applause and just like that. The red devils have scored well, they were pressurizing from the start and in the end it was only one result. Well, i love looking at replays. You get to see the goal in all its glory. Just look at this perfect header. What a goal Applause let’s have another view of that goal. Well, a second goal for them here and manchester united go marching on to the final well derrick. You wouldn’t expect semi finals to be easy and that certainly wasn’t – it really could have gone either way at times, but they’ve gained real confidence from the fact that they’ve got themselves over the line and into that final well done. I think it’s accurate to say lee that this man was the light bringer for his side. Well, he played well scored a goal: what a good performance from him – Music, Music, yes, i’ve, just got a couple of questions. I want to ask you about the match.