This is my tarot first defeat. What preview? My first mass preview of the season as carlo kicked off their season in the efo, with the with her eff efl 12 in my stair one, then mustang won them at home to lead one free wood inter interesting, damn ahead free wood and need one obviously pm For promotion well definitely be aiming for like i want the playoff spot, then sam’s last season free wood. I think they’ll be expected to finish in the pill theaters. Then they are a team on the up feet: wood on the wise under trolly, barton and i’ll. Try and a lot of people won’t like charlie barton because of who he is, and but i kind of like him, i kind of like him it’s no soft thing, he’s, not softly, it was he’ll. Tell it as it is it will it will. He will yeah plus players about if he asked her, so i think that’s good that doesn’t matter. Of course he can be a hot head, but i think he doesn’t hate that don’t say. I thought though, so i don’t want. Crit speeds winding them up, but i think that i thought i’ve been too many monsters. I’Ve done soft these days and i i think you need a mind so, like charlie barton, i would say: don’t do the fancy doors i could eat as he did as a player taking people in the bucket and then all that.

But i know he i think he is that mindset it’s, not a nonsense, so the doctor don’t mind something: what does mine certain charlie, barton and it’d be interesting? What their aim is? Will they take this seriously? I think a lot of teams might take it seriously. Like it is a trophy that’s available for anyone to have a good shot at even including ourselves, i don’t know it’s a good troll for you to have a shot at tyler. I’Ve won it twice. I don’t think he would have won it. I don’t know i can’t remember i think people might want it once feel free to even the comments i will check after this, but it doesn’t matter if you want in the past fee what that chance of winning that toss day, they’re a need one. So you probably expect them to be odds. I i do expect them to that to be odds just because they’re in the aid above, but it depends on the teens yes and records i’ve been both of these teams. I don’t be aiming for promotion in their in the long age. This season i mean ourselves. We should be here. We should be in for promotion, but he need feet. Would we want to try and get promotion to the championship but they’ll, but then we’ll foster some things in the playoff pieces of them first, but he doesn’t say if whitton. If britain went off last season, you have to say if he wouldn’t go up as well.

I had no one expected: no one expected wickham to go up that season, but they did. I think they don’t want to favor cedar don’t need one i think well not dawn down, but yeah. I definitely weren’t expected to be promoting all chaos contenders. I want the mid table mark, but for mid table, so i don’t know how feet one of them line up any feet. Wood fans feel free to fast down beyond thomas will you dust one because our weapon, i wasn’t real dust one. I was more dust one. I don’t think we’ll take care about topping the fake off seriously. I’Ve told that it’s like a bonus thing that prize money the further he did. He did more prize money. I expect i like her wheaton team. I you see a week and it’s still squan team. Despite spawn 17 because they’ll be battling for pierce’s season for to be in the first team but yeah this is any people fans feel free to see. If you all predict design up in the comments down below yeah i’ve got some players – another sentinel dempsey, of course, who is one of our best horned home players – he’s done to tune them but yeah onto my stanley, heaven my style, young pedestal, it’s hard to tell Way because it won’t surprise me if we go for the second team towards morrison’s way, to maintain i’ll be disappointed, though, if you do go for the second team, even though i still strong team, i just think you’ve got that chance having you off of winning the Trophy this is the only twelfth of the year one on youtube, because i’m gon na win this season dfl 12a.

It takes that one team to take it seriously and have a big shot at it. We’Ve won the twice in the history, but we’re worth second trying. Winners because there’s quite a lot of winners in second behind crystal city who won it three times but yeah onto my style of the effort. I’Ve done i’ve done first, one starting off and i’ve actually done for the i’ll squander see everything available. I’Ve done for paul farman and oh i’ve done for own head and the face captain. The absolute beats at the back. I am with rod. Mcdonald mcdonald, who we signed from wimbledon expect him to make his debut in there after signing from wimbledon, especially it met his debut for channel yet brought on for the toughest nick allington. I have bought, of course, first name on the team sheet. I’Ve done for four. Three three for the for a free man with phil i’ve done for a cd. I hold a midfield and two center mids in holding midfield i’ve done for john mayer’s toss john mayer, who, who it you would say, is a center back, but he prefers pierre as a holding midfielder. So do i i prefer to hold my filter yeah last season. The second half of the season he showed what he can do in that holding the film well on the crispy two centimeters, a dom done for the youth signing. Do you recent signing furman the well experienced midfielder of wellspring, south african midfielder and the well experienced fulfiller in the football year as well? I onside home died who suffered uh who suffered.

I think it was him or something into it. Yeah two authentic two or three games into his debut for carlo. He suffered a rift into it, but he is, but he he will be back for this thing for the start of the season. So yeah i expect home days more, is more of a attacking midfielder than dean fuhrman. But time died. He is a central midfielder. In my opinion, that’s the warrior midfield. I would ask, i would start, i would start justifying who i expect to make a prayer through this season, the answer, but i think, he’ll playing at the top on top and i played hook games and our front three i’ve done far well. It has changed because of the recent injury but i’m, only patrick that was already there, that white win and my patrick on the white win did me tore away to start as a striker. In my opinion, tyler fans are saying he should start saying winder. I have a new, i i think if he you started, mr striker off and you’ll smash it off. Honestly, i think it’s, myself, it’s proven it for heart pill and the non jade it’s a proven doll stone in the in the gold gates. In my opinion, and our best sign of the scene of the trans window of this transfer window after i’m, loving him already and on the f win, i did go for brennan dickinson, but when dickinson you know, sets me out for on the set for a young Free spell on the sidelines, so i’ve done for trust, coyote in fact, i’m gon na change it and then i’m asking put coyote on the white wing and the molly patrick on the f win.

Does it matter yeah yeah, i don’t put coyote on the right wing and molly patrick from the f win, so that’s my style of heaven, but that’s infiltrative force down below and my star prediction. Finally onto my star prediction: well, i’ll take not use them i’ll! Take not use them, but i have to buff my team i’m done, go for it to yeah. I don’t know for two. I don’t know i’ll see i’m tempted to go for a tour, but i am my heart says i win for tomorrow, i’m, a princess at all, and i i never predict my team to to use. You know, i think we might use, because people are in the need above, but i think it depends on teams yet soon i i don’t think feet would be females, may name. Creators may not be getting the piano and trying to get promotion to the championship. Obviously, but that’s the same aim for us as well trying getting the pair of pieces and trying to promote until you need one it’s hard down to tom it’s hard damned at all eva was so wouldn’t. Surprise me, i think we can test the bit our weapon wouldn’t check the teams in the either both of us. We can take them on give them a goddamn. Yeah i’m not offered two one win and offer two and win towards because we don’t know what our defense is like at the moment. I might go free too.

I see but yeah another two one that’s, i say two one win towards people call me bias and do you know is this what i think i have to understand me for backing my team as well i’m, just saying two on tile, just because i think free Wood will probably play this one, this team, i think them their main aim – is maintained for this season. Instead from trying that promotion from need one or the minimum fence in the pillowcases then feel free to you’ll, stop distance down beyond and then the door starts what’s. The point i can’t believe people do that that’s my style of death and that’s. My stanley up and petition feel free tv i’ll. Stop this and down below yeah i mean, if would that be, would that be? I wouldn’t be too harsh on the team, because free wood they are in the yield above people will be expecting tile to use against feet. Wood and you’ve got the other teams as well. Sunderland darren need one you’re, probably spectacular, to use to them as well as something under 21s. I think we should be done with you because they’re not where you spoons in the competition, but we have to wait and see not to wait and say even when someone surprised me, i just spend yeah, i won’t be too harsh on the team. I need one identity. You need one team. If we death beat, would that be i won’t be too harsh, so yeah feel free to stop distance down below and yeah take care people stay safe and stay tuned for the next video.

Whenever that will be take care.