My name is derek ray i’m joined by lee dixon in the commentary box and we’re just seconds away from kickoff in what promises to be a spectacular final, it’s, carlisle, united and they face fleetwood town hi, derek well it’s been a long journey for both these teams. Hasn’T, it it’s not been an easy road for them, but all those players out there will be looking forward to this 90 minutes a cup final trying to make history for their clubs. The manager will be saying to them. Keep you cool don’t, make any silly mistakes and let’s see if we can put a trophy in that cabinet looking forward to this dickinson. This is how the starting lineup looks today. We’Re thinking four three three yeah one central striker derek the width comes from the wingers who will stay high and wide very narrow midfield and a conventional back four. This is what they’ll be up against today: the emphasis perhaps on keeping things tight at the back lee yeah. I really like this system very fluid. Look about it. It could be five at the back when you haven’t got the ball, but those wing backs can push into midfield to make a 3 4 3 formation, the width supplied by the wingers to a lone striker thank you stadium, and now they get the ball rolling. Anderton jones webster riley thomas riley as clean as a whistle that challenge andrew far from a good pass Applause, riley jones, real chance, keeping the opposition at bay for that splendid challenge.

Well, the ref will hear the crowd all right. We can hear him from here he’s. Taking some stick excellent ball over the top just drifted into the illegal position, offside in the opinion of the officials, quick thinking to dispossess his opponents. Well, when you set off like this, you invite pressure Applause burns and that was a very fine read and they’ll have to throw it back. In Applause play burns taking care of business defensively here, Applause over it comes absolutely magnificent. Goalkeeping, oh he’s, almost turning away thinks he’s, scored the goalkeeper doesn’t Applause anderton a throw in Applause. Can he deliver accurately real danger? It looks promising targets available, cross comes in and it’s gone behind for the corner: Applause, he’s, driven in the corner. Well, as a defender that will sit you down to the Applause ground, burns Applause, simple, save, really riley dickinson jones, promising looking ball well great, read there to intercept Applause. Andrew gibson burns ran it magnificently and intercepted Applause. Mcdonald riley anderton riley moving the board effectively, not messing around with that clearance jones brennan dickinson with it. The fourth official has indicated there will be a minimum of two minutes of added time. Riley anderton brennan dickinson with it might be able to get in behind the defense Applause and teammates to play it too it’s opening up for them. Well a sloppy clearance. What can the opposition do with this a chance, then for the respective managers to address their charges? It is half time here really tense battle so far, and now the second half is underway.

Nothing in it derek. Is there just testing each other out, tactically it’s fascinating, who will buckle first madden burns still level here, but the pressure escalating and a half baked clearance. Applause, brennan dickinson, with it Applause. Well, the attacking options appear plentiful. He could pick out a teammate and they’ll get ready for the throw in and the substitution in the offing. Gibson, andrew Applause, the tackle completely missed time and you would expect a booking under the circumstances. That will certainly mean a booking here and now he’s on a tightrope jones, riley guy, dickinson Applause, fluency of movement brennan dickinson with it, has teammates waiting inside the area, and you need your defender to take charge jones, anderton Applause, webster, pure ball control, jones, making progress Space and time for the cross Applause, it comes to nothing dickinson, not a good pass. Applause, we’re now inside the final 20 minutes of the game sitting deep now that could be problematic, so the fans enjoyed that pass, and the decision is one of offside here. Well, both teams have had substitutes warming up and now both will rely on their respective Applause benches Applause, here’s, barry, makai Applause still pushing for that goal. That would see them forge ahead, makai that’s, very smart, defending and now they have the ball again. Applause now you’ve got to try to make it a bit opportunity. It is and touched onto the frame of the goal. Applause. Well, i thought we got a goal there jerry, but the goalkeeper had other ideas, still all square madden, moving the ball nicely.

Looking for that final pass Applause morris – and that was a very fine read and five minutes to go madden good, looking sequence and options in the center it’s opening up for them. Madden Applause thomas well, that’s it for the 90 minutes. But this is not over and two 15 minute periods of extra time to come Applause, and so the story continues the first period of extra time and no one is leaving well. Fitness levels are going to be tested now: derek Applause, webster Applause, anderton anderton, guy Applause. He has plenty of support going well, well, that’s, the kind of player you want from your defender. Can they get in behind them a chance, maybe from the wide position well body in the way, a chance to nudge in front corner. Kick here, Applause he’s, driven in the corner; well, not quite in a position from which they could potentially do a bit of damage here and that’s. An important intervention and the referee has added on two minutes of stoppage time and very definitely cut out half time in extra time, and still they are level Applause, so many now having to play through the pain barrier underway in the second period of extra time. Applause still passing it around with authority. Well, that would be straightforward for any keeper Applause guy mcdonald jones anderton moving forward effectively. He has time to play us over Applause. Guy dickinson and given the defenders touch, the referee says corner and over comes the corner.

He succeeded in getting his fist to it. Applause. The electronic board has been held aloft, two additional minutes here: Applause moving the ball effectively looking for the right moment, a final that will live long in the memory. It’S not finished yet because it’s going to come down to a penalty shootout to settle the outcome, Applause and this will test the mentality of any footballer and just like that, he’s come up with the same well, you have to have strong hands and he’s tucked his Penalty away lee well, he held his nerve simple. As that mental preparation is such a oh. He saved it. Well the goalkeeper guess, but he gets the right way. Good and he’s denied them from the sports. Oh he’s, lovely, goalkeeping really, and he scores from the sport. Confident head down lovely strike: can he keep us cool? Well, the paninka has duly fooled the goalkeeper. Well, when you do a peninker in the game, absolutely top draw brilliant he’s gambled on direction and one well he’s got his angles right there just look at that for goalkeeping and now is his charming final one team in raptures, the other disconsolate what’s an ending. Well, you can talk about the merits of penalty shootouts to decide big tournaments, big games, so much nerves of steel are needed a little bit of a gamble here and there who’s going to come out on top, but the end result is there for all to see.