First off some breaking news. A second wave of floods is now expected from the yangtze river in china And in wuhu city of anhui province in the flood path. A warning was issued on july 17th that the city’s emergency response system was being raised to level one which is the highest level warning. They have At one of the anhui stations on the yangtze river. The waters had reached 41.2 Feet and it’s just less than a foot away from being its highest water level recorded in history. Meanwhile, with the virus, urumqi city in xinjiang has been shut down as cases of the new coronavirus. The ccp virus Have allegedly begun to surge.. Local traffic has already been shut down and 90 percent of flights have been canceled. As of july 17, the xinjiang health commission reported six confirmed cases and 11 asymptomatic cases, including among people, the xinjiang production and construction corps. Although the ccp has repeatedly given numbers that are incomplete when it comes to this virus, now reported 135 people are currently being monitored for possibly having the virus and all the reported cases are in Urumqi, city And amid rumors that the us government may ban Travel to The united states for members of the chinese communist party and members of their families, The search keyword quit ccp, has begun to trend on google. Now This also takes place, as the united states has become placing sanctions on ccp leaders, Including over their abuses of muslim uighurs and over their actions to end autonomy in hong kong.

Through these national security laws, Chinese netizens have been praising the sanctions on ccp leaders with statements, including that This is a great deed that will go down in history Now for the chinese people, there is a movement to quit the chinese communist party and its affiliated organizations It’S called tuidang or quit the party so far more than 360 million chinese people have either quit the chinese communist party, the young, pioneers or the youth league, and this is a Grassroots movement among the chinese people who have seen the abuses of the chinese communist party. It’S destruction of their culture and its destruction of their history and they’re, saying they no longer want to be a part of it. Part of the requirement for this tuidang movement. People send in their names or a pseudonym And then give a statement stating why they are quitting. The communist party, As the united states, begins sanctions over the ccp’s actions to end hong kong’s autonomy, the local leader in hong kong, its chief executive Carrie lam, said she isn’t afraid, despite being named by u.s authorities. Now She said in a chinese tv broadcast interview on thursday night quote.. I have no assets in the u.s And I don’t particularly like going to the u.s.. If they don’t grant me a visa, then I will just not go there. However, netizens from hong kong pointed out on twitter that carrie lam’s youngest son joshua lam had previously studied at harvard as a graduate student in mathematics and is allegedly teaching at the University according to its website.

At least now, supporters of hong kong’s freedom are now calling on u.s secretary of state mike pompeo, To add her son Joshua lamb to these sanctions list and are asking that he face deportation. Meanwhile, the ccp is allegedly trying to force taiwanese citizens to acknowledge its claims. Over taiwan, in order to get visa renewals now, While taiwan is technically a free and self governing country, the ccp claims ownership over in some countries do recognize that Now a taiwanese official is saying the ccp attempted to make him sign a document Recognizing the one china Claims over taiwan in order to receive a visa renewal And the official left hong kong after refusing to sign the document Now, in other news, close to 100 scientists working in nuclear safety at the ccp’s chinese academy of sciences resigned Together as a group, The individuals are Mostly doctorates from the hefei institute of nuclear energy safety technology, Chinese state media claimed the scientists who resigned were quote poached and that they left, while claiming the institute, cannot create large enough projects And also lack sufficient funding to keep them And also in a recent speech, Attorney general, william barr criticized hollywood For quote trying to appease the chinese communist party, now Here’s a clip of his statement and every year at the academy awards. Americans are lectured about how this country falls short of hollywood’s ideals of social justice, But hollywood now regularly censors its own movies. To appease the chinese communist party, I suspect that walt disney would be disheartened to see how the company he founded deals with foreign dictatorships today.

It is clear that the prc seeks not merely to join the ranks of other advanced industrial economies, But to replace them all together. The united states is now dangerously dependent on the prc for these essential materials over the years. Corporations such as google, Microsoft, yahoo And apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with the ccp Following the recent imposition of the prc’s draconian national security law in hong kong. Many big tech companies, including facebook, google, twitter zoom and linkedin Reportedly announced that they would temporarily suspend compliance with government requests for user data. True to form communist officials have threatened imprisonment for non compliant company employees. We will see if these companies hold firm and how long they Hold firm and a bit more on that. The chinese communist party has been slowly taking over hollywood talent, houses and different film Organizations in order to influence the films being shown in the united states. And what hollywood produces and shows in china Now dalian wanda group, for example, purchased amc, entertainment back in 2012 And other chinese companies have either been purchasing or getting influence over different entities within hollywood, including talent houses. Now the chinese communist party has many ways of censoring hollywood. One of the main ways is they limit the number of films that can be shown in china and also they create very Vague forms of censorship requirements, so that filmmakers are more likely to over censor rather than under sensor, Some of the requirements the ccp has with Films or that they support quote core Socialist values, and they have other requirements such as that you have to have, for example, one scene filmed in china.

You have to have, for example, one chinese actor and also that these films cannot show China or the chinese communist party in a negative light. There’S also been talk about them, saying you cannot show the us military, for example, in a positive light Now for the chinese communist party. This is part of what they call culture warfare. This is under the ccp’s unrestricted warfare doctrine listed publicly and different. Chinese leaders have talked specifically very directly About using culture warfare against the united states. One of the big issues here is to show an image of china to the world that supports the image the ccp wants them to see. This polished image that people are shown, and so again for the chinese communist party. This is war. This is something they do actively it’s something they talked about openly and attorney general. William barr is now calling them out for doing this Now for the broader stories. For today, Now, first off, president trump is allegedly looking to creating a travel ban on members of the chinese communist party. Now the report on this came from the new york times, which cited unnamed sources, who are allegedly familiar with this proposal. It states this quote: the presidential proclamation still in draft form could also Authorize the united states government to revoke the visas of party members And their families, who are already in the country leading to their expulsion. It says some proposed language is also aimed at limiting travel to the united states by members of the people’s liberation army And executives at state owned enterprises, Though many of them are likely to also be party members Now a bit on this now.

This is still unconfirmed, but it would be too far out if this was true. So, for example, if you want to apply for u.s citizenship, You are still asked whether you are a member of the communist party or have ever been a member of the communist party. One of the main reasons for that was during the cold war. If you were a communist party member, it meant you were loyal to the soviet union These days, if you were a ccp member, a chinese communist party member, It means you are loyal to the ccp and it requires things If you’re a party member that you pay For example, your party dues that you engage in study of communist texts and so on, And so really, if you’re a ccp member, it means you’re engaging in meetings. You’re, paying party dues. You’re loyal to the ccp You’ve sworn your life to the ccp And you’ve sworn To do anything, the ccp asks of you, and in addition to that, you also have to join study sessions, Where you have to study communist party texts, but also, if this does pass, it could add additional fuel to some of the different movements in China and around The world to have people quit the chinese communist party So, for example, there’s also the quit the ccp movement, the tuidang movement, also known as the quit the party movement. Now so far, over 360 million chinese people under the tuidang movement have quit the ccp or its affiliated organizations and the young pioneers and the youth league And another news secretary of state, mike pompeo, also sparked debate among chinese netizens.

After he published a picture of his dog with a stuffed Winnie, the pooh and a few other toys now pompeo tweeted all her favorite toys. Now this was seen as a veiled insult at ccp, leader xi, jinping, who many netizens and dissidents joke looks like winnie the pooh And the united states has only recently begun fighting back against the ccp on ideological grounds when it comes to information warfare, And this could Be an example of this happening yet Pompeo did this in a way that he could claim. Otherwise he could claim this is just an innocent tweet of his dog, with his dog’s favorite toys, But again among chinese netizens. This is now sparking debate.. It is leaving them questioning Whether pompeo intended this to be an attack on xi, jinping and with that question of whether this was done intentionally. This has been an effective information campaign in that regard. If it was intended to be so Now. Meanwhile, in detroit ice officials and homeland security investigations seized a web domain operated by china known as, and this is part of an investigation into arms trafficking around the world. A statement from ice says this quote: HSI determined that more than 350 suppressors seized by law enforcement across the country were purchased from the website and smuggled into the united states from china as Automotive parts, and this follows another recent case where u.s customs and border protection Seized more than 52000 firearms parts in ports of los angeles and long beach that has allegedly been shipped illegally from china.

Now the previous case – and this one adding to it now – Was adding concerns that the chinese communist party is supplying guns to the united states, say illegal firearms that are being used on u.s streets, And this would not be uncommon. The chinese communist party, for example, is one of the largest arm suppliers to the drug cartels in latin America. One of the largest sellers of this is Norinco and, although Norinco has denied this Many many of the weapons shipments that are found are traced back to norinco And also the chinese communist party in the broader sense of this is the main supplier of precursor chemicals and Synthetic drugs to the cartels – This is part of what they call drug warfare. The ccp has direct doctrine on this Publicly stated documents saying that waging drug warfare on the united states, And so in other words the ccp, is supplying the guns, the drugs and the ingredients For drugs that are being sold on u.s streets. Also, in other news, china is preparing a spacecraft for its first mars mission and a top russian space official has recently dismissed Nasa’s next moon plans saying that russia is considering cooperating with china on a lunar base. Now a bit on this, it may sound far out, but china does have ambitions for this now china’s ambitions for a lunar base. What does it really want it for It has talked about this previously? Part of it is, of course, to demonstrate the ccp’s dominance in this regard, And so, while this may sound far out, china does have publicly stated intentions to build a moon base, And there are a few different reasons for this.

One is to control the water stores on the moon And the other. One is because they want to mine the moon. One of the things they believe is contained. There is helium 3 And they believe this is the say: fuel for next generation, fusion, energy, technology. And yes, it’s. True, No one’s really successfully made fusion energy fusion instead of fission when it comes to nuclear energy, Which they believe would be cleaner and more sustainable and also say, really create infinite energy. In some regards Now, many countries, including china, are very aggressive on researching Fusion energy and the ccp wants to mine, the moon for the helium 3 needed for that And, in addition to this, china is also being accused of wanting to control the earth moon system. In other words, the space between the earth and the moon, and also be able to control the different earth orbits – And yes, this does sound far fetched, but the ccp has also stated a lot of this publicly. One of the big concerns is that the ccp, if it did, control that, could use denial of access operations to, for example, deny the u.s access to satellites, deny the u.s access to the moon to say, Tax or forbid space travel if it chose to this is One of the big concerns on that And moving on the chinese communist party is now being exposed in france for using donations of face masks As a way to win support in the country with targeted Politicians.

Now Le Monde stated this translated from french quote. According to french intelligence, the chinese ambassador in paris and the chinese consuls Were ordered at the heart of the pandemic to favor their french friends when donating masks and equipment. Now these donations are now being looked at as possible signs of which french politicians are close to the ccp and is raising concerns of potential other interests the ccp has in doing so now taiwanese media said this quote: china strengthens its control over overseas chinese by selectively. Distributing masks and supplies, while rewarding the most loyal french Supporters – and it stated this as well quote. The heads of two chinese associations in the 16th district of paris were Interrogated and detained by police because they secretly distributed more than 10000 Again when it says chinese associations again. This is the tongs, the tongs, the ccp controls, mainly through the united front work department, and this report in other regards Shines, a light on the ccp’s use of what people are calling mask diplomacy. Now you know news outlets in different agencies. They like to talk about, you know, Mask diplomacy and different forms of hostage diplomacy, and so on. Really, what they mean is the ccp uses just about everything it possibly can As forms of diplomacy, pressure or espionage, and the ccp right now is being accused of using the cell of face masks and the donation of face masks to advance its international interests. Because when the ccp was first telling the world that the virus was under control That it had things under control that was not going to spread around the world.

, There was no human to human transmission. It was secretly buying up the world supplies Of this different medical equipment and then used the cell of that medical equipment to advance its own political interests, And this report is also raising questions over whether officials in different countries, Including in the united states, who made similar Deals with the ccp may be involved in foul play or different unseen ties To the chinese communist party. Now a couple points on this. Now again we mentioned these different chinese associations. You mentioned the chinese communist party’s united front work department, Which it runs through its different consulates, which then control these different tongs. These Associations, which then control these different operations to influence local politics and local social issues. It appears to be that this is what is going on right now, because this report mentions different chinese associations. It mentions chinese communist party directives And it also mentions different chinese consoles, who are using this network to advance political interests. That is the united front work department.. That is exactly how it operates, And the chinese communist party again uses this for many different reasons. One of the big ones is influencing local politics. One of the major things they will do, for example, is invite local officials Say in the united states and other countries on visits to china now different officials.. They cannot technically accept foreign gifts, And so the ccp say for this two week, long five star trip to china.

Well, maybe charge them something like two thousand dollars really nothing And these officials when they go to china, they’re. Taking on this propaganda, tour and they’re fed Every narrative, the ccp wants them to have, or at the very least, They’re subjected to different measures by the ccp to begin coercing them To start them on the track of becoming foreign agents, essentially of the chinese communist party, Which is why it does things like this and when it comes to the united states, when it comes to these other countries, Every single official, at least based on things i’ve been told by different u.s officials. Every single one of them will get approached some time by the chinese communist party for operations like this, And not just government officials, but also business leaders, top academics and others of influence In the united states in different countries and again the ccp targets this. It has an entire government department dedicated to this And we’re now seeing different reports showing this being exposed Now, folks, that said, we’re again Broadcasting monday through friday, five days a week. If you want to show some additional support, We do have a patreon and also you can find the link to that in the description below And every sunday. We do a live QampA for our patreon supporters And also folks, who want to show additional support. Please like and subscribe this video.. It really helps us And also, if you can, please tell a friend or family, about this channel Of course, folks with that said, please take care of yourselves.