The final episode of binging, with babish to come out of the old kitchen, i’m all moved into the new spot and have already filmed the subject of next week’s episode: the meat tornado, but for now we’re. Taking a look at the four horsemeals of the egg. Pork ellipse described in leslie knope’s book as an astonishing onslaught of protein that includes a 12 egg scramble, bacon, sausage ham, hash, browns, chicken fried steak and a giant tower of buttermilk pancakes. First thing we can start with is the flapjacks. This is a factory standard, buttermilk pancake recipe. If you want to see how to make it click the link in the upper right hand corner right now, whisk it to a lumpy, smooth consistency cover with plastic, wrap and fridge for up to 24 hours. Plenty of time to address the many other horse meals of this egg, pork ellipse. If we consult the book pawnee the greatest town in america, you can see that there are two different iterations of hash browns, a mountain of scattered and shredded hash, browns and five deep. Fried hash brown patties, so we’re gon na start with the patties by peeling and chopping 5, medium russets into 1 inch chunks immediately dunking them into a cool water bath so as they do not discolor. This is also going to help wash off some of the excess starch which is going to give us crispier potatoes, so go ahead and drain these and then we’re, going to pat them dry on a few layers of paper, towels and then we’re following a method for Tater tots from master of all things: crispy, j, kenji lopez alt, who calls for the potatoes to be par, fried in 350 degree, fahrenheit vegetable oil for three to four minutes until lightly browned and cooked through once nicely blonde around the edges, we’re going to fish them Out and drain them on a paper towel set in a rim, baking sheet, then we’re going to let them cool completely at room temperature about 20 minutes before processing them into a chunky paste.

This fry fry again process is going to keep the interiors of our hash. Browns light and flaky, rather than gummy and dense, so once they’re, nice and cool go ahead and load them into your favorite food processor and hit it with eight one. Second pulses until all the potatoes have been broken down into little tiny chunks do this in batches to ensure that the potatoes are processed evenly and fish out any extra large chunks with your hands and your human intelligence once everybody’s all processed together, we can season and Form into patties, we’re, gon na add two teaspoons of sugar, a few twists of freshly ground, black pepper, a hefty pinch, or about one teaspoon of kosher salt and a tablespoon of potato starch, which is going to help give our hash brown structure and meaning once evenly Mixed together, it’s time to start forming them into patties, hash, browns typically are sort of oblong oval pucks, designed to be quickly and easily mashed into your mouth hole. Now, we’re going to freeze these bad boys for about an hour until they are frozen solid. This is both going to make it easier to retrieve and deep fry them and it’s, also going to crystallize the potatoes molecular structure, making them more tender back into some 375 degree, fahrenheit oil. They go for about five minutes until deeply golden brown and crisp drain them on a wire rack, and there you have it beautiful, crispy, airy, flaky, hash browns, which we’re going to keep warm in a low oven.

While we make the million other things that we’re making the most excited for which i am, is chicken fried steak, which starts with one of the cheapest and toughest cuts around top sirloin, which we’re going to gently coax into being tender using a whole bunch of little Tiny sharp knives: this is a meat tenderizer used for making cube steak. A steak filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of little tiny incisions, rendering even the most impossibly tough cuts of beef butter knife soft after many spirited stomps. They look very much the same but look more closely and you will see they have been bespeckled with lots and lots of little holes and so now they’re ready for breading. In my dry breading station. I have one cup of all purpose: flour, a teaspoon, each kosher, salt and cayenne, pepper, tiny whisked until homogeneous. Then, on the wetter side of things, i have one large egg, one teaspoon of baking powder and a half teaspoon of baking soda, which i’m going to tiny whisk into a slurry before tiny whisking in one cup of buttermilk. This is gon na give our breading a nice light, airy texture once everybody on both sides is homogeneous, we’re, ready to start dipping our steaks and since we’re, obviously not trying to skimp on the cholesterol. We are, of course, double battering. That means taking a prolonged dip in the dry stuff, shaking off any excess heading over for a swim in the wet stuff, making sure that every crack and cranny is comprehensively coated and heading back over into the dry.

Creating a bulky craggly exterior, not unlike that of fried chicken but fun fact that is actually not where chicken fried steak gets its name, a known, foodie and longtime francophile. Thomas jefferson is actually credited with i’m just kidding. It totally got its name from being a steak. Fried like chicken, which is exactly what we’re gon na do with it into some 350 degree, fahrenheit oil. It goes where she’ll fry about four to five minutes per side until deeply golden brown and crisp all over use extreme caution when flipping, because if you crack the shell you’re gon na have a bad time drain it on a wire rack, keep it warm in a Low oven and rinse and repeat with any remaining steaks and then the very key to the deliciousness of chicken fried steaks lies in the bottom of this pot. That’S right. Remember all the brown sloppy gold from the kfc episode. All this deep, fried gunk is the key to making delicious gravy, so we are reserving as much as possible in the bottom of the pan, along with about two to three tablespoons worth of leftover fry oil, into which we’re gon na dump half an onion finely minced We’Re gon na saute that onion and all that brown, sloppy goodness for two to three minutes until it’s, starting to soften and turn translucent around the edges, add two or three crushed cloves of garlic and continue to saute over a medium heat for about 30 seconds until Fragrant and then we’re adding a quarter cup of flour as our eventual thickener mix, that in with the vegetables and let it cook for about two to three minutes.

Until the raw flour smell dissipates, then we are slowly whisking in about a half a cup of beef stock and the star of the show one cup of light cream. Add it slowly at first whisking constantly to prevent, lumps add the rest and whisk frequently over medium high heat until bubbling and thickened once it starts to bubble, make sure you lower the heat so as to not scorch the sauce when it’s, just about done we’re going To season with kosher salt, freshly, ground, pepper and an optional sprinkle of cayenne pepper, we want to reduce and thicken to the point that it can easily coat the back of a spoon we’re, also using a spoon. So we can give it a little taste let’s see how this is. Oh, my god, that’s good don’t worry if it seems a little thin it’s going to thicken as it cools, but we want to keep it warm until we’re ready to serve last bit of prep. We got ta do is shred our potatoes for our scattered, fried hash browns. To make these we are peeling and shredding three large russets directly into a bowl of cool water. This again is both going to remove excess starch and prevent them from discoloring too quickly set those aside, and just like the very first episode out of this kitchen, we’re gon na finish on the flat top. There is no other way that a breakfast of this magnitude could be constructed once sizzling hot we’re gon na treat the whole surface with a little drizzle of canola oil, just to make sure that nobody gets too sticky and then it’s time to commence with the onslaught Of protein i’m, starting with what looked to me like a pound of fried bacon, fried up extra crisp, the way that i imagined ron likes it.

I can just imagine him saying something about how floppy bacon is for frequent criers and bedwetters. We’Ve also got three large slabs of ham, that we’re just gon na heat up and get a nice crust on once everybody’s nicely browned and fried up it’s time to evacuate them onto a plate which we’re gon na keep warm in a low oven. As we move on to phase two, the sausage and pancake phase i’ve got some regular, plain, jane breakfast sausage here next, to which i’m going to begin to dollop large buttermilk pancakes. These are going to fry about 3 minutes on their first side until they begin to turn pale and blistery around the edges, and let us all take a moment to remember that these are all being fried in bacon fat once the pancakes are flipped, they get another. Two to three minutes on the opposing side before being stacked on a plate and repeating until we got no pancake batter left pancake’s finished it’s time to get this off of the spatula here. Come on dude let’s go join your pancakey brethren and, last but not least, we have our scattered hash. Browns and 12 eggs scramble the potatoes we’re gon na place in a clean kitchen towel and just squeeze the absolute dickens out of making sure that they are super dry to facilitate effective browning, but before they are headed over the cooktop we’re going to lightly season them. With some kosher salt and freshly ground, black pepper, just the hits mix gently to distribute throughout and load them up onto an oiled flat top then, after flattening out with a large metal spatula into a potato patty we’re going to cover them with a bowl.

While frying on the first side, this is going to help the potatoes cook more evenly throughout then, once the sausage has been removed onto the keep it warm plate, we’re going to dedicate the new flat top real estate to the 12 egg scramble, which is exactly what It sounds like 12 eggs scrambled but we’re doing ours in bacon and sausage fat just sort of scramble them around there, and once you have some nice big soft pillowy, eggy curds remove them onto a plate just in time to realize that you didn’t time out your Hash brown very well, but just pretend that you’re at jj’s and you have heat lamps or something flipped once nicely browned cooking for four to five minutes per side, once it’s ready to go flop, it atop your hash brown pucks and get ready to serve. Everybody else. Is waiting so why don’t we go join the party and what a party it is thousands of calories and hundreds of grams of cholesterol on parade alongside a single glass of orange juice, in a single cup of coffee i’m, about to dig right into this sucker. But first i just want to say a few words. Well folks, um. This is a uh, oh i’m. Not in focus am i missing. Well folks, that’s it that is the last meal to come out of the soho kitchen. Um i’ve lived here for two plus some odd years. I fell in love here i wrote a cookbook here.

I i lived a whole lot of life here and um it’s, pretty crazy to say goodbye. Oh, i forgot the sausage grape. I mustn’t forget the sausage gravy. Okay, that’s, better um, so yeah like i was saying uh i’m feeling a lot of things saying goodbye i’m, i’m feeling scared um, but uh like ron swanson says when i eat it is the food that is scared, so i’m gon na try to adopt that that Uh that outlook i’m feeling excited because i’ve got a lot of big new plans for new space. New shows new people, new new everything, um and uh i’m. Also feeling pretty sad. Like you know, this place has been my home for longer than most places have ever been my home um and uh. Like ron swanson, says again uh. There is no sadness that brexit breakfast food cannot cure um, so i’m gon na live by those words and i’m gon na dig into this breakfast food right now. Oh this needs butter, oh hold on. I got something good, my last splash of vladivolun16 last little bit. I spilled it on the eggs, that’s, okay, okay, it’s, not a little bit that’s a lot of it, but whatever we’re celebrating today. Thank you guys so much for sticking with me. I owe everything i have to you. I everything more than i ever dreamed. I would have i owe it all to you and, like i said in my book, i’m gon na, spend the rest of my life working to earn everything that you’ve given me so here’s to you guys.

Thank you. So much for sticking with me i’m going to devour this breakfast food right now, particularly this chicken fried steak.