Please um. We have goal confirmation by looks for things of a final formula, one calendar we’re, looking at 17 races which well, if you haven’t, said that a few months ago, you still wouldn’t, have believed it, and especially with the additions that we’ve seen today. Of course, we see the double header in bahrain that we’ve been expecting for a while. The second one will be known as the sakir grand prix. I don’t know what layouts will be using yet we’ve also got the finale in yas, marina december 13th. That’S gon na be really late, but the standout one for a lot of people november 15th istanbul park. The turkish grand prix is back and uh well it’s nice to see that the you’re gon na have last four races are being treated as flyaways um with turkey. Bahrain, bahrain, abu dhabi and it’s also a bit odd. To be honest, um everyone’s been talking about being this kind of progressive. We racist one thing and then announces four races in countries like well, turkey, bahrain and the uae. I think the big one for me is turkey, like istanbul park, is an amazing track and it’s going to be great to see it back in action. So when there were rumors of being like a return to herath, for example, or you i mean you could have even gotten, a hockenheim really would have had to be behind closed doors still. But i reckon because well we’re seeing rumors that the german round, the wrc, is likely to be cancelled.

There could have been a european grand prix in spain. You know we we see all of this talk of um f1 going to all of these places and uh yeah istanbul park is going to be awesome, that’s what turn nine the triple apex, that is, that no it’s, eight isn’t it uh. I’M. I’M. Sorry, it’s a long day, i’m very tired, um, it’s, it’s gon na be an awesome race to see, even if it’s not going to have the most exciting racing, i mean we haven’t been this into a 2011., but man um. I can think of several other contenders that i would have liked to see but yeah. This is what f1 wants and it’s likely to probably end up having fans attend it i don’t know um, i mean it’s something i’ve talked about with the wrc in turkey um. This is turkey trying to get itself back into this arena of tourism, having started to recover from the political unrest that we saw a few years ago, but it’s also erdogan trying to present himself as like a kind of fraudulent central figure. We saw this with rally. Turkey in 2018, when he was actually at the podium, um yeah, it’s it’s hard for me to be somebody who’s, quite politically progressive, then be enthused about a return of a turkish grand prix um, because you know that states is very much behind it. Um, especially when, like i said there are several other tracks that would have been nice to see as well a hockenheim or her wrath, i mean we could have gone into france and done magnico.

Can we like there are so many different options, so many different permutations that we could have had, but um yeah, i mean it’s gon na be a fun race to see in terms of spectacle, and it means it brings it up to uh what five new tracks. This season yeah got jello nurburgring autumn out emily and istanbul. All of them are successive races, that’s gon na be fun. I mean, like i said, i’m, not keen on a turkish robbery being back because of the turkish state but i’m, not going to say that a turkish grand prix won’t be at the very least interesting because, like i said, we’ve not seen these the turbo hybrid cars, I think the last time we saw it like i said it was 2011. that was back when we were just seeing drs come into formula one and we were just seeing curse properly in the top teams. Yeah. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below i’m, probably actually going to do um when i set this thing up next, a little bit of a drive around and go hey. This is what it’s like doing. Um istanbul park in uh 2020 f1 car there’s a mod for a set, of course, but it’s a bit odd because i’m pretty sure it doesn’t really have a pit lane. But yeah um. Some nice additions to the calendar. Some bits a bit questionable, but all in all spectacle should be a bit interesting, even if it’s not um, even if it’s not like the most socially progressive as f1 goes on to it’s really racist one campaign.

It should create some interesting points towards the end of what’s, been a very interesting season already.