For some reason. More than anything i felt so i’m not worried, but i don’t know if you see anything at this clown Music. What actually happened, though? I laid past, like you, said, because he’s on a time lap and he decelerated Music, she complains about people blocking him all the time. He’S, not any better Music, so you’ll be waiting, still a red flag, so you’ll be waiting at the end of the pit lane for one minute, 30 seconds would be nice to have an ice cream in here brad. It would be nice to have one up here. Music gap is just starting to close. A little bit on lewis. That’S increasing tail went through turn seven entry to exit uh, i don’t care it’s just tires there’s, nothing left. You want to repeat it again. This tire is dead. You don’t need to repeat again, i’m losing so much time who gets remembered Music. How about we just focus on our race. First yeah instead get your head down max. Please, when i went for the button to switch the car on again, my uh seat belts are off now. So when i break up moving quite a bit, i mean i don’t mind but i’m pretty sure nobody will be helping me driving without seatbelts, so coffee, dangerous Music. What do you think about going to the end with this tires? I have to do this before now. I’Ve been pushing for yeah yeah, okay here’s the task for you.

What do i have to do to stay ahead? Music till the end. I can do that i’ll. Try! You got nothing. Music Applause, Music, stay up, we’ve got a five second penalty. We’Ve got a five. Second penalty for blue flags of hamilton, when you told me, i move out of the way Music Applause Music get in there, lewis nice work mates that was an awesome drive such spectacular tire management and then pace at the end, fantastic wow, that’s in a different zone. Then didn’t even know his last lap awesome. Thank you so much guys. I honestly don’t know what to do to mention typewriter. I literally cannot do anything on entries or exits just snaps, all the time. Okay, understood alex. You know we just need to look at it because there’s, no, i don’t know really where the where, where to go faster yeah, i understood yeah we’ll uh we’ll go through it in detail. Don’T worry, i think the third year as well today, didn’t uh didn’t. Do you any favors from most of the race in uh in traffic there, so i think that’s done a bit of damage as well, and vettel managed to do 37 laps when he’s set sauce at the end there there’s no way i’ll try to go after seven Hours he understood what a frustrating race unbelievable. The option was working. Fine.