We have the drum gun returning. We have witches huts, which is what i’m going to show you in today’s video, find out all the witch’s heart locations in fortnite battle royale. Now this will help you guys complete the challenge which will end up getting as a backlink, so go ahead. Do this challenge, get your xp let’s jump straight into the video all right guys. So essentially, i just want to say that i do spend a really really long time doing all of these videos. In fact i just finished my video farmer yesterday, so we’re going on and we’re trying to prepare for the future. Now, if you guys are seeing this it’s about five days before the challenge has actually dropped and thanks to leakers, we know what the challenges is, and this challenge is how to find witches huts. Now i have located four and i believe there is only four, but if i, if i’m wrong, i’m, really sorry, but there is only four, as i know of i have gone over the whole map in battle labs in replay mode and i’ve already found four. It took me about half an hour, so please drop us a like drop us a subscribe guys. 95 of my viewers are not subscribed and and that’s devastating. So please go ahead. Drop us a like and subscribe. You guys are all amazing who already have and you’re just amazing for even watching this video. I love all you guys, let’s jump straight into the video.

Now guys. I guarantee you that everybody watching here um at least 99 of you guys that are watching this video are because you guys want to find the fortnite mez, which is hot. Now i have found out where all of these are six days before, which is amazing. Within the span of like half an hour, so that’s the pogs so essentially i’m going to go ahead and load up into a custom, matchmaking game and i’m going to show you guys all the witches sacks in fortnite battle. Royale let’s get into it all right guys. So, essentially, jumping straight out of the first battle bus now, essentially, if you guys come over right around to this location in about h3, the top of the h3 square, which is in fact right here, you guys can see. We have a new little shack. That has appeared now. It is very hard to see, so you guys will have to follow the map in order to see where you guys need to go now. If you guys come right to this location, where i am at the moment, you guys should be able to find yourself a witch’s heart or slash sack. Now, if you guys have come to this witcher shack, all you got to do is have to land there. You guys can back out the game or do whatever you guys wish so essentially i’m just going to land there. And then you guys can land here bring creamer chests and you guys can even play the game out if you guys want to, but just come here and let’s just go ahead and let’s find the rest of the other three let’s go now this little hill like Right on the edge here has yourself the witch’s heart now, if you guys land on this little hill right here, it’s, very, very simple! So if you guys look around here, we have d2 square d2 right next to the lighthouse go close to it boom there.

You guys go on top of the hill and you guys can quickly go ahead, jump here and you guys have gone ahead and done this second part of the mission let’s jump to the third part. You guys need to come and explore just next to the john wick um ferris bueller house. Whatever that thing is, i don’t even know the proper name, but essentially, if you guys come right over here, just about 4a just up to the top right corner, you guys can see. We have this little hill right here now here we can just come land ahead and drop in now, once you guys have dropped in then you guys are free to back out of the game or go to the next one let’s jump into it. If you guys come right over here, just behind the weather station over there, if you guys come just over here to h7, then you guys will be able to find yourself a witch’s shack just on the corner of the hill. Now this is the fourth and the final one that i have seen so essentially, if you guys land here, you should then be able to go ahead back out, and then you guys have completed the entire challenge. You guys may even go ahead and play out the rest of this game up to you, but essentially that’s it for today’s video don’t, forget drop us a like and subscribe.