So the first thing that i should suggest that you guys do is actually try to find a helicopter so i’m going to just jump in here. What you want to do is just kind of jump above crag eclipse here if the helicopter doesn’t spawn. What you can do is actually go over to the rifts over here uh. If you get the helicopter it’s gon na make things a lot easier because you can go to all of the different locations really quickly, but even if you don’t find the helicopter, this will still work out. It’Ll just take a little bit longer. So if the helicopter doesn’t spawn just come over here to the rift and i’ll show you guys exactly where you need to go in order to get this one done so after jumping through the roof head towards lazy lake and you’re actually going to be able to Make it straight to one of the witch’s shacks straight from the rift so we’re just going to fly over retail road just follow the same route i’m taking and you’re actually going to be able to land directly on the first shack, which is going to be right. Next to lazy lake, so i’m, now right above the shack, here’s my exact location on the map and i’ll be sure to show you guys the exact location of all five of these on the map, as well, so we’re right in between lazy lake and retail road.

This is our first shock location, so after you’ve landed here, what you want to do is actually try to get one of the witch’s brooms. Since we don’t have the helicopter, we can at least use the broom to get around a little bit quicker. Also look out for the shadows, because there’s probably going to be some people waiting here, but either way guys once you grab your broom, you can actually make it to the next location as well. So you just want to kind of head towards the authority and we’re. Actually going to be able to find another shack over in this location as well, so just fly past the authority and kind of head towards salty springs and right on the other side of salty there’s, actually going to be another shack that we can make it to Pretty easily so just head in that little direction, i’ll show you guys the exact location of the next one. So just on the other side of salty springs, you can see on the map. I’M just outside salty springs, there’s. Actually, another witch’s shack. Unfortunately, the map’s really foggy so it’s a little bit harder to see it, and this shadow is actually still chasing me, which is kind of ridiculous, but either way guys here’s the location of the next shack. I didn’t end up making it all the way there, because the shadow just wouldn’t give up, and it would not. Let me use my broom, but don’t worry because i’ll show you guys where all the rest of these locations are either way.

I do believe once you become a shadow, though you can still visit these locations as a shadow, and i do believe that they will count. So, even if someone does take you out, don’t worry, you should actually be able to complete the challenge as well. Once you’re a shadow, you can actually move around a little bit quicker as well. So if you wanted to just try to do the whole challenge as a shadow, you might be able to do that, but either way guys here’s the location of the next shack. I’Ll show you guys where some of the other locations are, because a lot of the rest of them are pretty hidden. There shouldn’t really be that many people in the areas of the next three shacks. So you might want to just go to these three shacks instead because there shouldn’t be too many people at them. So the very next track is actually going to be above doom’s domain, so whether you’re in a new game now or you’re, just still following the same route as me, you want to head toward doom’s domain we’re, going to be able to get to the next shack In less than a minute, so just keep heading this direction be sure to use your dash ability as much as you can it’s actually going to speed you up quite a bit now, if you guys are new to the channel, i upload these guides for pretty much.

Every single challenge that comes out whether it be a weekly challenge or something with a special event. So if you guys ever need help with challenges, definitely be sure to check out the channel i’m, always giving you guys a bunch of tips on how to get these done really easily. So the very next location is right: behind doom’s domain guys and we’re, almost there we’re just going to use the boost ability about one maybe two more times, and this is going to bring us to the exact location of the next shack, so here’s. The very next shack that you guys can visit just above doom’s domain it’s, not really that uh far away from there now, because this is taking so long i’m, actually gon na back out and jump into a new match and i’ll show you guys where the next Two locations are as well in just a second but here’s the location on the map, just in case you guys don’t know so, for the next shack we’re actually kind of far on the other side of the map, we’re behind caddy corner there’s, actually a shack hidden. Very very far back here, so you could actually choose to land here at the start of your match. There shouldn’t be too many enemies either. So this should be one of the easier shocks to go to, but either way guys. This is where the location is. They did do a pretty good job at hiding this one, but i’ll show you guys, where it’s at on the mini map as well kind of tucked away in the corner, and that should be four out of the five shacks.

So, just one more location, guys and i’ll show you guys where that is in just a second. We have one more shack location. Now the next track is by slurpee swamp. So, if you wanted to, you could just try to take the zip lines there. If none of the witch brooms spawn – but i suggest maybe just doing it in a different match, just to make things easier, but either way, if you didn’t – want to just run over there, it is toward a slurpy swamp and you can take these zip lines. All the way there so for our very last location, like i said we are by slurpee swamp there’s, a very small island behind slurpee swamp and at the very edge at the tip of this island. You’Re gon na be able to find the very last shack so whether you just decide to land here or take a vehicle just find a way over here. Somehow wolverine managed to be right where i landed so the one time i wasn’t trying to kill wolverine it just so happens that he’s right, where i land, which is just amazing, how that works out, but either way guys. This is the location of the very last shack. Hopefully, this video has helped you guys out to go to all of the different locations around the map.