For you guys, so the first location is going to be right here on your map. This is super super easy for you guys and all you guys need to do is just go and visit these locations right. The second one is going to be located right next to holly, hedges, it’s, literally just up from holly hedges, and you guys can see where it is on this map right now now there is multiple of these that were added in the fort nightmares update. So we have around about seven now you actually don’t need to visit them all and but it’s. A very, very simple challenge. Today: just go and visit all the locations. You can actually do all of these in the same match or just go around and do them in different matches. You basically make them your next landing. Location i’d. Probably recommend you guys grab. Well, not we can’t even grab vehicles and um team rumble, but just go around in team rubble and do this or just going to solos and try and get maybe three or four of these in a single game and then just do it and you could probably Do this in two games it’s quite an easy challenge: the next one is going to be over by this location, it’s up from salty springs and it’s, just another simple one um for you guys today, now there’s, actually broomsticks that you guys can find here. This is also you need to go and get broomsticks for one of your previous challenges.

You’Ve probably already got the challenge complete if you’re keeping up to date with these four nightmare challenges. Now the next one is going to be located just in the center of the map, it’s up from lazy lake now it’s, just across from that bridge and the bridge that you guys can see here next to the massive waterfall and you guys can go down and Land at this final location, if this video is really helping, you guys out remember to smash a like on the video right now. It really does help the videos out. It also shows that you guys um enjoy these kind of changes and basically challenges for you guys. Try and make the challenge videos as easy as simple as possible. It does take a little bit of time to make these videos guys. So i really honestly do appreciate just leaving a comment and liking if this really did help you out now the bottom one is here: it’s just bottom left hand corner of the map it’s right at the swamp area, right it’s, right here, it’s kind of on the Edge of this little sort of um island here and there you go it’s just going to be right here, for you guys and it’s, just going to be inside of this shack and that’s another easy shack location for you guys today, um and the second last shark Location for you, guys is going to be located just at the bottom of the map.

So if you work your way over to the bottom right hand, corner of the map it’s the very bottom right hand corner, and you guys are going to see it’s going to be in this little cover here, it’s going to be on the hillside. So if you guys want to just glide your way all the way down here – and you guys are going to get yourself this next one now this one’s a little bit further away than the rest, so this is probably going to be one of the ones. You probably want to get first or last, because it’s going to be out of the way, and i definitely think you should probably get this one first and then just work your way in for the rest of them um or just get this one last because it’s Just definitely the most out of the way one here, but, as you can see, it’s at the bottom right hand corner of your map and just go over here and visit the location. You can actually use the broomsticks to fly around and get to the next locations. As well, um and the basically final location for you guys in this simple and quick video is, at the top right hand, corner now and probably the second most farthest away from the rest and it’s just over by the factory and well, not the the steamy stack. Sorry and it’s just right next to steamy stacks, and i hope you guys really enjoyed this video.

Let me know if you guys enjoyed and i’ll see you guys in the next fortnight battle.