He wrote outside of the stadium have been bumper to bumper with traffic. The car parks are full. There is a torrent of humankind making its way from the nearby station type to behold. Leon have gone four three three well, a system promoted by the rise of total football, peter, the wider players in the front three are key operators in how it all works on and off the ball. They have to provide for the central striker, of course, and protect their fullbacks, so they’ll get few breathers. If these two don’t make a good impression, there are quite good replacements on the bench. Action has already started right through the middle, a chance, a really good feat: he’s got options in the box if he gets his head up and it’s rain, strong adelaide, but well within the laws benzia when adelaide both fullbacks into quite advanced positions. Here, yeah that’s that’s interesting. So what are they attempting to do? Well, it’s, an oh shooting, chance, Applause, hoists it forward. He’S left his man, no that’s, not the ball. He wanted he’s, making good use of his strength. There just refuses to be outmuscled pencil. Yes, it is foreign defending, albeit from an unexpected source. You have to admire commitment like and he’s there to clear it. What an adventurous run from a defender gets good distance on it. He’S had a shot, a got rid of that save really putting a few chances together here. Taking one can only add to such good momentum now danger averted for now.

Applause got good distance on that. Try all right Music there’s. A long ball then has a Applause. Looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter great and decisive and ruthless, with the finish, i thought it was a stunning Applause, stunning Applause time and that’s definitely pleased the fans. I think they’ll be looking to keep this intensity up now. In the second half leon at half time with a slender one goal lead probably into the second 45 minutes. Well, one nil may be good enough, so they may err on the side of caution and get more players behind the ball instead of running beyond it. They could even try to spoil it from here. We’Ll see and his triori goes for goal. Applause two up now, and they are cruising Applause leo – are really painting on any straight passes in midfield we’re talking seconds from interception to the back of the net it’s. Clearly, attacking heaven things starting to look very comfortable well. That second goal has given them so much more command and confidence now, and they should be able to take it on from here and either add to the lead or close it out. Surely they’ll manage one or the other ford? It goes Applause everything they would have spoken about in that pressing room during the break has a greater chance of happening thanks to the early goal, it’s the perfect platform now to go on and try to win it.

Oh now, some movement on the bench and we are going to see a change, Applause and it’s memphis to pie. Applause played out to the right deftly done and the counter is on he’s through the middle gets away from his opponents and he’s on side. He’S gone for it, Applause, Music, better of his man. Here, Applause now has a hit it’s, anyone’s, ball and he’s cut it out. He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there. Peter his body shape was a giveaway before he made the pass and it’s obvious he could have killed it off. Oh it’s die hard defense and the willingness to put his body on the line very impressive, hoists it forward, cuts it out now, it’s memphis to pie through needs to be good here, a reprieve, albeit perhaps momentary plenty of appeals, but the referee is not interested Applause. He’S got away and the shots big relief, it just needed better Applause, contacts, Applause and here’s the pie, Applause Music gets it back played back in the assistant referee. Has his flag raised for offside Applause. He gets past his man. Oh surely goes for goal Applause and the lead is free. It is surely done thinking about that. I think they perfected that on the train again, because it took them seconds to get the ball from back to front, they really can look forward to numbers too it’s.