One, my goodness so much to look forward to it, is our zed and they face victoria pilsen. Well, the first group stage of the champions league is always exciting. Three points is vital for both teams to get off to a good start or a draw may be a good result as well we’re about to find out what happens well back in season 1992 93, the old european cup as it was, became the uefa champions league Back in you’re playing daisley yeah – absolutely i could just about remember that far back derrick to be honest with you, but players were a little bit cautious about the new champions league and how it was going to take shape in the format et cetera, but certainly uh. The european cup is now a thing of the past. The champions league is really taking shape and this is how the hosts will begin the game today, if you like wingers you’ll love this league yeah. Absolutely i love to watch a winger play, especially with pace and power. The central strike will stay more or less in front of the goal. The support will be provided by the three central midfield players. The back four is pretty conventional, but the full bats will be asked to support from behind he’s driven in the corner. Well, that’s the end of that for now Applause and options in the center yuri classy can they convert off the post and back in play and thumped away? Oh so close to breaking the deadlock, but not to be the woodwork came to the rescue, derrick Applause.

He has time to play us over only fail to get it away properly, and this is the initial 11 for the visitors today. Would you call it 451 lee yeah? I really like this formation. Derek four two. Three one really two central midfield players supplying support to a three ahead of them and then a lone striker with a number 10 just behind him, giving it a try. Can he give them the lead and in it goes, let’s have a look at that again. The keeper thinks he’s done enough, but he hasn’t it’s just gone past him. He does get a touch on it, though. Well the girl again, albeit from a different angle, so the match has restarted. One nil here meets. You now meets you. He has plenty of support. A meaty but fair challenge and it will be a throw in svensson, good reading of the game, to win possession back Applause and on the ball hayder. The cross is on and a harmless cross gobbled up and very deftly cut out it’s with copies. As you can see, the visitors don’t have too much of the ball, but they won’t mind they’re winning this game and why? Because their counter attack is absolutely fantastic. Well, he went strongly into the challenge and the result is a throw in it’s with classy svensson. Well, they’re moving the ball neatly enough, just looking for that decisive pass cop, mainers, calvin stings Applause and the danger cleared Applause given and now stings now meets you calvin.

Stings Applause real danger, fine cross into the middle. Now the pass not fighting its targets, great block, not fantastic, defending let’s, see if it helps the opposition, and now they have the ball back a chance, then for the respective managers to address their charges. It is half time here. You’Ve certainly got to give this man high marks for his work up to this fight lee well derek. He certainly was a good 45 minutes from the lad, obviously got, and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day one contest commences and cop it’s, with it anesh chermak, joel kayamba and it’s worth chermak Applause, jordy, classy and now stings a chance To whip it in well a sloppy clearance: what can the opposition do with this and competes with it? A bit sloppy in possession Applause couldn’t? Keep it excellent vision, big chance to get them on terms and he’s done it again. A magnificent game unfolding well here is the replay and to be fair, the keeper from that distance hasn’t got much chance of keeping it out lovely goal. Well, let’s take another look at that girl. Shall we even steven won a piece in this match. Applause amber inside the final 30 minutes now they’re on the scent of something positive now let’s see about the cross danger about it. Applause did he see Applause and the cross is very much on moving the ball nicely. Looking for that final pass, you’ve got to keep the ball a bit better than that.

An attack full of promise, Applause, well, derek they’re, not happy ref – is taking the brunt of this now meets you crossfired over a really committed challenge and it’s gone out for a throw in. They will now make use of the substitutes bench. Applause, kayamba joelle guyamba, making progress kayumba now the attack promising, as it was scuppered there, 10 minutes left for play in this match: Applause and the defender finding a solution to the problem: Applause, zeznick, chermak, it’s, with copies and that’s an important intervention. Well, the home fans are doing their best to try to use the players on to get this winner. Will it come classy and the search goes on for a winner. Time is tight plenty of players waiting in the middle teammate in support, superb save and still they’re level.