If you’d like to ask a question, please use the wave function. Will then promote you and give you the ability to unmute yourself. We’Re going to start with sky sports news and that’s paul gilmore, hi, frank hi, hi, paul frank. How much are you looking forward to welcoming supporters back to stamford bridge after the prime minister’s announcement this morning, and how ready do you feel the club in football is for that yeah i’m: very excited to to welcome our fans back, not just our fans. I think we all crave um in the country we’ve been craving fans to be back at games of the atmosphere for what it means to the game here, um and obviously, if and when done in the right way with the right precautions, i think football from being Within it has made some really good steps in difficult conditions over the last few months, and hopefully we keep making forward steps and we get our fans back in the stadiums they obviously won’t, be there for the big game this weekend at wembley. How is the squad injury wise and how do you stop this united front three and bruno fernandez? Uh, the squad’s, okay, angola, kante won’t, be fit for the match: he’s still um, not right so he’s out um other than that. We have a few people with a few little niggles which we’re on monitor over the next um 24 hours or so um. And then we um we’ll be ready to go um.

We know they’re playing well. They’Ve got a very, very potent front, free the most fun front, three, probably in the country and pure numbers anyway, in terms of goals, and obviously fernandez has made a huge difference coming in january. So you see that the strength has brought to their team with individual qualities. So but we know that we have to um, be confident in ourselves deal with their threats and um and worry about us as well jose settled in this weekend this week, with his new teammates yeah hakeem’s, been here for for the week trained a couple of days On his own and then he’s integrated a bit with the team, so very well, um lads have welcomed him very well he’s settled in and chatting and you know, making those fun with those new relationships in the early stages and, more importantly, for him getting himself fit. Nice to take big part in training and then also get some physical work because he hasn’t trained or played for quite a while and just finally for me, generally speaking, that the transfer dates uh, the transfer window dates are now known. Uh, generally speaking, do you think we’ll see similarities to chelsea spending that we saw in abramovich’s first season? In other words, will there be significant business that can have the potential to transform an entire team ahead of next season? Yeah we’ll see we’ll, see i can’t. I can’t answer that one we’re not there, yet we have to focus on what’s in front of us um and we’ll say i won’t want to compare it to any other spending summer or not.

Um we’ll see how i feel and we feel as a club. The squads need to strengthen in or the balance needs changing if it does and we make moves great, but at the moment we don’t know thanks frank. Thank you. Talk, sport, hi, frank. How are you i’m um i’ve been doing some homework? Actually, i’ve been doing some research ahead of uh i’m catching up with you and i’m found out that roberto martinez is the last player to play for the same club. He then managed to win the fa gap, but prior to that it was two chelsea managers. Do you know who they are um yeah? Absolutely. Are you gon na be? Are you gon na join that illustrious list well but manchester united in front of us, and then man, city or arsenal in front of us after that, so um there’s a lot of work to do to join the illustrious list of two? I looked at it as well um in obviously this. This is big fusion. I know you’ve got massive candies little cornballs to try and get top four, and that might be dominating your thoughts. But but in terms of winning a trophy i mean your old manager, jose mourinho always wanted to win a trophy straight off a new club – and i, i guess now you’re within sight within touching distance you’ll, want to do the same yeah. Of course, we do chelsea and uh, considering where we are we’re in the semi final.

We know what’s in front of us um and the league is obviously huge as well as you say, but at this point you fight on two fronts, um in terms of on the domestic front um, and we have to give everything to try and do that. You know a club like chelsea will will always want to win these kind of trophies it’s. What we’ve done pretty well actually very well in the modern era um and of course, it feels like we’re in a slightly different position this year because of um the circumstances of the season. But we have an opportunity and it’s up to the players and ourselves to uh to make the best of it on sunday, but we’re playing a very good team, as we know that they’re in good form, and whoever would await us in the final – would be a Very good team, so the work is to be done and one last one you’ve obviously stated. I think everyone states the fact that what boris johnson said about fans coming back is welcome. Do you think it will improve the product on the pitch, because there have been some critics of your game, the other against norwich and plenty of other games? I went to spurs everton, which was hardly a great watch either. You think the fact that the players will feed off the fans coming back in um, maybe but i think, it’s a bit harsh. I think we’ve all sat through some pretty difficult games to watch with 40 000 in the stadium as well, wherever it be in the country, so i think we’re probably focusing a little bit much on it, but i think naturally, i think with fans with the uh, The atmosphere that they bring to the game and the edge they can maybe give it we, we might see something different, but to be fair to the players in this period that we’ve short on fitness, probably at the start of these games.

Coming to terms of the circumstances, i think the game you know the games have been pretty good uh in a big sense and, and hopefully they will improve. Of course, when the fans are back thanks, bruce nick pa, hi, frank um oligarchy said um. He thought the way the scheduling had happened. The authorities had given uh chelsea an unfair advantage for this game. This weekend. I know. Obviously he was talking about the authorities so that’s, not your problem or you’re making, but do you think that’s valid? Do you have an unfair advantage this weekend? No, i i don’t think we do and i think we’ve played saturday tuesday this week, they’ve played on monday and thursday, so we both played two games in this week as it stands: um we’re, in a period where we’re playing games all the time very regularly and Um you become play, recover uh play again recover, you know and you work with the squad as it is, and um it’s an agile question. A lot of managers. You probably dig up times when i’ve mentioned it, but at the same time isn’t about advantage or not. Sometimes it works in your favor to be playing regularly and ticking over um, so yeah. No, i don’t see it okay. Last question: in this section: tom hamilton, espn, hi, frank, um, i’m, just wondering on christian pulisic. What sort of improvements have you seen this season? Where perhaps do you want to see him grow? I guess over the next year or so, and what do you hope to see from him at the weekend? Well i’ve seen um real improvement in him um in his all round game.

I think coming to the premier league was very difficult because of the physical nature of the league, and we have to remember how how young christian is and also the summit it had and um. I think he found those physical demands pretty strong in the beginning and now you’re seeing him deal with those better. I think a lot of that can be credit to himself and how he’s approached it. He’S worked a lot without uh strength and conditioning coach, adam burrows, who’s fantastic, but they’ve worked together, so it’s christian that has to take on that responsibility. He has, and i think physically that’s helped him um, but also just his talent is coming through. I want probably looking forward to probably see you know more of what he’s, showing in recent times his goals and assists because that’s what the best in the world do in that position. I feel he has the capabilities to do that as he improves um and yeah.