So today we are going to be making a strawberry pineapple deck, a frozen strawberry, pineapple daiquiri and we’re just gon na kind of make it up as we go along. But before i get started, if this is your first time here, you love food, you love fun. You love drinks, go ahead, hit the subscribe button, as well as the notification bell and be sure to check the description below for details on how subscribing helps to feed the hungry okay. So today i was at the produce stand and they had these little kind of miniature they’re, not miniature, but they’re much smaller pineapples. They were 99 cents and i thought how perfect to make little drinks out of so that’s. What we’re gon na do today and i thought what can i make and then last night i found strawberry malibu. So this is a new flavor. I think they just came out with so i thought all right, strawberry and pineapple we’re gon na make some kind of a daiquiri. I think this weekend, like sunday, might even be national daiquiri day, maybe it’s next weekend. I don’t know anyway. I do not have the only thing i have to core. My pineapple is the one that you push down and it takes the whole outside off cuts it all into pieces and everything. What i need is a pineapple core. I did not have one so i’m going to show you the best way that i managed to do it, and that was to go ahead and cut the top off.

And then i kind of cut the bottom too and made sure not to cut through because we don’t want our drink to come out, but i wanted it to be able to sit so. The next thing i did was so the biggest problem is the core. So what i did was go all along the outside and kind of cut with my knife again. This is gon na be much easier. If you have a pineapple core and then i just kind of scored it. So basically, what happened was the more cuts i could put through that core, the easier it was for it to come out, and then i just ran my spoon around. Just like i would, or just like a pineapple horror, would – and i just pop those pieces out a little bit at a time just like that, so you guys get the idea. You just pop the pieces out like that and then, if you want to save the pieces of pineapple, you can just cut the core out of the cincher, so that’s. What i did with these two and i went ahead and put all the pineapple in here. I wanted to be able to save that all right, i’ll finish this one later we’re going to push this aside and we’re going to need some lime juice. So i looked up what you needed for a strawberry pineapple daiquiri and it said pineapple juice, but since i’m, using the pineapple, i just decided we’ll use that instead and we’re going to throw in some ice, cubes Music, we’re stuck so we’re going to put some ice.

Cubes in there, basically, what it called for was two parts of the rum, and so this was, i think, a regular it’s, a regular pineapple, a regular pineapple daiquiri, and then i changed its strawberry. So the original recipe for a pineapple daiquiri was two parts of the rum one part pineapple juice and one third part: lime juice. So because we’re using the strawberry, you else might be getting here, some cream of coconut so i’m, just going to put in. I guess we’ll use the whole lime. I don’t know i’m, not really measuring anything. Today, Music, i figure. If this isn’t sweet enough, i can add some sugar too, all right so here’s, our strawberry malibu and i forgot to get strawberries. But i kind of like that idea because since it’s, a strawberry pineapple, you won’t be able to see the strawberry but you’ll be able to taste it. So the color of my drink is still going to match the color of my pineapple, all right so i’m, going to replace the lid on this and i’m just going to set it to the smoothie setting and hit start alright. I think it is done. Maybe i’ll just pour it in one pineapple. I might like this too much to share, so maybe somebody won’t get that one it’s actually not too sweet. I could use it a little bit sweeter. I could probably put some sugar in it, but i kind of like it this way you can really tell the pineapple is fresh.

I love it reminds me of being in the dominic all right, so i hope you guys have better luck, cutting the pineapple than i did, but let me know what you think in the comments below i.