Basically, what was he saying? People who oppose us or pussies and won’t do anything about it. He started walking around with an ak 47. After the cops told him to stop blocking the roads. It sounds like and uh someone he knows was arrested. Unfortunately, someone did something about it: i’m, going to leave links to everything in the description i’m not going to play this video, but basically that’s what he says: shots fired, what’s going to go on is a car is coming from over here, you’re, not going to be Able to see it in this shot at all a car is turning right and stopping at protesters protesters are going to start swarming them, and then shots are going to be fired. Applause all right now. This is always a bad scene. A car stops within the protesters. The protesters surround it, somebody always gets hurt after this don’t surround cars, folks, okay, so that was one volley of fire we’re going to hear another volley of fire. Next, it sounds like it comes from a different weapon, and now police are just about to be there immediately. You can see the blue lights appearing shortly right over here. This is the channel of the individual who took the video here is another view from a dash cam the car.

On the other side. Interestingly enough, you can’t even hear the gunshots man. I wonder what kind of car you have to have for that. We see protesters film the streets on a red light.

A lot of people say it was green, but that’s definitely a red light. I got a green light and somebody from okay keep your eye on that car. Coming from the right, it’s gon na stop people rush. It and then people run, it was unfortunate. A young man had to lose his life because of this Music. I don’t know you guys, but i think all life is precious anyways. So here we got a bit of dialogue, a car drove up. We were taking the streets and he shot. Garrett garrett is the husband a whitney, a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, and he is her caretaker and has been for like 10 years. I think he pointed the gun out of her zarya they’ve been out here for, like all 50 days, so far sounds like that individual had responsibilities um elsewhere. I don’t know why he’d be here so here’s garrett. You can see him with the weapon. It looks like it’s pointed downwards, though, maybe not exactly threatening, but somebody seemed to have felt threatened more information. More stories about this is definitely going to be coming to the top, but this is about all that’s happened on the weekend. There’S been more riots, more protests in portland, seattle chicago, but this seems to be the only flash point.

That seems to be the only thing that actually happened and we’ll have to wait and hear more information. Let’S hope it let’s hope his wife is going to be.

Okay, let’s hope there’s going to be someone to look after him, but if he had those kinds of responsibilities uh, i that’s just unfortunate that’s just unfortunate. I you should have been at home with his wife. You should have been walking around the streets of uh texas, with uh, with an ak that’s just it’s, universally stupid man and it’s unfortunate, that uh caretaker had to lose his life and someone who’s disabled had to lose their caretaker that’s it.