I have seen some people on twitter and social media in general saying that the person that shot garrett foster should see jail time saying that he was the one who initiated contact. So this is going to give you concrete evidence that garrett foster did indeed try to murder a pro second amendment, u.s citizen. The media has been trying to kind of twist this and make this seem like that. The guy that defended himself should be demonized. I think that is foolish and foolhardy garrett foster is an antifa piece of shit. Let’S not forget that we have a human being. That is a fucking waste of life. There is nothing missing in my eyes as soon as you try to raise a gun and raise the barrel and aim at somebody. You officially have become my enemy. You will be wasted without haste. I do not see the reason why there should be any issue about garrett foster currently being six feet under i understand a human life is always precious, but it does kind of enrage me that we’re going to try to defend a scumbag that brought a fully loaded Ak 47 to a peaceful protest. What did you think was gon na happen? You could even tell in the interview beforehand that he was there just to cause some trouble so for those naysayers, saying that this man was a good man, a goody two shoe somebody that was you know.

You’D want to bring your sister to want your dis or sister to date, him i should say well let’s go into the report of the weapon.

This was the first firing shot on. The audio that was captured, as you can clearly hear, is a very distinct type of boom, a little bit more acoustic to it. But don’t take my word for it. I managed to get an ak 47 firing sound from a fellow youtuber to vickert’s tactical. This is what an ak 47 sounds like in their video, as you can clearly hear. That is a very similar sound to the ak 47 captured on the garrett, foster, shooting video and then just to make sure there is no confusion. Here is what a nine millimeter pistol sounds like when it is fired now, listen to what it sounds like in the audio of the returning fire from the vehicle, so let’s put two and two together here, folks, you’re all bright individuals, especially if you come to this Channel there is obviously in a rifle being fired. First, you have a man that goes in front of the vehicle at a traffic light with an ak 47 screaming everybody stand back, let’s, go back to the interview and see if we can see similarity in voices from the clip of the man screaming everybody stand back To this him speaking in his normal voice, i think all the people that hate us and you know want to say shit to us too big of a pussies to stop and actually do anything about it now.

I know it’s going to be very hard to tell it’s a very kind of like echoey.

Everyone stand back type of sound. I get that maybe it could have been the driver, but in my speculation and i think i’m, a hundred percent correct on this. I believe that garrett foster that human piece of shit is the one who went in front of the car. Try to add big and bad because the guy clearly wanted to go to where he wanted to go. It was a stoplight and he had these protesters just blocking the way he was gon na lick a few shots at this driver, and what i have to say to that is he learned the hard way that driver had obviously a lot of training with his weapon. You could tell it only took him about a couple seconds to get it from his holster and returned fire. You could also tell just by the report of the ak 47. The garrett foster wasn’t necessarily experienced with that type of rifle. The pistol was very quick pop pop pop and then three shots center mass takes down this human piece of shit. I am not gon na. Have anyone on this video or these comment sections come here and try to change my mind and make me think this guy wasn’t also just the biggest waste of space on the planet you make every american citizen look bad when you try to make it seem that Us second amendment or us pro second amendment people are just out there going willy nilly shooting fucking cars at the drop of a hat, it’s, absolutely bamboozling.

To me this man isn’t a libertarian. This man isn’t a conservative he’s, just a confused little antifa liberal. That thought he could be big and bad.