Someone who’s been protesting with us this whole time. This whole last two months is on the ground. Right now, i don’t know what conditions he’s in Music, um Applause, hey garrett – is the husband, no no whitney a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, and he is her caretaker and has been for like 10 years. I think he boys, zarya they’ve, been out here for, like oh 50 days so far, everything he did. It was so that he could protect us and his wife, god protected us. In the moment he died protecting us. Yes, he did. He came out here every day. Every day and every day to protect us protect us himself from his wife. Yes, he said he was ready. This is downtown austin. There are several police stations here, there’s several fire stations here. When someone gets shots, you you have a five minute window, if not it’s. Some bullshit that’s why we’re all out here, Applause, the lack of empathy, was completely appalling from everyone from apd to employees at the hospital who were cops, for whatever reason did not let her near him. They would not give her any updates. They kept her at that crime scene, instead of allowing her to go with him to the hospital, because we were following the directions and the officers standing there blocking traffic said turn the fuck around you can’t go on this room, so i got out of the car And said this is the wife of the man was just shot and he said i don’t fucking care turn around, so it took us an extra 10 minutes to get to the hospital both psychologists there, one from the apd and one from the hospital said it would Help give her closure and it would be good for her mental health for her to be able to see the body.

They would not allow her to see the body um there’s a bunch of calls between the medical examiner and the detective on the case. Just calling between it, saying like oh no like we’re, not allowing that and i’m like this, is a very unique situation. This is this man was not just her husband. This is also her caretaker of 10 years like like this is not just like, like everybody, says, she’s quadriplegic, but like it’s, just like i’m sorry, but like it makes it such a fucking.