I have two stories that i’m probably going to cover tonight and uh or today i guess my days and nights are flipped. So last night in austin, texas, a alleged okay, alleged trump supporter drove through a crowd of protesters and uh, had a weapon with him and killed uh blm protester garrett foster, who was peacefully protesting. This is trump’s america, video below look i’m gon na i’m, just gon na nip this in the bud right now. Okay, you don’t, get to have a whole bunch of uh, non peaceful protests and then get to say this is trump’s america, okay. This is one case that has happened, one fringe guy. We have so many cities. Rioting right now is that biden’s america is trump’s america, the one crazy guy that does something stupid versus biden who has groups massive groups of people doing something stupid. I think i’ll take the one guy now. What happened here is disgusting and awful and terrible no sane person at all at all condones this, but i wonder what would happen if this was the inverse? I wonder what would happen if all these people were people leaving trump’s rally, and it was a left wing person who did this? How would the left wing spin this? They would just say he’s a fringe lunatic and he has he.

He has no evidence of uh voting for biden or anything like that, has no evidence of any. They would sweep it under the rug and here’s the thing too burnell trammell a black trump supporter shot to death in milwaukee.

That trumps america, too did trump. Have this happen to him don’t sit here and try and morally grandstand and sit here and say when you find one incident of a crazy trump supporter, i guarantee you. I can do a one for one as well for every one incident that there’s a trump supporter doing something bad, i guarantee you. I can find one person on the opposite spectrum, doing the exact same thing. It irritates me so much when i see this fake news garbage and speaking of fake news. Look at how badly the fake news is. Losing and they’re still doing this it’s just so frustrating to watch nicholas sandman. He is suing each and every single uh news outlet supposed news outlet that ended up uh lying about him and he’s winning each and every time. I can point out so many fake news stories ever i can. I guarantee you. I can find a thousand of them from this month alone. They’Ll all probably be the same, uh type headline, pretty much peaceful protesters, peaceful protesters, peaceful protesters, peaceful protesters when they’re not being peaceful at all, come on. I can find so many of them. Russian collusion donald trump was guilty of russian collusion, really it’s weird.

The paperwork said that there’s no evidence to be found at all. Well he’s guilty. Trump’S america is amazing. Oh my gosh it’s it’s phenomenal. I can point out the news uh about the cops that weren’t uh weren’t marked at all grabbing people and just throwing them in vance and arresting them.

Never happened, never happened once at all, and the video proof was a cop in full uniform two cops in full uniforms, my bad two of them. I don’t understand it. This is garrett foster and his wife who attended the rally in austin tonight. Video shows a car pulled up and opened fire on protesters and sadly, garrett became a victim and died rest in power. Garrett rest in power rest in peace. I did he mean to put rest in power. What i don’t know i’m confused by that it is sad. It is really sad, i don’t know if these in specifically in austin, i don’t know if they were all peaceful or not by the looks of things. I would assume that he down here in austin, they were peaceful, it looks peaceful so far, so good. I am proud of austin at this point in time. I am proud of him for uh, not going crazy, but we can’t sit here and pretend we cannot sit here and pretend that almost every city that’s peacefully protesting isn’t rioting news outlets aren’t even covering anymore, because they know how bad it makes them look.

I feel bad for this guy but i’m, so sick and tired of the only news, that’s allowed and that’s acceptable is one side it’s, not fair, it’s like me getting banned on twitter. You know i’m silenced for being anti violent and i got silenced for being violent when i posted it.

A very anti violent message, very anti violent and they were like. Well, you said words there. There were words in there that have taken out of context. It could be used as violent could take anything out of context and do that anyway, we’ve become a nation. We always vowed to fight against. U.N calls on u.s police to halt use of force against journalists covering protests. Every single person there has a camera and they’re telling the crowds to disperse. There is no use of force against them, they’re using pepper spray and non lethals and stuff that’s, not something i would consider use of force. Everyone needs to get out of the area. Journalists were considered neutral on the battlefield before trump purposely made them enemy. Nobody has at all in any way shape or form attacked any journalists not willingly. There is no attack on journalists, so inaccurate. Look at all the people getting sprayed here are every single one of these people. Here, journalists where’s the journalists – i don’t even see cameras on these guys here. Well, there’s, one guy with the camera is that is that person is this person? Is this person this person? Is this person where’s the journalist that a journalist don’t think so if you’re gon na lie at least make sure that you have pictures of it? Another uh video anger angle seems to further confirm that murdered, murderer drove aggressively.

Does it matter how he drove he shot a guy? Does it matter what i i don’t know what the point of that was.

I don’t know – maybe maybe at maybe five hours ago, when this went down um, maybe they didn’t truly know. Maybe they didn’t uh very well possible that they may not have known that uh. He had done that. I get. I don’t know weird what a strange situation supposedly the victim was armed in an open, carry state so it’s not like he broke the law. Everyone was just marching, uh, seemingly not only that, but they shot three times, not one hard to justify the shooter here. What are people trying to justify the shooter? Why a thread to disprove everyone saying those first shots were in ak 47, because they all sound the same, no matter what what i highly doubt it, especially if he only did it three times with an ak. Why would that be? Why that wouldn’t make sense uh, when cities are in chaos and their leaders do nothing, they should be and must be held accountable. Um i’m. Guessing this person probably used the hashtag without even knowing what it meant. Uh one person was yes, we know uh guns in america, super cool for you to just refresh on me twitter. This is why i don’t like twitter. You know if i wanted it to refresh. I would hit the refresh button very awesome. This ad, i video okay, shows another angle that confirms witnesses an aggressive, dr okay, austin someone shot into a crowd.

One protester was murdered, video shows a peaceful crowd, marching and chanting, followed, at least by eight gunshots.

Eight, so wait a minute. It was it eight or three when did say a driver, uh shot from his car into the crowd as they were walking by. I don’t know if i believe that many were fired and here’s, why only one person got hit it doesn’t have any. I haven’t seen anything about other people being injured. I’Ve only seen one person confirmed to have been hit and lost his life uh. I i could be wrong about that, but that’s all i’ve seen so far. Local emergency services seem to have confirmed that there was just one person requiring medical treatment: okay, so unless that guy was just shot seven up into the air and then turned one on one person, i don’t believe there was eight shots that didn’t make sense to me. This nurse in scrubs gets blasted by spray while trying to grab someone away from police her day. Job is rn uh. Who cares? Who cares i so stupid? Do as the police tell you seriously it’s, not that difficult anyway, like i said this was a bad ordeal that went on okay, i do. I don’t see a way to justify this guy. I just don’t, i think, he’s, a french lunatic. I don’t know that he was a trump supporter or not. I have no idea. This guy may have just saw an opportunity for all.

I know this is an extreme left wing guy and he just wanted to make it worse.

I mean this guy had the opportunity to take out many many many people and he didn’t. Why was one just good enough to make it look bad and that’s all he could live with himself? Was he an extreme left wing person doing that? Was he an extreme right wing person and his weapon jammed? Who knows what all happened but jumping to conclusions and saying this is trump’s america, when the inverse happens is just ridiculous, especially when the majority of the violence is coming from the left wing seriously guys get off your high horse, stop being violent.