I want to talk about one in particular. In austin texas, a man by the name of garrett foster has been killed after walking up to a car with his gun. It seems that the driver of the car opened fire because looks like foster had maybe drawn his weapon on him before i get into this too far. What i do want to say is that violence only begets violence. There is no way that you can extinguish a fire with more flames if you intend to cause some type of change within a society through protests or insurrection, or what have you one thing you must understand is that there are going to be those people that are Very resistant to that type of change: they are the opposite end of it. Nobody wants to die. Sometimes it does take death to uh to cause people to change. This george floyd incident, however, seems to have fueled an an animus uh, some type of rage within our society that may have been brewing for years. It’S uh, in my opinion, a product of the this type of culture that we’ve been cultivating it’s, been growing in the shadows. There’S been a lot of resentment, a lot of angst um with these younger, more um. Well, i would say the millennial population because they feel less fulfilled. They don’t have as much driving them forward it’s a lot of them that really feel just hopeless in their lives.

But let me not get too far into that.

Let’S just go ahead and take a look at the article police identified, downtown austin protest, shooting victims and say he reportedly pointed weapon at cart before being shot killed. Manly confirmed on july 26 that one shooter was the driver of a car and said the other was in the crowd and may have opened fire on the car as it drove away now i won’t show the video here because there’s really not much to see all You all you can really know is that there are some shots fired, the guy who actually was recording he ducks away or either drops his camera or whatever, and as soon as the shots are fired you the camera goes away. You can’t see the car and the car speeds away. Then you hear shots after that, which is likely the other person that has been apprehended in the shooting, so one person is dead after a shooting at a black lives matter protest, and here they go they’re still calling these things protests after the after somebody gets killed. After people are being you know, people are throwing rocks and bricks bombs molotov cocktails that police. These things no longer are protests. At that point they become riots or insurrections. What a shame austin travis county ems said. The incident happened around 9 52 p.m, near east 6th street in congress avenue our austin police later clarified. They responded to 300 congress between 3rd and 4th streets.

So if we go down here, a little bit more, the victim was identified on july 26 at 28 year old gary foster now yep, so he’s right around that age, where you know he’s uh he’s a young gentleman, probably he hasn’t lived his life too much hell.

I didn’t even know who i was until well into my 30s, so it’s a shame. You have to die that young man, but if you’re gon na carry around a gun you’re walking around in a very volatile situation there you have to expect that there’s going to be gunfire, i mean, or else why would you carry a damn gun so in an Update on july 26, austin police chief ryan manley said reports indicated foster was carrying a rifle when he approached the suspect vehicle. Like i said, the suspect then shot out of their car at foster. According to to the apd manly said that the person who shot foster called 9911 to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he fired at the person pointing the gun there’s. One thing i know about people in texas down there: everybody has a gun, they are heavily armed arms to teeth. So, if you’re gon na, if you’re gon na approach somebody in texas with your gun out, you don’t, know who’s in the car, you don’t know what’s going on there’s people surrounding this guy’s car, he’s, nervous, he’s, probably panicky. You just never know.

What’S gon na go down wherever this guy was in the car. Obviously he was prepared for something now. I don’t want to say that the guy you know was expecting to go down there and hurt somebody. I mean i don’t know we don’t know exactly what was going on in his head, but we do know that he was prepared this right here where it says gary foster died.

Protecting us not just the protesters, all of us. He was out here day in and day out, trey hand said. My thing is okay, men as we are, and this channel is about men growing and becoming finding meaning. So it’s sad when i hear things like this, where he’s like you know he died, protecting us, he was out here day and day out. Men want to protect that’s what we’re built for we’re the stronger of the species. You know we are. We want to be able to help, we want to be able to influence, and so you know we want, we want to be out there. Protecting people want to be fighting if we need to when we want to want to have a purpose: it’s it’s innate that’s. What we we are about, that’s, what men that’s, what makes men men and so i’m – not surprised if this guy was out there. You know that that they say you wanted to protect that’s, really what’s missing within these millennials. They they have this so it’s.

A lack of purpose, a lack of direction and if he felt that that was in his heart to go out there and do day in and day out, i’m gon na say i you know everybody has a purpose, but i doubt if that was really his purpose. A guy at that age probably had no idea what his purpose was and i’m just saying from from my own personal experience, i i didn’t have any idea what my real purpose was yet at that age.

Maybe he had gone a little bit further than me. I don’t know i doubt it’s just it’s really hard for me to look at the situation and be like that’s what this guy wanted to do die for this cause. I don’t think he wanted to die for this cause. I don’t think this is a cause worth anybody dying for because, honestly, if, if they they’re getting what they want anyway, they’re people are scared. Companies are bowing down. Governments are backing off it’s a lot of things that are being changed just because of these protest. Slash rights, so things are being done, but they they won’t stop. So since they’re, not stopping what i’m thinking is that they don’t care about what’s being done. They just want to watch the world burn and that’s that’s, just what anarchists do they want to disrupt things and that and that’s fine, if that’s, what you want to do i’m, a libertarian. The only thing i say is that you, if you’re, going to meet someone else with violence, don’t or do not expect violence not to come upon you with a sad situation, man just had a situation, and then this is james hassanowski, who goes by sas, also told Kvue, a car drove aggressively toward the crowd aggressively.

How can how does a car drive aggressively? How does i mean if you, if there’s a huge group of people and you you’ve known that on the news you’ve seen people get hurt in these confrontations, where all these people are around they’re pulling people out of cars, busting the windows open? Obviously the guy was like you know.

If i was in that situation, i would have probably driven aggressively too, if that’s, something, i would say, i’m driving scared, i’m scared, that’s. What i that’s, what the driving would be that’s. What my driving would look like. It was like i’m scared, i’m trying to get the hell out of there. I don’t know about this aggressive driving. It says, and then i turn over and see his arm just like extended fully out of the driver’s window with the hand gun into the crowd, and i watched him make several more shots. I saw the flashes and then assassinated. I had a message for a fellow protesters: just keep fighting that’s. All i got to say you know, there’s, take a look out, there’s, all sorts of organizations right now, so basically he’s saying that yeah man, even though this guy died, just keep going out here, keep doing the same shit. You know, even though he died. Let let his death not be in vain let’s. Just keep going out here, it’s going to be more organizations out here, doing it we’re just not going to stop, but he never says what they want: keep fighting for.

What? What is it that you want to fight for, sir? What do you really want? Nobody knows i’m gon na leave a link in the description with the this video here this one right here down in the corner i’m gon na. You know that way you can check it out on your own i’m, not gon na play it here, it’s just well! Look that’s all i had to say for this video.

I hope that in the end, when this is all said and done, i hope that these people really start to understand that they were misled and that there are different ways that you can reach this type of change, that you’re looking for man, i don’t, know dude.