People are sick and tired of this nonsense. I have done more stories on the city of seattle than i have alexandria, ocasio cortez there’s a problem. There i’ve got three stories for you today. A car drove through a black lives matter, protest in aurora colorado and got shot up in the process funny how they left that part out. Another rider was shot and killed last night in austin texas, as they were burning down a ymca, and yes, i am so sleepless in seattle, because that is the only thing that seems to pop up on my newsfeed these days. If you’re new around here, i am about to do a new speed, run i’ll take a couple of stories of the day, i’ll compile their details down in the cliff notes, and if you want more down in the description box, there’ll be links to where i found My articles, having said that car drives through black lives matter, protest in aurora colorado might as well go ahead and play you this 30. Second clip listen for the gunshots yo is everybody. Okay. Over there holy shit, i don’t even see anything else other than white people. There, and what do you expect to get when you’re walking on the interstate without police permission in the middle of the day, what’s going to happen and it’s also funny how so many people happen to have guns there and nobody was arrested, except for the people that Were driving through a car drove through a crowd and a protester was shot in the denver suburb of aurora during the demonstrations against this election coming up in four months and fuck that’s four months away from now, the aurora police department said on twitter that the protesters Were walking on interstate 225 saturday, when a vehicle drove through police said a protester fired a weapon striking at least one person who was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

There were multiple shots. There authorities said that the vehicle was towed and they were investigating protesters. Also broke windows at the courthouse and a fire was started in an office. An unlawful assembly was declared and police ordered protesters to leave the area and no they’re, not blaming this on george floyd. That i mean that would not make any sense. This one’s about a guy named elijah mcclain in colorado protesters have been drawing attention to the death of elijah mclean, who stopped who was stopped by police while walking down in aurora street in august 2019. Last year after a 911 call reported him as suspicious police placed him in a chokehold that right there, i am so willing to bet and paramedics administered 500 milligrams of ketamine a sedative to calm him down. He went into cardiorect, cardiac arrest and later was declared brain dead and taken off a life support. I love how they tried to say that it was the ketamine that did that they didn’t specify that and no, i severely doubt a half. A gram of that is going to do that to you, whatever austin as writers, towards youth detention, center and police precinct in seattle, uh we’re going to skip that part and go right to here. Austin. The protests continue two months from the day of george floyd’s killing floyd died on may 25th in minneapolis. We got ta be just make sure that you know that police in texas confirmed a man was shot and killed at 9 52 pm last night during a protest in downtown austin.

A clip of the scene where that go, the clip of the scene shared online, show protests marching through the streets and shouting black lives and waving banners. Reading blm seconds later, five shots are fired and the video loses focus as protesters scream and run for cover. I mean that looked a lot like this one up here, didn’t it intelligible initial reports indicated that the victim may have been carrying a rifle yeah sounded like a peaceful protester and finally, seattle, seattle. Seattle, let me go back to the original story, though, because the way that they labeled the story – the ymca wasn’t torched in austin – it was torched here – rioters also torched a youth detention center and police precinct in seattle, washington on saturday during another night of chaos around The country no it’s, just in certain areas, seattle, police, declare right after protesters set fire to a construction site. I mean they’re just not done yet the seattle police department tweeted about the incident and provided pictures of the scene alongside additional details, group of approximately a dozen people setting fire and causing damage to a portable trailer and a construction site at 12th and jefferson like i Was saying earlier november, just cannot come quick enough if you’re new around here i’m joshua schrunk.