Gon na take my boots off real, quick, oh because i have to walk a long way back to the you know. What tell you what i’m gon na go ahead and take my shoes and roll my pants up, but i have like a two mile hike to get back to my hotel but we’re gon na get that bird taken care of okay you’re ready, and this is why You never leave fishing line on the bank you fisherman and why i will always pick up all the fishing line. I see that’s why he’s got tangled around him, so i got my little knifey wifey let’s see if we can get him. I have to be careful about glass here, though oh wow it’s, cold let’s, see if we can go rescue him come here. Little buddy we’ll get you come here. Little buddy it’s, okay, don’t bite old, bull he’s, not gon, na hurt, look he’s got all around his neck, poor little guy, all right little guy hold still we’re gon na get to around your neck. First, okay, there we go. Oh it’s, not sharp enough. I got a sharper uh blade in here. I don’t have any scissors, but here you go, bubbe hold still. Okay, don’t go anywhere yet oh it’s all tailed around his neck. Here we go come on.

I wish i had a yacht don’t you go anywhere. Okay. I still got your claws almost strangling them. Look at that! Oh you, poor, dude hold still bobby i’ll.

Get you don’t worry. I can’t even get a knife blade under there, harley that’s, how tight it is all right about to move in for the you just stay right: there, bubby, okay! Oh you, poor, guy’s, almost dead a bit. Wow let’s cut this. I guess i don’t want him to fly away before i get it all off. I don’t want to die before i get off either come here, bubby we’re, gon na working on you don’t worry i’ll, get you. I think he knows i’m trying to help him there. We go, i almost got it in slow, oh, that one’s tight too come on don’t go anywhere. Okay, i’m! Going to try to hold you down. This is the tight one right here hope we can get it Music. I can’t get my fingernail under it all right. I’M gon na have to try to get the other blade back out and i might go get any for that. Come here, bubbe, ah jeez i don’t want to fly off without me, uh getting it out, um even get out with a bottle opener. I don’t want to use anything too sharp on them. You know i’m going to hook it with this i’m hoping here we go, i’ll get you bubbe don’t worry we’re.

Getting there did we get it. I can’t tell it’s really deep in his neck. You know come on get down close to him, he’s a cutie of me. I can.

I can’t really tell if i got it all water. This is so thin now there’s some right there look at that. Look at how thin that is that’s the piece right there. We got ta get look at that. Oh man, poor little dude still still tied around them. It is still tied around them. Look at that! Oh come here. Guy i’m winding it, but it’s, not it’s, so fine it’s really hard. I don’t have oh look at that. Look how many times it’s around her neck, so he would never made that. Okay, i think we got it all from around his neck. Now double check Music. All right, i’ve got to move let’s go ahead and get it from around his he’s got on his wings and his leg. So hopefully you pull out there’s one that was on his leg. This is wing. Come on. You know, put him here to my legs. We can’t get away all right. I don’t want him flying off until i’m done with him. This piece there all right, that’s around his wing that’s, i think, is on his tail. Oh come on man, don’t cry. I think he’s vomiting, all right. I don’t see any on that wing. Come here. Don’T fly yet don’t see any of that wing not on his feet.

His neck is good. All right. Lookie, we saved him. I think he’ll be okay. We’Ll go ahead and put him in see how he does.

What do you say? Get ready here? You go, live long and prosper, you’re welcome. Oh at least we did one good deed for the day. Look he’s still squawking at me. Oh he’s, good he’s, good he’ll, be fine floating under the bridge. Yep away goes i’m gon na pull i’ll wrap all this up and take it out with me we’ll see on the next one animal rescue. I hope we don’t have to do another one, but we will, if we’re called upon until i go to sleep, she’ll shake the coins from your pocket. Take your gold chain and you’ll.