So, as you can see here, this is a video there’s, not much audio to it, but this is a video and the car right here just drives into the crowd, so there’s a lot of people claiming that, because garrett um had an ak 47 that therefore he Must be a terrorist, he must be the instigator when that is clearly false and i’ve also got a video that includes a live stream of when this occurred and the gunshots and so forth, but again i’m here to disperse fake news, uh i’m. Here to make sure that you understand what this is, this is a very similar situation compared to what happened in charlottesville virginia a couple years ago. This is the same playbook that they’re, using when a protester in seattle was killed. This is the playbook they’re doing the same thing that they did the time before and the time before, and the time before, if you see somebody out there talking about how showing up to a protest with a gun is bad it’s good in michigan, when they armed Themselves and went to the state capitol over a mass mandate: that’s fine, that’s, great that’s peace, loving pro second amendment citizens, but in texas, when an anti fascist has an ak 47 and engages in gunfire with someone in a car all of a sudden, ooh antifa bad.

They have antifa derangement syndrome and i know i know it is very painful that i have to make this.

You know about this in the beginning, but again these people have low attention spans and i’m here to disperse fake news. So there is a video here. Um of what happened on a live stream and then i’ve got an interview right there so obviously trigger warning. This is some pretty serious, stuff Applause Applause now again, this is extremely chilling footage. This is the same thing that neo nazis have been doing, at least since charlottesville, but car attacks have been common, but ever since trump was elected and said that it’s okay to be a nazi in 2017, this has been escalating further and further and further these same Ideologies are responsible for the people that murdered muslims in christ, church new zealand. This is the same thing. There is a through line of hatred for the other that propels people to behave this way and it’s important that you hear this. Even i understand, even if you’re an anti fascist, even if you get it, it is important that you see and you hear what is happening because if you aren’t there, you need to know what happens there. You need to know what happens in these situations. At any point in these protests at any point, there can be something like this. That happens, and this is why, if you are going to bring guns, you need to be well trained now, i’m, not trying to say that anyone here wasn’t trained enough i’m, not trying to say that.

But if you are going to bring an arm of some kind, you should know how to use it, and you should always be prepared because at any point a nazi can show up and kill people, and several people were injured and garrett was killed. So i want to play the rest of this video here so that you understand, hear the screams listen to people screaming for their lives, not knowing if they’re going to die soon. This is the fear that we live every single day and you and like anyone, who’s not aware of this any liberals watching who aren’t aware of this. You need to know what we are fighting for. We are fighting for equality, Music, it’s Applause, Applause, um. Another important note is that the cops would not let ems or any emergency medication, people or medical people into the point for several minutes now when we say that all cops are bastards. This is what we mean cops. Let someone bleed out and die from a gunshot, because the cops are on the same side as the nazis. If you disagree, then i don’t know why you’re here, i don’t know why you’re still watching this video – if you disagree with that, but you need to understand this is a multi pronged war. And yes, this is a war that’s. What this is, there have been so many people, thousands a year before this uprising killed, murdered by police where’s their due process when trump or brett kavanaugh rapes, someone the right wing, is due process due process due process.

When someone gets murdered by cops. Oh, they were probably a bad guy. Oh they had weed in their their apartment. Oh they got arrested 12 years ago and served their time. They never care about due process. Then you have to understand fascists, always weaponize your empathy, your sense of duty, your sense of guilt and your ideas, your ideals for free speech, for due process. They will weaponize that at every turn and then when push comes to shove, they will abandon those principles in a heartbeat because they don’t care about anything. Our first principle might be due process. Our first principle might be free speech. Our first principle might be equality, but for fascists their first principle is: how do i retain my status as being the top rung on the ladder? That is their first principle and they will use anything else, any other ideal, any other method, anything they can to promote. That first principle in a way that brings people to their side and guess what it’s scary guess: what, if you’re at a protest, you need to know what you’re there for you need to know how to react, because again more people could have died if they didn’t Know how to react you know like this is something and it sucks that we have to do this as a culture. It sucks that our friends, our families, are being murdered by the state people talk about how trump brought back federal executions bitch.

The state has been executing people, thousands of people a year for centuries, federal executions got headlines front page every time, someone’s killed by a cop, it’s buried the next day. Every time someone’s killed by a nazi buried the next day now sometimes stories break through but oftentimes. They don’t george floyd broke through he in his final hours, and his final minutes was able to convince people that there is something wrong here and it’s horrible that people have to die before others realize something is wrong: it’s horrible, that dozens have to die before people Realize something that is wrong: it is horrible that thousands of people need to die before someone realizes. Something is wrong, but you need to understand that this is war. If you go out and protest, you need to be ready for anything cops, aren’t, the only enemy they’re. Just the most visible enemy, so here we have uh a quick interview in the moment of somebody that had known the person that was shot and killed, gareth foster a car drove up, we were taking the streets and he shot. Garrett garrett is the husband whitney a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, and he is her caretaker and has been for like 10 years. I think he pointed the gun out of her zarya they’ve been out here for, like oh 50 days so far holy shit yeah. I know who they are: someone got shot guys, Applause now, there’s more footage and stuff, but i think that is enough for this moment: um, but again it’s all about power, it’s all about retaining their status as number one on the food chain.

These people are psychopaths. They do not care, they will weaponize your empathy, they will weaponize your ideals, they will weaponize your principles, but that does not mean that they also value those principles as their own. They don’t care about free speech. They don’t care about a right to assemble. They don’t care about equality, they don’t care about empathy. All they care about is murder, death and suffering of anybody. That is not them.