Alright, tough, we call molting yeah. We call shed oh they Chad, yeah lady really. So these lobsters Cheddar’s are like a really soft and you can’t really ship them because they die really quick let’s see if we have any he’s a professional that’s, just the hottest. What are you doing you measure from the eye socket the detail, make sure it’s good? No, not the hopper doesn’t have to go we from here too. It has to be but longer than this yeah, alright, okay, the fish goes down and over the back show you throw makes you small, show them a small one. There tell me about this one right. There see that so got thrown back. So how long we take him to get big enough to keep use at all about 15. 20 minutes hey, so you were saying something about the notches. What does that mean? I know I mean for the nostrils yeah they put that little V into it. On that check and fin in – and you know just press your thumb in it pop it out – hey, you know, just breathe so basically you’re just trying to get the mail you just don’t want to keep. You know the ones that breeze dogs they don’t want to.

Keep some female slots, the ones that the dog and so that’s, that kind of fish. We were eating earlier right that dry that’s, not that’s. What that just fish that’s nice! Now he can tell yeah yeah because he wouldn’t want to keep a small one cuz.

We go back into the dark he could get hammered hold on good look out across here all these buoys. These are all traps in different people. You know lots of different people out here. How about yours are certain, I guess, yellow white and yellow. Oh, your son, sir hello, oh okay, you’re still blocking you know how it drops. You have. Oh honey they’ve been fishing these spots for generations white. If somebody from away he came up here and tried to fish that spot, they probably wouldn’t, get by any. How about West Virginia they come out? Well, they come out that boy. He might not be Flo yeah. I guess that’s true, you guys are know where all the boys are wouldn’t you. I want to get out of the way, because Laura seems to be very intent. Intents and with what he’s doing because he’s working he’s working around the lane – and I tried in flood so we’re going this way. Okay and the boys are laying this trap is probably out that way. I’Ve got to keep a boat in gear and Ronald up over the DAO keep over here. So I’d run it up over the gear they can’t be in the trap.

Now give you a workout but they’re. Normally they have a thing yet they’ve got a far worldly. Go on the boat yeah there’s, one of the in the kitchen head, yeah that’s, the sister that would be too small yeah as a kitchen.

This was that’s the kiddo, not tomato. I could tell just those two things: yeah they’re hard you’ve got a kitchen in the bedroom, end of that dress, no that’s. Actually, oh yeah well show you female female. I like they call them feathers, okay, that’s, the first one that I want to than they go to like further further back. I just rip it yeah. I want to come from down time. Fido be a little extra strain on it, see that I was right. On top of it, let’s count Stangl the rope fold yeah, let it go right over the top of the gym, so they pull that thing straight up. Why it’s a lot easier on my back? Why five? We need six more six more tonight that just for me, there’s four of us and the formula is X X, being the amount of people x. 2. 3. 3 y 3. This is always one pig in the group is getting creamed only to all these many snappers, too small. So a couple of these might be ok when you know that you’re good male beauty, oh she’s, a beauty yeah that wait a minute marine patrol might be long. Alright, alright I’m.

The captain, this boat I’m, telling you that I don’t want to parallel with the back shape and you’re gon na get it down over there and even if it sticks, I can’t even wear that out. If I had to yeah it’s a good one, that’s a small on there, but however yeah I see that’s the difference right there, they’ve had different be hard.

Okay, yeah yeah, very close now about ain’t, even close us friggin, dude that’s a calico. Do you think that is a camera now I can’t get it down over it. No punch he’s, a male. You need this one without any fiction. Sorry have to cook it. You need it now. Yep what’s the fix after and gear the whole time he’s behind here. Up in front here’s, your wagon zone, you just don’t, get it you’ll get her someday. Did you ever lobster trap? Did you ever Lobster? I did I worked for another fellow though so I never got to run the ball. This go ahead back out. I think it’s funny how, as soon as we started doing this, I mean it might be changed for me. You know long for the right laughing joking and now it’s like this business it’s. Just so weird yeah Kevin Billy too busy talk, I’m distracted, nice mail. This right here, yeah that trap gets lost bottom right, yeah that will run off yeah and those little lobsters. Oh, these little things right here few date bets all the small walks right up through that no problem they go when they can eat and hear it up through that one.

Okay, so like a little cheating station boys, yeah that’s cute those little guys travel alright. So how many did we get out of that work? Mail cutie is cute. I like keep him for a pet all right last one Billy that’s.

What I get it why we got was up enough. I found it. Oh, oh, oh laughs, Matthew when you said that let me keep that that’s. Clearly such fate we’re gon na fade them for stripers all right. Who is that gon na happen? Well, tomorrow, we’re gon na dig at 18th. Oh yeah fellow, was out here hauling gear at the fog. He cleaned it out already Auto there’s too little one thing like crawl right out of the holes of the sign to go back in so what’s the penalty. If we were like holding someone else’s traps like accident, they should you make prison, or do you know you end up with that part of me? I was your lobster license: okay, but you’re three years now these are his traps yeah. So what kind of and we’re holding them for personal consumption yeah? We are home out of my boat because of well you’re supposed to your home out here, older operator. Also. They know that they’re yeah, but under the circumstances, why we’ll get them for consumption. Why? I think they’ll, probably let us pass okay and seeing where we’re on the Jones watch side of the channel, and I happen to be select when there yeah I’ll, give it a no oh we’re, all the Addison side.

But you did say that I’m gon na be. Oh Rosie’s, finally, we got big enough. I can you measure in my day, where is that so it’s, a male lobster, that’s a hide, show? Okay, let me see the veal very close if that sticks.

For my day, if I was fishing on my own language, yes, Billy I’m, talking to you, the kiddies got to be dressed, darned and rat fine job, what you do with socks in it, Don dad yeah that’s right. This is gon na be a good’n. This is a good and don’t know how to keep a bat when you break that on. Let me know if there’s any error looks tasty Music, Music Music, when rain is a close relative where’s. My like the doctor, yeah that’s, to keep the whales out of it right up here and ten feet of water in the bay, the whales more than that they’re doing the whales is actually a thing. We’Ll get caught up in it. Yeah, everyone see the profession, a certain color, all purple. The Rope is powerful. You see that yeah, but why would so? What is it? What is it so we’ll get tangled up in a purple rope? Then one then they know it came from the state of Maine and then what happens so all the dates are do have different colors. Thank you. So much for the adventure. That’S awesome hope you enjoy. She’Ll shake the coins from your pocket.