I hope it’s. Okay, when i made it it weighed 12 pounds and after cooking, i think i have a video of me filming it. It was about 10 and a half pound meatball, and i got a little bit of spaghetti here. I didn’t want to go crazy with the spaghetti because look at the size of this meatball so yeah. So the plan is it’s. Just gon na plus there’s a lot of sauce here too i’m just gon na try to i’m gon na try to eat it. That’S, it nope no uh, no tricks here, all right, so i’m a little worried a little bit worried. This thing is huge. Let me start the time. Oh get my drink here i got some napkins good, all right, so i i got some dish sauce here. Just for dipping the um i didn’t want to dump the sauce or just go all over the table uh. I hope this tastes good. I think it will. I cooked it for like five hours i’m, hoping it’s done in the middle looks like so far. It looks good whoa, let me just try to eat it. Yup tastes good. I have beef. I actually use a little bit of turkey um and some sausage meat in here breadcrumb and eggs too. Music um it’s not dry at all. I let this thing cool down for 40 minutes, it’s still piping hot. I wish i didn’t cut off a big chunk already.

I would have stopped the video and let it cool down more. This is going to be rough because it’s pretty warm out too. I didn’t warm up the sauce because i figured if it was hot help cool it down a little bit so yeah. I don’t actually know everything’s gon na come out the way there’s gon na be a mess trying to get this all on the scale, but the meatball is definitely ten and a half pound meatball. Let me see if i can cut it thinner, give it time to cool as i go. I think what it’s really good, i think, if i were to do another big home burger challenge i’d, make the burger exactly the same way as this, because when you make a big burger with just the meat, it comes out dry. So this is really moist. Oh man, it is really good i’m, getting pretty messy too. I imagine the bottom’s even going to be more juicy, because all the fat probably ran to the bottom a little bit of a crust on the bottom. It feels like whoo. I haven’t really put a debt in this thing yet and i’m already starting to get hot that’s, not good i’m, about ready to get ice pack out of the freezer. So you sit on it or something i do real thin slices. Whoo i’m dripping this flat. Maybe if i do this wow, this is piping. Hot holy cow it’s definitely done in the middle whoo.

Oh man, this is going to be trouble. I should have definitely let this cool off more. At least you can see it’s not hollow. I am sweating like crazy. Ah burnt my mouth it’s a shame too, because it tastes really good. This would go down easy running out of places to put it not even near half, though, with this thing i am so. Oh, my god, i got to turn on a little bit of a fan it’s going to make some noise, but it’s, not even a good fan. Ah it’s a little helps a little wow, at least. If i fail this challenge, i can blame it on the heat. I got something to blame it on. Oh, my god. What was i thinking? I guess these are. The meat sweats are hot meat, sweats trying to get some of that blowing air on it. I should have put the i forgot to put those in the fridge too. The whole top of my mouth is completely burnt. I guess it’s just like eating a big meatloaf at this point, it’s resisting cooling down for some reason. Oh, you see the crust on the bottom that’s bacon hot wow, hard to tell how much is left run out of paper. Towels wow. I just want to check to make sure the camera’s still recording. I get so paranoid i’m gon na. Do one of these, especially something like this? It took me a long time to prepare huh, oh boy, well, starting to cool down.

Now i am just completely soaked, though, feel the heat coming off. My stomach trying to get some air out let’s try some of this crust it’s, actually not that crunchy, but very rich. A lot of oil in it good wow, so hot a little bit burnt i’ll just be happy to finish this meatball. I don’t know about this. One linguine, actually hmm it’s time to go slow what’s bothering me, is a strong flavor of the crust on the bottom. Probably would have tasted amazing at first, but it’s got quite a bit of grease in it burnt flavor. Almost there i feel like i got grease and spaghetti sauce all over my face. Oh i’m, not good power whoo, i don’t know if i just wasn’t ready for this hurts. I don’t know tough one half an hour in. I can’t see that this. This is the hardest part of my time, um. Ah, all right that meatball is gone. I am hurting for sure. Let’S see how much i can do on this. Linguine no promises, hello boy, um, it’s, nice having a different texture but it’s going to go that’s going to go away fast. This wasn’t quite a full pound of linguine right. You know in the box, it’s, probably um, probably 13 14 ounces away. I lost a little bit now, probably less than that probably 10 ounces of ingredients before it was cooked. I didn’t use it all either so yeah i don’t want to overestimate wow.

This is way harder than i thought it was gon na be i’m. Sorry, i got well just not going it’s not being efficient here, so i got ta use my fingers a little bit a little bit of that crusty hamburger was in there a meatball a little bit more meatball. You do Applause, um, all right, i’m, gon na call. It good there, oh boy, look at the time, um all right about 42 minutes. Oh wow! That was way harder than i thought it was going to be whoo. That meatball almost kicked my butt, but we got it. Oh all, right i’m definitely done no dessert. Today, uh like subscribe and uh wait.