If you don’t follow her and you need some realness and some comedy in your life, please go find her she’s amazing anyways. This is untamed and i kind of laughed the other day when i saw adele posting how brilliant this book is: it’s, brilliant because of the way it’s written because it’s real, because there’s no and because it fluffs through just the you know everything that’s irritating about our World the fakeness, the materialism, the celebrity status, you know so to have somebody that didn’t know that, like adele was discovered, built her career used, her god given gift right to have her just be like okay. The way this is said is brilliant, is awesome, so go adele right and go glennan and abby anyways. She articulated something perfectly. I had to write it down and it just pinged me a few minutes ago and i’m like let’s talk about this right. Let’S talk about this big fake fat lie that we’re conditioned with because otherwise we would never ask the question: when does it get easier? I’M sure you’ve asked that question you’ve thought that question you’ve asked that question. You’Ve asked your elders, your parents, anybody right, you’ve asked yourself: you’ve asked god you’ve asked whatever you believe in. When does it get easier and you’ll hear people say it doesn’t right or it changes right, um or some people just believe that, so, where did that? Come from anyways here’s? What glennon wrote being human is not hard because you’re doing it wrong it’s hard because you’re doing it right so here’s my whole point: it’s, not easy, it’s, not easy.

Being human it’s, not easy being here, are you kidding me so if we can accept that and surrender to that it’s not supposed to be easy, i love how she words it it’s hard because you’re doing it right so that’s, my newsflash to myself to you to The people you care about you’re, doing it right, no matter the circumstances, we’re in incredible circumstances, right and we’ve all listened same storm different ship right, some of us in multiple storms with no way to get from one boat to the other or connect them together. At a beautiful little marina it’s, just like a storm right, yeah it’s been fun being human is not hard because you’re doing it wrong, it’s hard because you’re doing it right so keep doing it right and when comes up when challenges come up. When questions come up, when doubts come up, when that little voice telling you you’re not good enough, comes up when your limiting beliefs keep you at a ceiling here, you just have to dismantle and dissolve let it disintegrate in front of you, okay, what’s the opportunity. What can we learn? What can we solve? What can we fix? You know i mean i had to remind my child last night, it’s 20 20, and he was bothered that the automatic ice maker wouldn’t dispense ice it’s, just whatever it melted. It needs to be fixed cleaned right. We tried once it didn’t work, not a big deal.

You know empowering about it, so you better believe i told him all about scott harrison’s company all about the book thirst, how we are well members, how how you, how privileged we are. Are you kidding me that there’s millions of people who can’t get water in 2020 that’s a problem right? So whatever thing you’re going through and it’s hard, like spending your whole day, walking to get water for your family? And if you trip once and you drop it, your family doesn’t get water that day that’s hard right but you’re doing it right because you’re living life, so whatever you’re facing today, just look at it a little bit differently with just a little bit different of a Lens and just honor yourself and just move through it a bad moment is not a bad day. Don’T carry it with you, put it down, move forward, okay, be human, is it hard yep, but is it fun and adventurous and loving yep? Is there some perfect arrival? No no arrival, not in your childhood, not in your 20s, your 30s, your 40s, your 60s, your 70s there’s an acceptance and a surrender that we’re just gon na ebb and flow right, it’s, just the yin and the yang. We need it all, without contrast, there’s. No clarity so enjoy your contrast, observe it think of solutions. Think of how you can contribute think of how lucky you are to live the life that you live and have the simple things like ice coming out of your fridge right and remind your children if they ever it’s our job to teach them and instill them.

They don’t they’re not just born knowing they are born, knowing we’re all one and we’re all connected and we’re all here for one another, but the conditioning separates us so remind them that getting ice from their freezer is a privilege right and then figure out a solution Or how to add to somebody’s solution right like we joined the well over at thirst? Okay.