Everyone welcome to us by drone i’m greg he’s, not john in fact, he’s currently frozen. Not you not you kelly! So kelly’s sitting in the coho spot today, john’s running everything happened at the same time this morning. So john had something come up, so we said kelly let’s get you on screen. It was all working perfectly and then we had a wirecast moment where kelly is totally frozen on the screen, so here’s. What we’re going to do? We’Re going to my producer in the rendezvous, dashboard we’re, going to click, disconnect button and then we’re going to click reconnect. Let’S do that that one there so click that disconnect and reconnect and okay, so we’ve got kelly. There no add him. We love there. We go so my producer will go and get kelly up on the screen. In the meantime, let’s do this let’s put loidy on the screen for a couple of moments and say hello to him. Let’S see there we go mr lloyd. How do you do i’m doing good i’m doing better than you are right at the moment? Uh, although i got ta admit i’m running two social media things, one for kelly and one for your show so i’m going to try and post on both of them and see what happens you know. Ah, i see kelly’s head moving because i saw a sudden glare in my eyes and i knew your filters were working but kelly’s weren’t. So anyway, you can bring him back in now that i’ve insulted your co host.

Okay, let’s put kelly back on the screen. Are you there kelly i’m here? Oh my everything happening at the same time this morning, it’s absolutely crazy. How you doing i’m here in my office, show you guys the kind of mess that it is but i’ve got. My uh i’ve got my uh pro 2 ready to go out and uh take it for a flight around right outside okay, so that’s really good place to start because, with everything happening, i’m less organized than i like to be so we’re gon na go and just Do the impromptu fly outside now with kelly going flying outside your office there we did a quick test before and it was working. Let me just see if you’re still connected well well, i i had to shut everything down and change batteries. So, okay, okay and actually i’ll. Tell you what i tell you: what we’ve got wayne here let’s go and do him while before you turn on yeah i’m, going to go and get wayne up on screen just a quick little message to everyone. We are doing a global fly in that means you can fly where you are and we’re going to send your video feed into the stream today. So let me go and get mr wayne yeah i’m going to see if i can go outside and first of all, not get locked out of the building that’s important. That would be a good place to start yeah.

It doesn’t, lock, okay, good! I have my keys uh frames per second. I saw a few folks. In there i saw agent k. I saw sunrise water media. I saw tim jackson, so jody i’m, drunk yeah we’ve, got a fair few people here. Just a quick message to wayne. Your video is currently zero frames per second, so i can’t really do much. Let me see if oh here we go it’s coming up now there we go. Oh nice, where is wayne wayne, is in god’s own country, australia, unfortunately not in god’s own country, the sutherland shire he’s down in in the act in canberra or in one of the surrounding suburbs, out of canberra. Now, what is actually doing is um deliberately because canberra, as you know, is the capital of australia, so wayne needed to go and uh. Okay, guys. If you can hear me, we can so wayne. If you can hear me just remember, there’s going to be a big delay between what you hear on youtube, so you don’t have to reply. In fact, mutual youtube just talk about what you’re doing and i’ll make sure we get your audio but um yeah. So wayne’s going and do a survey for you, grumpy he’s, going and trying to find your um campaign headquarters for when you run for pm in australia. Oh excellent, excellent, that’s that’s. I i need to actually that’s pretty that’s pretty there. I like it any any! How about we build a building right on top that hill right there, that’s uh, yeah that’d be a good place for my campaign headquarters: okay, guys um i’ll, just swerve back to where we’re looking at here.

If we look back towards that gully and i’ll zoom in because i’ve got, this is a zoom to zoom that i’m using and i’m streaming it using a crystal sky five and a quarter inch um monitor so looking off into the distance foot so i’m. Outside of the five kilometers um, if i zoom around here now, i’m canvas city, um unfortunate, see canberra city because it’s on the other side of those hills so that’s, where most of the um major institute, the australian capital territory, um i’m in a suburb um on The other side of this hill canberra has sort of split up into three or four major areas, so you’ve got the main part of the city, which is on the other side of this hill, and then you’ve got an area called tuggeranong waden belconnen. So these are like suburbs spread throughout the city. Now this is just looking around some of canberra. You can see how beautiful and green it is at the moment um. I did this probably six months ago and everything was brown and dry. We were just um about to come out of one of the worst droughts that we’ve had here in australia. Um. This mountain range that you can see in the distance is called the brindabellas and during the winter time often you can see snow on the peaks which is quite beautiful. You’Ll see some red buildings there, i’ll zoom into that this is the tagranong town center.

This is the my closest shopping center and there’s, actually a lake down through there, and then you’ve got a lot of big government buildings in that there, as well big government departments now zoom out and you’ll get to see more of that mountain range. Now this this is part of a mountain range that goes down the east coast of um australia, which eventually ends up at the bottom of australia and actually not from where we are here are some of the major snow fields. So, during the winter time a lot of people come from sydney. We have a drive from sydney through canberra off to um our snow fields. You could fly in that direction. Um you’d be probably in the snow fields in a very short time. In fact, whenever you fly in and out of canberra, if you come from this direction, you actually fly over those snow fields. Okay, now i’m going to turn around a little bit here and look at you’ll notice notice. How there’s a lot of bush around – and this is what ambra is so famous for – is the fact that it’s, like the city that’s in the country, um there’s a um. A pine forest just here, we’re looking at now, not a bad place to go fly your drone i’ve often flown my drone amongst that area and there’s a beautiful park area here where you can fly, which is it’s interesting if i was to go probably 10 kilometers In this direction, i would be in the main aircraft coming in and out of canberra, so on the other side of that range not far you get into that particular area, but on this side, we’re, okay and there’s, no problems with um no fly or anything like That now i’m, just going to put wayne’s volume down just to explain a few things so where he’s flying from is from his home and uh, probably doing that to make sure that we’ve got some good internet coverage he’s using his wi fi in australia.

Our rules are a little bit different to different parts of the world, so we’ve got what’s called the 30 meter rule, and that means that he needs to stay 30 meters horizontally, separated from people on the ground, so he’s obviously gone vertically up from his home. So that’s the reason we’re not flying around today but wayne. Do me a favor and reduce your altitude and just do a little bit more of a closer up look of the areas that are close to you and, in the meantime, we’ve got kelly who’s just about to launch. I can see in the background over there so kelly if you want to launch and we’ll switch between you and wayne a couple of times and we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, i can hear you kelly i’m, just going to set up your shot. I’Ll. Just leave wayne up there while i’m, getting your shot ready, so just bear with me. Are we having fun yet we’re having fun now i’m going to switch over right now so i’m going to switch over here now? This is kelly. I’M. Just going to put your audio down from your drone that’ll be better because we’ve got your audio from rendezvous. Yeah we’ve got live audio for you, so take it away kelly all right! Well, what you see here is my building where my office is, and i am going up over it uh very slowly. You can see it’s a three story building, and this is where um we had.

This is where we did uh spin up from and where i shoot a lot of my videos and such – and i am now going up over it and that’s not too interesting because it’s the back of the building. But let me go i’m going to go a little faster and then i’ll rotate around, and you will see there’s that big flag. If anybody watched my video about the mini 2, it was that flag was in the video. As a matter of fact, i’ll fly over that direction a little bit and then you can see mopak uh, which is the missouri pacific. Road um it’s called that because the railroad runs right alongside it and i actually used to be in that building next to the flag that was uh where we were when we started the business in 2007 and then way off in the top right. If you look up, you can see downtown austin texas, that is, that is downtown down there it’s a little hazy today. So you might not have a very clear view. I don’t know but um that’s, probably about seven or eight miles from here: um yeah, it’s it’s, a pretty area it’s very green over here it’s kind of cloudy today, it’s a pretty area it’s very green over here. Just hang on one second kelly, i’m. Just doing a few changes here sure i’ll play over closer to the flag. There we go two shots so that i can see you and also we’ve got wayne over there as well.

If anyone else wants to fly and share your video feed to us, we’d love to have you come on today, but uh wayne in the back. Wait in the background. If you could try and get a little bit lower and showcase a little bit of the stuff that’s close to you and kelly i’ll, let you can take it away and continue doing what you’re doing this is only the second. This is only the first time i’ve ever been on the show like this and the second time i’ve live streamed from my drone, which is pretty cool but um. I also wanted to give a shout out to to lloyd um yesterday. No two days ago, i believe, was veterans day and uh lloyd is a u.s, uh air force veteran, so lawyers. Thank you for your service. Well, thank you for your support. My father was also a u.s air force veteran, so i told him the same thing, but i i appreciate it. Air force is doing great things and, i think lloyd. Maybe they should put you in charge of space force at some point. Well, yeah i’d probably be good at that, because i am a little spacey at times. What do you think of that flag shot there, though that’s pretty uh that’s, pretty good yeah yeah yeah that’s that’s? That is a big big flag. That thing you can’t really tell from here, but that thing is the size of i don’t – know it’s, probably 40 feet across or something yeah.

We have a couple of big ones like that here in muskogee that they, you can see them from almost anywhere. I will not go out over the highway, of course um. So you know for anybody who’s concerned about that yeah, but i will come back around this way kind of just flying over my office park. The good news is i’ve been in this office park since 2007, and so they’re very used to me flying drones over it. It’S it’s uh whenever there’s a drone up they always ask me, was that yours most of the time it was speaking of drones, kelly um. Last time we had joined a couple of weeks ago, there was the unmentionable topic that we couldn’t talk about. The drone that’s just been released, it’s no longer an unmentionable topic. Do you want to briefly comment on your experience so far? Yes, yes, um, the dji mini 2. Is i mean here’s the thing if you own a mavic, 2 air or mavic air 2 or a mavic 2 pro it’s, it’s it’s, not it’s, not going to replace that. But if you do own a mavic mini already it’s. So much of an improvement over the mavic mini with the ocusync and with the 4k camera. I i just love it so um. You know i’ve seen a couple of people actually commenting that they would choose it um over and above an air rather than um. You know just because of its size, the advantage of being in that sub 250 um.

Even you know they, they prefer it yeah yeah. I mean if, if that is, if there’s two factors – and i did a comparison, video between it and the air too, if, if price or the weight, are the main factor for you, then absolutely it’s the way to go, but it doesn’t, you know it doesn’t do! For example, it doesn’t do active track, which i think is a big thing that the air can do, and air can do actually 4k 60 video, which it can’t do. As a matter of fact, the air is the only the only drone they have that does 4k. 60, actually, so you know it’s it’s um, it is uh yeah. I kind of feel like the air for 799 us 800 u.s for the drone is probably the best value um, but the mini 2 is a great drone. If you, if you want to spend less than 500. yeah absolutely so, while we’re watching you here, just a quick little commentary um for people on here, we would love to have you come and fly as well lloyd. If you can paste those instructions in my channel and take care of that again and also on kelly’s channel yep been doing that yeah and i will say to everyone having just having not done this very often it’s super easy to to do. But i think you have to have an android device i’m doing this with the smart controller currently which is based on android.

So let me just talk about the difficulties and challenges of live streaming number one. You need a good internet connection, okay, so that goes without saying number two: if you’re using ios it won’t work currently because there’s a bug in the dji go app for ios, so you can’t change the url um next uh speaking of um good internet connection, you’ve, Just gone grey screen there on us kelly, uh, oh, i have um. We can see that orange thing, yeah yeah, so so the uh, the city and the people that own the property have put up all these art installations around. Here. Maybe i need to get a little higher, including that that was in my that was in my uh mini video and then, if i come over here, there is this kind of crazy, looking uh blue thing. This is my building and i’m coming over to it. There’S, this kind of crazy looking thing in the top right of your screen right now i don’t know if you can see it, i don’t want to be hanging out over the road. So let me get over over my parking lot here. There’S a little bit of a delay between what you’re saying and what we’re, seeing and it’s also freezing a fair bit at the moment, but i’m sure we’ll get this blue thing momentarily yeah it’s, just these it’s these posts that they put up and it’s kind of Hard to see from here, but it’s these poles, and it makes it looks like a wave if you’re standing near it.

It kind of looks like a wave, but i meant to have to get down a little lower to be able to see it. So, while you’re zooming down, let me just quickly continue the story about how to how to connect, so you can’t do it on ios. Currently, if you’re on android we’ve got another person here, joe who’s, ready to stream at the moment, so let me go and set up a shot with joe, but you continue while i go and get joe set up well, can you see that? Can you see that lloyd? Can you see the um kind of the those poles yeah yeah yeah yeah, so those poles i kind of wish i had the mavic 2 zoom right now, but those poles are um are probably 15 20 feet tall each right see if i can go down kind Of into them a little bit and they are um they when you, when you look at them from the side, they look like a wave. Can you kind of see that, as i get closer yeah yeah there you go, yeah yeah, definitely see it now. They’Re painted they’re painted with this cool stripe on them, yeah it’s a pretty neat uh and, as you drive past, you know because of the because you’re passing it, it kind of gives you this weird parallax thing that goes on i’m, going to see. If i can put down inside it now, you live in houston, right.

Austin, austin, austin, well, i’m glad to see that your city waste as much money on that archie farcy stuff as ours does. We just got a bunch of silly looking guitars, you know, painted all over town, so we’ve got the two shots there i’m going to add a third one in i’ll, see if i can get joe up on the screen. Very briefly, that is cool kelly! Well, hey! Grumpy, if you ever come to austin, this is where they’ll throw you in jail into this artsy fartsy jail, the archie farts jail. There you go that’s Laughter, they called the r2 party lockup archie park, lockup yeah gon na see, if i can uh bring it back over. So this is this. Is that out very far away from me currently it’s, pretty close, so we’ve got someone else on screen at the moment, we’ve got joe who’s ready to take off just a couple of quick pointers, joe use headphones or turn the volume down on youtube when you’re ready To go up um because otherwise it’ll get very confusing for you, but we’re ready for you. It is well yeah, yeah i’m, going to land i’m going to land and go inside so so uh, so i’ll be right back. So you can take me off for a minute: okay can do i’ll, just um see if i can mute show, because it’s very noisy from that one yeah. We see your hand joe. We see your hand joe you’re, very handy, handy with a drone.

Oh, that was bad, and i thought my jokes were bad, so joe we’re ready for you to take off there. My friend and we’ve also still got wayne there in the background, no good one there. Thank you wayne. I’M glad you, like my joke, see my problem is i got too many windows going yeah? Have you still got me? Greg i’ve still got you yeah. If you want to bring that up i’m going to bring it in for a landing here. That should be interesting. Okay, let me just do that right now there we go here: it comes Applause, Music, all right got, ta land it right over here by the door and that’s ready set grind headquarters: Music: okay, i’ll see you in a couple of moments. In the meantime, i’m just going to go back to this shot joe take off my friend we’ve got a beautiful stream there. In the background, a stream on a stream stream on a stream yeah yeah it’s a live stream – hey somebody had to say it might as well have been me Laughter, hey, hey, phil drone man, yep see you phil have a good weekend. So, okay, here we go, we’ve got live audio currently coming from the stream i’m, not hearing it. At the moment you can just hear the water and a bit of wind noise, so joe um, just a quick one. What are we flying? Where are you flying? Where are you from tell us a little bit about yourself and what we’re seeing today i’m, not talking you’re, not talking that’s? Why you’re not hearing me because i’m not talking well, you can talk.

It’S, okay tell us about where, where you are, what you’re flying and anything else you want to share. So this is the creek that’s on the back of our property. Here, we’ve got a little 40 acre farm here in washington state. This is a mavic air, so i was by drone old macdonald edition. We’Ve got wayne coming in for a landing over here, oops joe’s breaking up i’ll go to wayne for a little bit right. Just going back up. I just had two helicopters come right over where i was filming. Oh just believe that greg i can’t hear joe in wirecast, but i can hear him on the show going out understood, understood so um, just a quick little note, um, so really good um example of some good piloting there. So we’ve got wayne who mentioned he became aware of a helicopter and certainly under australian law. As soon as you become aware of a helicopter, you need to immediately land it’s, not rocket science and good good piloting skills there to make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. Let’S go back to joe for a little bit or both let’s do a split screen again no limit drones just said: don’t get a call, because i was saying i had too many too many windows opened up, told me not to get a cold from having too Many windows opened up no limit. Drones is here good to see you here yeah, so let’s talk about that for a couple of minutes, so we’re going to give away a no limit drones license on my channel and uh kelly said he was looking at doing some sort of a giveaway as well, But he’s um stepped away at the moment, so we’ll chat to him about that in a couple of moments.

I hope i didn’t put him on the spot. So, while we’re waiting for kelly to come back quick talk about no limit drones, it’s a piece of software that you can use to do all sorts of maintenance with your drone, you can do anything from firmware updates to tweaking all sorts of parameters. If you want to go fast, it’ll help you to go fast. It does lots, lots lots more as well, but it’s a lovely piece of software. Let me just quickly go back to joe for a minute because lovely old, interesting building there except it’s just broken up. Hopefully, that’ll clear up in a few moments i wanted to see if you guys could see my uh see my shot here. You’Re very pixelated, josh, hey everybody, yeah kelly. I can see your shot. It’S a fake, fireplace uh kelly’s got a fake, fireplace um. My producer, can you put kelly, live for a minute. Just hang on we’ll clear that one there we go yeah. Can we just just share your fireplace again yeah, so so uh? We actually one of our clients asked us to have this to get this for them. For a live stream that we did and then they didn’t want it so that we left they left it here at our office. So we we kept it okay did they pay for it? They paid for it yeah. Oh man, that’s a win win situation for you. We well, we actually bought it and then we built it back to them, but then i said: do you want it? They said we don’t have any place for it.

I was like yeah, you know what i can put my drones right in front of the fireplace to warm them up on a cold day, i’ve heard of battery warmers, but that one’s just not cutting it bones and your drones by the fireplace yeah yeah just having A quick little look at the lives that we’ve got at the moment, so let’s turn that back on yeah, the stream looked really nice, that that’s, really beautiful we’ve got a little bit of pixelation, unfortunately, and it’s um challenging. But i think joe said it was out of washington, state and it’s a creek out the back of his property. Oh very nice, very nice. Indeed, most of the creeks around here are dry. Most of the time like right now, they don’t have water when it when it rains, you get a little bit of that, but but only occasionally yeah um kelly um how’s about we spoke about before i’m gon na give away a ready set drone license today, and I don’t want to put you on the spot, but we did speak about something a few weeks ago. Yes, i think i was going to give away a t, shirt, yeah, okay, so oh we’ve got out. We’Ve got joe on the screen at the moment there we go is that is that joe blaylock? I think it might be, because i think i recognize some of this. Some of this area, he’s in a very beautiful area, cool, shot, wow it’s, pretty good going backwards through those trees like that i’ve just turned on a bit of noise reduction.

There got a lot of noise, but that’s. All right, i want to say joe, is in pennsylvania, but no, it would be darker in pennsylvania. He must you’re right. It must be washington, yeah he’s, over on the over on the west coast, hey kelly, yeah left greg that’s. The word i was looking for yeah. If you’re gon na be you’re gon na be our grumpy president, you got ta at least know that. Well, i was gon na say left coast, but you know we’ll call it west coast because that’s appropriate, oh i’m, trying well, i know that’s. Why i’m trying to be nice kelly because you’re such a nice snowflake? I appreciate that you’re such a nice grumpy vlogger. You are my favorite snowflake. I got ta admit you know you really are wow yeah. You said your son in law was a snowflake too and so yeah. Well, you know that there well, that explains it all right. There you know, speaking of yeah speaking of snowflakes um cancel culture is something that you and i spoken about recently um grumpy, yeah and uh just to quickly update people um. Last week i did share some of my frustration with the software that i used to do streaming hold on. He’S got a reset drone sweatshirt. He has joe you’re rocking joe excellent excellent choice in clothing. Yes, all right: okay, yeah cancel culture, so i shared last week. Some frustration of telestream wirecast, the software that i use to do this streaming.

They unfortunately don’t like the fact that i’ve shared on public forums and to them directly some of the issues and challenges with their software, to the extent that they have shadow band beyond their forums. So i can’t tell people about the problems anymore and they’ve um cancelled. My support agreement, so i theoretically can’t upgrade the software anymore, had a meeting with them yeah. I know kelly. I know it’s ridiculous um, but here’s the ridiculous and crazy thing on their support forums. You have a look at the um posts from me, i’m. The second highest poster on there and i’ve got the largest number of likes per post of any person on the forum, including their own staff. So the people who use wirecast love me because i speak openly and honestly and truthfully and give solutions and work arounds to the problems that happen with their software, but they just don’t like the fact that when someone reports a bug – and i say well, this bug Was first reported two years ago and telestream have not provided an update as to when or if this problem will be fixed i’m, providing a true and factual and honest response about it, trying to prompt them into doing something about it. But they don’t like that and that’s what’s caused them to do this, cancel thing wow. Oh, they literally canceled you speaking of cancel culture. They they. They put it to you well let’s, just say: i’m, a geek let’s, just say i’m a geek, and i know how to take care of my license to make sure it’s still working but that’s another story let’s move on.

Well, i will say i will say that it seems like rendezvous has been working better than it used to. I remember a lot more issues: rendezvous back in the day and i’ve used it a few times recently and had had some good luck with it. Can i just say like for me that their software, despite my um commentary on some of its flaws, it’s still the best one available for a mac. I, like the software ability to listen and to respond to support, requests a little bit to be decide to be desired, but anyway, let’s get back to the studio with um the shot of me and kelly there. We go not that one that one okay, so kelly. Welcome back we’re, going to now we’re waiting on some other people to join the stream and uh send us some vision in the meantime, let’s do a little bit of uh hang on see. This is what happens when you try and be very technical and have lots of things happening. The news is it’s dump the yank, oh the news, and, as always, our news is brought to you by air data. Uav. Is your drone telling you things that you can’t hear look to air data to find out all the information about something that may cause a problem with your drone in the future? You can get a discount and i am so unprepared today with all of this other stuff. My my notes are not here: let’s try that again, is your drone healthy or about to surprise you on your next flight don’t, wait to find out discover under the hood information and re review the early signs of problems before you take off again use discount code, Oz by drone20 to get a 20 discount there is a link in the description.

Okay, now our first story today, this is uh relating to skydio um skydio is the drone company to watch it’s um products and vision are taking the industry in a new direction. Skydio is famous for its ai and automation capabilities, and now it is announced that it has just hired three people for some senior positions after the new funding round. The move is part of the company’s push forward following its impressive 100 million series c. Raise of venture capital question is what will be their next product to hit the market and certainly we’re just having a look at some of their marketing videos at the moment. Having a look at their image processing and their obstacle avoidance technology, this is just a stock clip that i found to have a look at that, but yeah and third round of funding, 100 million dollar series c razor venture capital. I wonder what’s going to happen next for them. You know where that would be very handy as a matter of fact, if i go back next year because this shot reminds me of it is i’m. If i go to minefield you guys familiar with minefield in tennessee yeah, where ken herron had his birthday party. If i go back next year, i’m going to take my skydio and try flying it through there and see how it does in the tiny little spaces, that would absolutely be interesting. Now, while we’re here i’m going to have a quick look and see if there’s anyone coming in to stream apologies for doing all sorts of things at the same time, well by the way joe that was, that was an epic flight.

I i actually really enjoyed uh. I enjoyed the fast landing that he did and i enjoyed actually watching him walk back over to his house. His house reminds me if you watch joshua barkwell at all. It kind of reminds me of joshua bardwell’s house a little bit yeah. It was a very nice flight from joe very nice flight from wayne as well, showing off a bit of canberra and, as i said before, with regard to wayne, he doesn’t have the luxury of being able to just go: go crazy in a direction. Um we’ve got to certainly be mindful of our 30 meter rule in sydney and if there are people on the streets, he can’t do that. But anyway, let’s move on to our next story, which is this one metal detectors, have long been used to find treasures. At a beach detectors are getting smarter, but recently release product is taking treasure hunting to new heights boom boom. Uh treasure hunter 3d makes a product that will attach to a phantom series drone and allow you to sweep an area for buried treasure faster than ever before. Wow, i think they spent all their money – Music, okay, so they’ve got the nice little flashy logo thing, but what we’ve got here, of course, is a phantom series drone doing nothing revolutionary it’s, just a grid mission, but they’ve got this sensor attached to the legs down Below and if you have a look at the grid on the screen it’s using the sensor data to color code, the grid as it goes and flies that mission as to where there are metallic objects below the ground wow.

I wonder i wonder if it could replace cadaver dogs in finding bodies. Good question, i mean ultimately, if there’s something that you can, we can throw sensors on drones of any kind um if there’s, something that has the smell of death that can be detected. I guess that could Music well. I do know that drones have been used in that sort of thing, because the ground where, where where something is decomposing, the the you know the grass looks different. The ground looks different, there’s, definitely a signature for that they can look for now. That would be bad news for lloyd. I know i know he’s got a lot of bodies buried around yeah. Well, i was thinking better fertilizer. You know well, anyway, okay moving right along our next story. Today, the zing gogo bird is a remote control flying toy that looks and flies like a bird, but this one even comes equipped with leds to assist with night flight. It can be used indoors and outdoors thanks to ai that will detect obstacles and automatically turn around and fly away for self protection. Whoa now we’ve seen lots of um these bird like drones, but i love the fact that this one’s now quite stable to fly indoors and it’s got the ai it’ll, avoid walls, make sure it stays in flight and avoids those obstacles. So so is nobody. Is nobody controlling that is that just flying autonomously, so it does have a controller um, but it certainly has some ai and autonomy built into it.

It can fly in a pattern, that’s cool to be able to um. You know if you wanted to create some ambiance. Instead of releasing um dubs, you know at a wedding, you could throw a bunch of those uh ai drone birds up yeah on anybody yeah i was gon na say: let’s worry about it, crapping on the bride, that’s right and also – and also if you, if that’s Happened before trouble with it, if you get into trouble with it, you hit return to home and bring them all back and they could land on the cake that would be hilarious, but, speaking of a whole heap of them taking off. At the same time. Our next story is about fleet control. Did you like that? Transition there, aerospace development company blue bear has recently demonstrated the simultaneous remote launch of seven drones. The demonstration showed the seven drone simultaneous simultaneously taking off with a push button, remote launch, which allows the remote operator virtually anywhere in the world and, at that point to be able to command a fleet of vtol fixed wing uas to take off and transition into individual Or cooperative swarming, Music missions, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so unfortunately, we just zipped past the take off when we missed it, but i can’t, unfortunately see the picture too clearly from here, but essentially take off and command of seven drones simultaneously yeah, unlike The uh, unlike the um treasure hunting company they didn’t, spend enough on market, looks like the intern.

Did this video? I think so? Can we just rewind that back just so, we can see where the takeoff was. We missed it. It looks better on on the live shot or on youtube than it does in rendezvous. Yeah, i think rendezvous intentionally. You know throttles the bandwidth, so you have more for the other stuff. Oh yeah, yeah. Anyway, you get the idea so it’s a remote launch of multiple aircraft at the same time, but again um beyond visual line of sight capabilities number one number: two um the fact that it’s controlled coordinated and can be used in swarming operations, really cool stuff control, here’s. The idea lloyd, i think, you’ll like this one, you release the bird drones first and then you have the swarmed roads, go, hunt them down a new sport and then and then you use the treasure zone to find the bodies of the bird drums there. You go yeah a new and a whole new sport has just been invented right here on oz by drone and ready set drone it’s speaking speaking of finding the bodies. Can we just put the next story slide up the photo of the next story? He’S getting good at these segways, oh yeah let’s, put that one up let’s go so speaking of finding the bodies Laughter. I just wanted to quickly share this one and um one can argue about politics for an eternity and we’re not going to do that on this show.

But one thing that cannot be disputed is that brendan shulman from dji is 100 correct when he tweeted that drones in a national security, tfr isn’t a small deal, someone slogged through a ton of paperwork kudos to them. This particular shot here is a composite of the two formations seen in the drone show from last weekend last saturday, but uh yeah. You know if kelly wasn’t here i had a comment for that, but i i’ve decided because kelly’s nice, actually, no, we know biden didn’t plan that he doesn’t even know which hand he uses to wipe his backside most times so we’ll. Just you know there you go. I admit he’s senile i’m senile. I understand him, i didn’t vote for him, but i understand him. Okay, sorry, you know what you know what this show’s gone to: the dogs and speaking of which beagle drones. The drone kit, 2 by beagle drones, was released a little while back. I didn’t see it back then, but i saw this um in my news feed this week and this is the successor to their earlier drone kit. One. The newer product boasts a system chip, that’s 80, more efficient five times the computing power doesn’t. This sound like an iphone release ten times the internal memory compared to drone kit one the system upgrades enables them to be more responsive and handle multiple flight modes and provide a new flight performance module. Now kelly, have you played with this one? Have you heard about it beagle drones, oh yeah, yeah, so so just um a week or two ago, i actually got to talk to the ceo of beagletron.

He is friends with uh original dobo and i’m trying to get one of these. It looks like a very cool setup for fpv um. You know a whole fpv kit, so you talked about the fact that the company does not actually have a beagle as a mascot. They need a, they need, an actual beagle. They do yeah. No, it looks. It looks it looks great because i think it’s a fairly easy to assemble uh fpv quad, and i will i would give props to chris hope who built the tyro 119 uh on his own. Now he had help, of course, from from and from uh. You know a few folks, but but man chris and chris has been posting videos of himself flying and he’s getting good um. So you know this: if this makes it easier for people to get into fpv and build their first drone. I think i’m, hoping for it awesome yeah, absolutely when you, when you get it i’d, certainly love to um, do something together, having a look at that it. It it interested me that one, let me quickly, have a pause to see if there’s anyone ready to fly but yeah. I think that would be. I think that would be a kid i could probably get into fpv, because you know it’s got simple instructions and you know it looks like well. It looks like something like we do a lot of soldering right yeah. So what was that word? Music it’s got an l in it.

It’S got an l in it, speak the english language, okay, so we use the french version where the yellow silence, soldering yeah, absolutely let’s, move on to the next one. So get it very hot and you put it in the stuff and it melts yeah let’s move on for this. One verizon is retreating. There skye would plan to test drone services in willow, matty river in north portland. However, the project was cancelled after the project raised. The alarm among neighbors in nearby st john’s and other environmental groups and privacy advocates the company said it has ended lease negotiations with the port of portland on a plot of industrial land at terminal 4 and instead they’re looking at other unspecified locations. Instead, this one kind of worries me a lot, because this is this is the whole drone’s, a bad thing and lobby groups. Getting into that. I mean at the end of the day. Verizon is a company that has mobile networks, so they’ve got 5g capabilities that they wanted to test number two they’ve got um systems for scheduling and planning of missions and doing all of that kind of stuff and tracking it and we’re talking about banning it because of Privacy concerns by flying this in an area that used to be a port location. I just don’t understand that industrial land what’s what’s the issue. Well, uh it’s, portland, yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s one. It is the most concentrated snowflake uh hq, but but then.

Secondly, you said a word um scheduling. What was that one he’s trying to say scheduling, but you know how those aussies are yeah, they can’t speak english. Well, it’s got the letter h in there as well see they don’t even call for some soldering i’ve scheduled my soldering time right. It’S not spelt with the letter k. Well, no see yeah. What do you call it in an you? Call it a h to begin with you don’t, even call it by it’s, just an h right where to speak english down there. Folks, i i think, despite lloyd and i’s uh differences of opinion, we do speak the same language, okay anyway. Moving on united yeah moving on this show’s, taking a dive and speaking of taking a dive, this particular creator has shared a video of a waterfall dive on instagram and read it. The filming location was at rainbow falls on the warri circuit in springbook, queens, springbrook, queensland, australia just have a look at this. This is beautiful like it already. Oh man, he cut it. Close that’s awesome now here’s an interesting fact. This video was blocked by some people on reddit because they didn’t think it showcased the skills of the cameraman. This was on a you know: praise the cameraman blog okay, now, the second video you’re flying a flying camera that that is, that is, that was very smooth. That was very graceful. What what were they complaining about? I know but here’s, where i want to go with that this.

The last story that we’ve got today is coming up in just a moment. We’Ve got this one and again this is also on tick tock, but also shared on this same blog and danny mcgee is the pilot for this video um? No cuts, no edits just a straight through shot just play that one for us. Oh i’ve, seen this one. This is awesome. This is awesome too, but the question i have for you is what makes this one acceptable and award winning on a on a reddit blog, but the other one is banned because it doesn’t showcase the skills of the photographer well, first of all, it’s a reddit blog. So who cares true, yeah and second off it’s, a reddit blog, so who cares right they’re, both they’re, both incredible shots in their own way, and – and i would say honestly, the the nice thing about the waterfall shot is that that shot was a um. You know there was no people around it was it was a very safe shot to do. You know you can’t, really complain about flying over people or breaking any rules or anything like that on that shot, and and can you play the waterfall, i want to actually play it again because when we played it the first time i forgot to put the audio Up, let me just turn that up now and let’s watch that the waterfall one, the previous one yeah i mean this is a this – is a beautifully choreographed show.

Listen to this all right. I hate to tell you i hate to tell you this: the water, the sound effects were added. Really, you wouldn’t have been able to hear any of that over the motor noise. Really i thought i thought it was of course: oh okay, okay yeah, but it was a nice. It was a nice touch, it was a nice touch for sure, but but the way he kind of rolled in there i mean lloyd. You, you know some things about aviation, those kind of smooth roles. Those are the kind of things that, like the blue angels, do yeah that’s that’s that’s, a skill set far above anything i’d ever have and uh it’s. Well, not only that the the you okay, you can see people flying their drones like in the tick tock thing. You can see people flying their drones through people’s houses all the time, but to get something in nature like that. That is so smooth and from such a high altitude, then down and it’s just the skill sets just amazing on it. So i don’t know what reddit’s problem is um. I really wish i actually took this this guy with me to uh norway uh in 2017. I took a mavic uh, it was actually the zoom, but it was a mavic mavic, 2 zoom and right. I, if i went back to norway or well really norway. I would take an fpv drone as well, because there are so many waterfalls in that country.

I mean they’re, just oh yeah, i i said so. My brother in law is norwegian and i said to him like we’re driving along, and i want to stop and get a shot of all these. He says no, no, no, that one’s, crap let’s go to the next. You know i told him. Every single one of those waterfalls in the u.s would be like a like a museum or a park, or you know something like that, because they’re so spectacular, but they they get better and better, but to be able to take an mpp drone and and point the Nose straight down and go down it like that, that’s what’s really fun about fpv. You can’t do that. With this, you can take a nice shot of it. You can get some beautiful footage of it, but you can’t do that kind of aerobatic stuff that aerobatic stuff, yeah and that’s that’s. What i think is you know i kind of had this discussion about some of the new add ons, with with mel on some of the new add ons to uh adobe, you know changing you know that allows you to change the background scenes and all that you Can do all that and post post edit now you know you can change your complete skyline that takes away from the artistic eye of the photographer and that’s way, there’s, nothing artistic about a uh. You know an another shot of venice beach or wherever they were flying that that second one out of tick tock, but not everybody – gets to see a waterfall like that and that’s you’re falling with the waterfall that’s artistic.

You know, in my opinion, well i’ll, throw something else out there, lloyd about about adobe and the ability to change things. I think it all has to do with how you present it. So if you, if you manipulate the background – and you present it as this is this – is manipulated – i’ve made this i’ve kind of you know mashed these two or three two or three things together: uh on purpose, that’s, one thing, but if, if you do something authentic And – and you re you know it’s just raw and it’s, something that you did. That was really cool. You can present you just can’t present manipulated work as real or right sure, yeah it’s, a different type of creativity, it’s, a different type of creativity, which is all well and good of itself, but it does take away from the ability to try and re create the Same thing: natively with a camera: well the point where it becomes indistinguishable, that’s, what’s, scary right at the point where we can look at it and say: okay: that’s, not a real flag behind lloyd. You know yeah. You know that that right now it’s still, we can still perceive that oh that’s just an effect. You know right right exactly then. Then, how do you know what’s, cool and what’s? Not it could all be fake yeah, but let’s move on to a couple of things. Right we’ve got to the end of all of our stories today and just to confirm.

Have we got anyone else, waiting to fly no we’re all done with that. We’Ve got some giveaways we’re going to do today and what i’d like to propose is we’re, going to do one in my chat and we’re going to do one in kelly’s chat on his channel i’m going to open my chat right now, yeah, so the first one. Just because of the fact that it’s, you know a staple of this show um. Let me just type that in there, because i forgot to save that oops, my bad spelling there we go type that in let it render and click. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls it’s time to play, stop the game absolutely it’s time to play. Stunt the yank. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome to the fun game that we like to have with our american friends. In the background today, we’re not going to have lloyd, make up the questions i’m not going to make up the questions you are so in the ozby drone shack. Oh, have we got Music we’ve got. What have we got there? Have we got someone flying? We do that is joe’s back out with another battery. It was still up and running in the background and he’s. Oh look at that look. We’Ll. Leave that flying but we’ll do the discussion in the background so stump the yank today here’s what it’s going to be um. Let me first of all kill that music.

There we go so here’s. What i want. I want someone in the ozby drone chat to come up with some questions and you need to stump these gentlemen and the best stumper wins a no limit drones license please. If you don’t own a drone, a dji drone you can enter, but just let us know you’re entering for fun so that we don’t give you something you can’t use. So let me now open the osbo drone chat in the background uh wayne king. Thank you for the super chat by the way appreciate it, as always, i’ll also show you up here. This is a photograph that i took with my uh, my mavic 2 of awesome, okay, beautiful, very nice, very, very nice. This is a historical photograph of austin from like the 1940s, i think lloyd was only about 60 back then Laughter, yeah they’re about yeah that’s backwards. We’Re talking about let’s, go back to joe full strength, full screen so i’m asking anyone in the oz by drone chat. If you’d like to win a no limit drones license, you need to ask a question. An australian trivia question in the chat put it in there and these gentlemen over here need to try and answer that question and the best stuff. Please check it on the map. The best stumping today will win that prize and at the same time, we’re going to do something in kelly’s, channel and yeah. I guess i guess i’m.

Looking at my chat right now, let’s let’s come up with a good um. Let’S come up with a good uh stump the aussie uh. No i’ve got a better idea if you’ll allow me sure, because there’s something else that we do on this show as well, which is thanks, we’re going to have a joke off. So the best jokes in your channel and the best dump the yanks in my channel so come up with a joke and um i’ll tell the joke, and if you can make both of those gentlemen crack up, then you’ll you’ll be winning that one as well. If you got the best joke in kelly’s channel all right, i’m i’m watching the chat right now, got it wide, open and that’s joking off by the way guys just there’s my joke. Oh no i’ve tried to get him to change the title he won’t. Well, the font, the font’s a little misleading because that’s not what i saw when i first went up there well yeah it’s excited in confusing you yeah and like it’s, just easy you’re, easily confused let’s put joe full screen for a little while, while i um go And have a look at the chats, yeah good good flying joe i’m digging it yeah, and i i just want everybody that out there that supported me in my presidential run that i am demanding a recount, because i know there were a lot of dead people that Voted and they voted for me and i’m – not getting proper count on that yeah.

But those are your friends lloyd. You should really, i know and um they’re wanting to give them to somebody else, that’s sort of your base exactly so so lloyd. You know one of the one of the requirements. This is a little known requirement for becoming president of the us. You have to be able to name all 50 states. Can you do that? Not without looking okay, alabama alaska, arizona, arkansas, california, colorado, connecticut, delaware, florida, georgia, hawaii, idaho, illinois, indiana, iowa, kansas, kentucky louisiana, maine, maryland massachusetts, michigan, minnesota, mississippi, nebraska, nevada, new hampshire, new jersey, new mexico, new york, north carolina, north dakota, oklahoma, that’s, always a hard one. Rhode, island, south carolina, south dakota, tennessee, texas, utah, vermont, virginia washington, west virginia wisconsin, wyoming, okay, let’s start with the first one you you absolutely do. Can i um get my producer to put the two um gentlemen over there up on the screen and i’m going to hang hang on, hang on yeah, you missed the fun of it. Just put a split screen, a two shot of um kelly and uh lloyd. So how do you weigh a millennial in instagrams that’s? Really good chris? I like that one you’ve got to remember um.