I didn’t get one because there was no crowd, but otherwise, please let us know and we’ll read the best ones out next week, Music. So this week, as i mentioned, reserve got to play for the ospreys because they played again and they didn’t even lose the ospreys didn’t lose because the pro four team finally returned. It means there’s only one more for the major leagues yet to come back the top 14 returning in just a week’s time. So in this pro 14 we got to see the ospreys drove the dragons in what was a a bit of a thriller. You know, ashton hewitt’s, going great, try, george knox going another before his red card. We’Ve got to see elsewhere in wales, the scarlets score a really quite impressive. Try from the very length of the field as well as the blues, going one through josh adams, a very lovely score. We saw a proper kind of old fashioned derby between monster and leinster, with lester, eventually pipping at the end, despite a really good late rally from munster and then connect saw the weekend out with a very truly stylish win over ulster and, of course, the highlight of The italian derby was this marked the last match of italy, legend 100, plus kappa as andre zarni. Both teams formed a guard of honor for him to just honor what has been a fantastic career with it. Meanwhile, over in the england uh the second round of the premiership since coming back rolled on, so we had sale losing again, steve diamond needs to work on working on some ways of motivating his squad really uh to exeter who remain top of the table.

However, in second are bristol, who were extremely stylish and extremely fun to watch semi roger just going completely nuts, just just just doing things that only semi rajrata can do, and then we had wasps managing to pull it out. Having been behind at half time against worcester, we saw leicester tigers, be not very good, but that’d be far more good. Josh matavese in particular, really enjoyed the try that he managed. You know he managed to burst through from deep um and then more rugby continued to take place um as another round of rugby northampton uh they lost again um struggling meanwhile in australia. The brumbies continue to storm towards topping that table. Pete samuel finished a really impressive. Try and tanya tupu did not quite manage that speaking of australia it’s time for another little history lesson as i take you through the time that they lost to ireland in 2011.. Ireland have never got past the world cup quarter final at this point, it’s a tragic punchline to a lifetime of raising expectations and casual collapses whenever they see a light, blue and white shirt on the horizon. However, ireland do have some super satisfying wins across the pool stage to their name, topping the jars in 2015, a dramatic win over wales in 95 and the only time they’ve ever beaten, argentina. At a world cup in 2003. However, none shines more brightly than the 2011 defeat of australia. The much fancy team went on to finish third and were strong contenders heading at the tournament, with peak form, quad cooper and wilgenia, as the jewels in what was maybe the best backline in the whole competition.

This made the fact that ireland kept australia trials for the first time in what was just two days shy of being two years, all the more remarkable. This was led by a pair of properly remarkable performances, kian healy, who was immense around the park and helped expose australia at the scrum and then the closest thing lisbon has to a samoan stephen ferris. Ferris’S performance was perhaps most famous for the tackle he put in on willgenia, but actually actually no, no, no, he worked incredibly hard and all that display was fantastic in in all all parts of the game. But it was this, this tack on wilgenie who, at the time, was probably one of the top five republicans on the planet, leading to a turnover, a total shift in momentum and that’s. Quite correctly, what this game, and indeed stephen ferris, will most often be remembered for this turned the game. It was one of those moments that was genuinely properly impactful. However, there was far more ugly rugby to be championed from ireland. Ronan legarra came on to muddy up the game with some phone kicking jonathan sexton scored the least appealing drop. Call you ever see and toy goes in set, was a brilliant try saver from jamie connor away from being the only try of the game. This win essentially split the 2011 world cup into a northern and southern hemisphere, side of the draw and gave ireland an eminently winnable quarter, final against wales, in which they, of course went on to deliver the punch line, which is that they got knocked out in the Quarterfinals one day that joke gold now last week we asked you for what were the best last minute winners, the best last minute moments in which one person stood up and was very much the hero, so krypto says brian habaner for the balls in super rugby that Try all that needs to be said: uh grant schwartz the jacques ferry try the year that crushed the british knights lions hearts uh mine is still recovering.

It’S still certainly frozen kind of drag, isn’t, isn’t, really working scott also says: sexton’s dropped golden paris, but elgar has dropped gold against southampton, which is similarly from. I think two billion phases – 100 billion phases. I think it was something very similar. Um wu, 2. 8. 6. Is surprisingly unbiased when he mentions scott williams coming off the bench to rip all the courtney laws kicking through scoring against england, but he had won the six nations in 2012. I remember that one very well another try from 2012 in the world’s game. I do not. I i try not to remember there’s, been a lot of therapy. Take me to a term boaters shout, which is. This is definitely not recommended, currently be able to try against whales at one time it was. It was 2012.. I i tried, and just to just to help things. Jordan then brings up francolo’s turnover in the 2019 semi final leading to south africa. Kicking the penalty that wins in the game in that semi final, meaning, wales lose what was their best ever shot at a world cup. Um it’s, okay, oh elliot felix, says elliot daily against wales 2017.. This is targeted. This is deliberate. They know you know what you’re doing come on um simon, says: jason. I read that’s jason statham Music jason strange, has dropped goal for bristol after 17 phases in 2006 against gloucester uh, there’s there’s plenty here. Oh great thanks, yeah, damn damien, schumann, camille lopez against 2017.

The the famous 100 minute match um, basically all of these against whales, a good one to finish on because it was disallowed. So therefore it means that the episode doesn’t actually finish, guppers, says salmon to hills. Disallowed, try against the all blacks to twickenham in 2018. When you turn bold and barrett inside out now, i i think that’s a good note to end on um simply because it means that this doesn’t end um. So thank you very much. I hope you very much enjoyed that. If you want to see any more of this, you can subscribe, you can follow to the wardrobe channel. It’D, be a really fun thing to do.