We were treated to some wonderful rugby, with 29 tries being scored between the 12 teams. As was to be expected, there was some rustiness evident between teams and individuals with players who would normally come under pressure faltering and indeed, teams struggling to adapt to some of the new variations within the laws, even with volume play time being around 8 minutes lower than It would normally be. We were treated some wonderful displays of rugby and some cracking tries when sale kicks out of the league away at harlequins we’re immediately, provided with a picture of what the teams have been focusing on during the off season notice. How quickly harlequins organize themselves do a multi threat setup with options across the field this time, marcus smith, choosing to go along? What i really love about this play is that it’s all a part of a much bigger plan, 20 minutes later harlequins find themselves in a very similar position and indeed quickly, work into a very similar exit pattern. However, it’s all a part of the deception they’ve lulled sail into thinking the kick’s going long with marcus smith out the back in the similar position to where he was before this time. Using the crossfield in a bit of space ashton uses great skill and awareness to chip through notice in the yard, is closing him down and now it’s all about just keeping the ball alive and not letting our sail defense set. As we become a theme for all teams for the weekend, our phase of play ends up with a penalty, and indeed this is within the first minute of the game, the ever impressive tom curry, getting over the ball again.

The penalty for holding on so what’s happening at the rook in order to promote player safety and uphold the laws of the game. There’S a few significant changes, one of them being that the 45 degree angle entry is no longer permitted. This is a significant change and has a massive bearing in the time that the jacla has to get in and over the ball. Curry is currently side on to the tackle he’ll, take a j line entry squaring his hips up and coming into the rack area directly. Behind the high most foot, enabling him to go for the ball legally, where this has a big impact, is for the attack. Who can no longer take that direct 45 degree angle and instead have to do the same j line. Entry come into the back foot and that extra half a second is all the best. Trackers need one of the hardest areas for teams to adapt to is the need for both the attack and the defense to stay up on their feet. Maintaining a contest between both teams but fear not even with all of this change and the time it takes to adapt. The caterpillar rack has survived as modeled by london. Irish, the slightly peculiar area of the game involves a number of players queuing up behind each other. In order to give the scrum half additional protection to kick the ball, however, not to get distracted, but the amount of time these situations take to get set up.

We can learn a great deal about how teams are reacting to these kick chase scenarios, not necessary tigers. Gathering around in a buncher on the ball, something that we’ve not seen a great deal before in order to protect the catcher. This situation really caught my eye in the way that vandajo uses an nfl style block in to stop mcguigan from getting near the ball, altering his line and giving her plenty of time to get up in the air now it’s about the two pillars blocking the sail. Defense from getting to him and gives a kiss a spacer into those magical line, breaks often don’t happen by magic, but the standout statistics the weekend was the number of scrums. In this game alone. There were 22, the most of any game, not helped by these kind of attackers by fekitor. His tightening on ding well is absolutely perfect, catching him just below the ribs, where the ball is being held and winning the turnover. The episode of all those scrums was the wonderful opportunity to attack on this occasion. Dan robson feeds minozzy, nice and early and just lets him do his thing. Wonderful footwork almost gets the score, but then willis is on hand to drop off the line. If you look at that again, you’ll notice that the scrum itself is heavily engaged with the front five of the scrum, putting lots away going forwards and as monoxi does his thing, you notice that harris for the back row of saints is detached from the inside defense And as he chases the rack, he doesn’t notice that he’s on his own.

That means that there’s a big space to cover too much for anybody to get into and willis, is in for an easy score. For me, the most interesting tactical play of the weekend came from the line out it’s. Arguably the area of the game that enables teams to manipulate their opposition more than any other, with their ability to catch and drive, go off the top and anything in between. In this example, you can see bristol gaining 20 meters up the field through a driving mall and then indeed, they seal their victory with his cheeky throat at the front and with the help of the few of the backs, they’re able to put that extra weight on And gain the penalty, try and the all important first victory. We saw the same theme of the twickenham soup, with harlequin’s defeating sale with this driving mall, proving to be the decisive score of the match of the different setups. The six plus one lineup is the most common you can see. Sam underhill stood at the screen, half position and beating the scrum half position enables that plus one to maneuver himself and get immediately onto the ball and get a clean transfer from the jumper notice. Andel and ko are pre bound in a strong position even before he will sits the ground that enables them to form a tight low wedge using mac and aliens through it as the pillars to get the strong drive through the middle initially and then an offset weight Joined by the backs and it’s this contribution from matavisi, rakitiguni and indeed spencer, getting in and shifting the way towards the left.

That really does the damage that enables then done to break away and score without too much challenge. For me, the real beauty of them all is, if you don’t score directly from it all the wonderful things that you can do. Instead, i absolutely love this deceptive play from sale. We’Ve got our six first. One set up again with curry, stood at nine to clerk back 10 meters, where he’s got to stay until the lineup’s over the mall is well defended by quinn’s. However, sale are just using it to tell the story. Currently, the pay looks like a short hit, with yard, dupreya and hill all looking eager to get in and hit that 12 channel notice how flat those four defenders are with two players: blind and then brown importantly offset on the edge and now it’s time for the Magic trick we get yard and dupreeh pushed up. The back hill is too laggy short in a block of play and yard on the inside does enough to hold earl forces him to make a tackle decision and indeed brings broner forces him to bite and his one lovely pass puts mcgregor into scoring the corner, as We said earlier deception, doesn’t just happen in the moment. It can be built up with the entirety of a match, and this play by worcester demonstrates that perfectly they run the same play on three occasions. Each time the lewis stood at the scrum half position in a six plus one line, note and also with who got stepped off, but they usually use them all as a deceptive act to draw those defenders in they have lots of options to play out wide and That enables who god now to make a cracking decision to see the disconnect from the inside of the line out, take it with his lovely footwork and break through taking was that into the 22.

. Now that they’re, behind the gloss of defense, it’s all about getting quick ball from the wreck and moving the ball to space catching the defense before they can get into alignment, was to do really well to work. The ball quickly from the brick. But this lovely tackle from lewis led lows enough to knock the ball on and stop the try being scored barely 10 minutes later we see the second run through again same six, plus one line out who goes to this first receiver. I love the quick reaction from gloucester to now put two players out to cover those outside options. This ever popular blocker setup gives hook up multiple options, but he goes short making use of that seam in the glass of defense. However, they get turned over shortly after but good things come to those who wait, we see the same setup for the third time. Worcester’S tactics are all about trying to make it look like it’s a catch and drive where they engage. They gloss the back row into that mall, allowing who got a little bit of space now to be able to use that dog leg all eyes on him and the plays he’s used previously and then it’s time to unveil the magic trick. Our net slides across the line just taking attention away from his inside defenders, and this creates enough space on the inside for who got to pick a wonderful flat pass to van breeder to score under the posts in total, 14 of the 29 tries scored across the Weekend were scored for blind note, star points, we’ve seen, teams use the catch and drive use, reverse plays and indeed build their deception over a number of phases.

Let’S hope there’s more of this to come. These videos are very much made for lovers of the game.