In all the talk about semi randor, ahead of this one it’s, the old timer who’s got the first try on the board, he’s been doing it for years. It’S clear to me been doing it for years, and here he’s doing it again. Yes, please harassing at the base going away to stinson. This is wood burn going around the outside of sheet. He’S got hidalgo climb alongside him, he’s up to the line. What about the grounding? Brilliantly worked effort down that left, flank working in a very short channel and the chiefs are celebrating here’s when there’s the first step, there’s the offer of the offload, and it still comes unexpectedly, but not for morahan, who was ready and waiting they’ve. All come to learn and accept that you must always expect to be offload from the fijian here’s lua to a really lovely flatline sinkers there. This is much much better from bristol slick and fluid and inside the 22 winning the penalty. Didn’T see you come off the ball. Andy uran is with us by the way, change tactical change at scrum, half from pat lamb on the boards. Finally, ‘ minutes after starting Applause sinclair or just delayed too long and had burned straight onto him. This is some passage of play. Both teams just going help and lead the back and forth sorry topsy space here for morahan one on one with hanji slip, past him, but the cover is good, dolman again combining with woodburn bristol, though, on the attack sniffing an opportunity.

O’Connor for android he’s got it away. How has he done that now, quick ball? Your end was that forwards over they go through o’connor and wayne barnes likes it bristol, like it even more penalty. On its way, your advantage will want more from it tipped on its way to randrandra pietao sends it wide. Moraham bears back in the mix, goodness me snow again, stinson for hodge change of plan they’re going to get used to that his teammates at some point soon. Oh, i would have thought your penalty is awarded regardless Applause, Music, making sure they shut down the options. Yo and lloyd is poised in the pocket, if necessary. Now they open it up and lloyd, is heading around on an outside up and he’s, going to take them on and he’s got more and he won’t need him sensational bit of work from the youngster. Such awareness inching their way forwards. Capstick stopped initially by louis who’s. Folding himself, underneath the ball skinner inexorably, the chiefs you’ve got straight off your feet, beginning to mount Applause. This is their new favorite ploy isn’t it topsy this. Is it luke and dickie special Applause, Music Applause, but they’ve managed it a second string tonight, but very much with a first string mentality. Their closest rivals sent a little message. You suggest, if you’re coming for the chiefs in the playoffs at least you’d better come tooled up because they have some artillery behind them.