Another fan requested video. It is satisfies exited chiefs from the twickenham stadium. Now i will be playing as sarah saracens and it will be played on pro, like with all my other videos, pick the weather to be quite showery and evening game to kind of replicate the whole gallagher premiership feeling so yeah let’s get into this game and see How it goes hope you guys enjoy all right: kickoff is underway and it’s moro doji almost immediately trouble for exeter going to go for an early set play here. Hopefully we can pull this off, no it’s been intercepted and the kick goes down field. Daley is in position and well defended there by exeter, now mark unipolar, taking it up back inside to feral. He knocks it on so john’s here for exeter to attack good defense from saracens. Another kick down field playing for possession at the moment is exeter and oh, he picked that ball up and maitland is going to be away absolutely nobody at home for exeter chiefs a clever little pass there from daley to maitland and easy as that guys. What happened there? The fullback was out of position and maitland just went the whole length of the field, wow easier. Try than that you won’t get maitland, not in a million years, so farrell with the conversion sevenal after 14 minutes saracens lead exited chiefs. Rain is pouring down at the moment now belly bunny polo fetches, the ball Applause and on the attack stole no full back in position, guys and it’s.

Liam williams, flying after this ball, he’s managed to get it and wigglesworth is going to score wow. How poor is this from from exeter no fullback in place? Well, i thought liam williams was going to go all the way there. He was leading the chase and then he had to go and jump, but the offload to wigglesworth was good enough. So exploiting the fact that the fullback is not in position so for the rest of the game. If the fullback’s not in position, i will not do the kick it’s just to show you guys the capability of the ai at the moment and stuff. That needs to be fixed in the game going forward taken on by crews now, as you guys can see again no fullback at home, but i will not be exploiting that at the moment. Well, eventually, it will have to happen at some stage, but i will not be using the kick anymore. Applause let’s go for another set plate Applause, now jamie george, having a crack now williams out to daily and he’s, going to be away for the third. Try too easy Applause just for some reason: they’re not pulling back their full back and it’s costing them dearly at the moment. Great try from saracens again – and this looks like it’s, going to be a one way game so 30 minutes gone 21 nil to saracens Applause. As a result, our crew’s taking it up again, oh intercept by exeter and a chance here for them, Applause tried to go on his own couldn’t, make it and that’s going to be a try so exited to hit back, and hopefully they will pull their pool back Back so good, try there the end jack knuckle, getting the try and stinson going to do the conversion here.

21 points to seven. It is 36 minutes gone high, scoring game in treacherous conditions. Applause. I need to pull my full back back yeah there. We go Applause, strong defense from saracens exeter managing to get back possession there. Applause lose ball collected by them still on the attack. Applause, good little offloads saying to have a go down field. Daley is back for this and well let’s. Just go to half time there guys that was the plan from the beginning, not the way it was done, but yeah let’s see clear dominance in possession for saracen, so 21 points to 7 40 minutes left see if exeter can come back into this game taken while They, oh when it’s been turned over, but i intercept loose ball now. Michael rhodes, out Applause going to have another kick down field, so they’re doing a lot of kicking it’s worked out for exeter on this occasion, but a turnover ball and lezovsky having a crack. Now. Farrell turnover ball again tremendous rate of turnovers anna johns here for exeter well done inside. They go Applause 10 meters, from the try line oh and it’s been tackled into touch, so some relief there for saracens that bull could yeah we’ve managed to get that back and now oh feral, under pressure and it’s down going to have to bring on Music alex Good now, there’s no known fly off in the side to replace feral scrum is pretty solid. It is going back to alex good day and he’s going to thump it down field it’s, going to roll all the way over the 22 meters line of exited chiefs.

So absolutely phenomenal. Kick by good it’s been stolen by moro itoje, so let’s go for a little set play here, goes out white to maitland no support. They managed to get the ball back though, now cruise having a crack, oh it’s, been intercepted. Somehow and another intercept this time coming to saracens, so plenty off intercepts at the moment, Applause let’s. Do it two four going for another little set play here chance here for barrett, the other place totally overran that set play Applause now, maitland back to good. This is gon na, be a turnover ball exited chiefs, taking it up, oh and a chance here, a bit of space up to halfway. They go turn over ball long pass out to williams, who knocks it on and another chance for exeter here, good defense turnover ball. Daley, having a crack knock on every it’s all happening in this game, guys it’s all happening that intercept turnover, knock ons Applause, good offloads Applause, four minutes to go this game is done and dusted if they don’t score in the next minute – and i think that should Be about it going to have the last scrum here: surely they are going to get the possession they’re going for a set player, see what happens with this. Oh there’s space plenty there and a massive tackle from daley. Well he’s not going to get a yellow card! Well, it’s very strange, quick taken quickly and a penalty against exodus, so that is going to be the game guys a first half display it was too good for exeter chiefs and sarasons get the win.

Yeah hope you guys enjoyed until next time guys.