They got them shot for numbers. This will be a try, it’s heimel hunt with the first of the Applause game, Music, he’s gone Music Applause penalty, all over him and they’ll have to take penalties. This should be a single inning. This will be a symbol. He’S gone to the bin right on the half time bell felt now in the blustery conditions: oh he’s left it well out right and the knights will take the cat safely and that gets us to half time: Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, the cowboys had one person outside The right post, Applause, Music Applause, josh king stops in the defensive line from the north queensland cowboys and prevents john arciana to move forward to attempt to tackle on the ball carrier. We have a decision, not really oh sorry, danica there’s. That is well. That is the worst nightmare for north queensland molollo limping up into the shed he’s pierced. He goes for a run and he’s stopped in the tackle by molo, but a quick play of the ball. Surely this is it? I think he dropped it. Applause he reaches out left arm loses the football he doesn’t re grip, it here’s mitchell. Again he kicks for guerra who’s, just about an open territory. He got to the line and more desperate defense by north queensland offside, left side off again. Man for crossland turns barnett back underneath he runs away from granville. He runs straight past cohen hess. That was flimsy.

Defense barnett nearly gets to the line himself and he lost the ball. Granville plays right to morgan and drinking water with a short pass for dad who’s through somehow doesn’t get there. That was crossland underneath again Applause. One of the plays Applause final seconds more goes out to morgan, tackle there by barnett and the cowboys held scoreless.