They look to work their way down the short side and it’s maitland. The man who took the up and under to set up the position who now is on hand to finish the move and get the first five pointer of this game and smith again just trying to find the right option. But again the saracens defense troubling. The visiting attack chisholm has to try and rescue position, but inadvertently gives away the penalty obstruction farrell with a chance for more points for saracens and it’s, a chance that he takes with Applause. Consummatees Applause ranks Applause smith, with the drop goal. Fifth drop goal of the season in the premiership, i think and it’s the first one for marcus smith Applause, your assist, tackler, good work. George quick move on to rhodes: rhodes gets the ball through, did that go forward, came off somebody’s shoulder but i’m, not sure whether it was green or black, either way. It’S crane crane on the ramble algebra for the polar rumbles just shot. Yeah russell george throws long. This time appeal is there toejay quite to plan, but saracen set up to go again, barrett that blockbuster charge that’s been his signature, but it’s davis, alan davis celebrates his full debut for saracens, with his first try and what a time to school, okay, jeff harlequin’s going Left and right, but ultimately going backwards and getting the penalty call as well Applause. The root farrell sends it on its way and it sails through the posts once again nails.

The three points, a big opportunity for the visitors, the hour mark approaches: can they get a try on the board, steele still offloads the ck on the charge and it’s the human cannonball? That is paul, the ck that makes a difference. Okay, look jeff can check that in the background smith adds the extras coming off both good tackling good defensive marlo. Taking down his england mate. Is there a turnover, there’s a penalty as queens come off their feet? He does it again. Never in doubt Applause there we go huge pressure coming on from that quinn’s pack steal gets the call from lucique once again still with a quick dart around the fringe, almost but not quite okay, so it looks pretty good from there. So is through it’s a double for the usa. Eagle and it’s opened the door for the visitors just when they needed to strike. They find the big man in midfield it’s a try bonus, point score for saracens fortuitous. It may have been big smiles on sarasota’s faces. Harrison’S know that the job is done as vunapola sends it out.