Not only have we cleared above the four year highs, we are now tapping the seven year idea for silver and, as many of you have heard me mentioned before, silver has been a sleeping giant from when it broke down to 11.50 per ounce back in march. For the gold silver ratio broke out to all time highs at 125 to 1. It was only a matter of time before silver prices caught up to the breakouts on gold, typically there’s a six month lag time for this. At the start of the year we saw gold breaking out to those seven year highs, whereas at that point silver was still very much lagging behind and has been doing so over the last six months. But normally the months of July August are moving into mid september. Silver can perform very well. Gold silver ratio has broken down now to 87 to 1 that’s, a significant drop from where the price was at 125 to 1 back in March, so we’ve moved now out towards the seven year highs silver prices over this week up 14. So far, we’ve seen incredible moves 7. So far, today, in fact, as well and with that gold is broken out. Of course, the nine year highs, Platinum has also had a tremendous move where we banked 650 points. Today, patterns broken out above 900 per ounce and we’ve, of course, be mentioning this to you in a lot of detail.

Look up by opportunities between that 800 to 830, US dollar per ounce level, so is silver right now.

What to expect here? We’Ve, in fact, hit those levels that I mentioned previously. The goldman sachs targets, which were 19 20 and 21 we’ve, hit those all within the matter of six weeks from those levels being given out by goldman sachs, which we mentioned in detail to you for both gold and silver. So it’s been quite an incredible run and we are at a level here where I’d look at taking profit off the table, especially since we’ve come up so fast up towards that 21 per ounce level. However, given that we have only just started to see this breakout in midsummer here, we could have quite a lot of more upside here as we go in through August, but as always, you want to pick your entries, so this is very important. You don’t want to get in right at the highs. You don’t want a foam. I mean you wait for those retracements. We had another great opportunity to do so last week on Thursdays, European Central Bank announcement, which we mentioned to you, where we re established positions on both platinum and also gold, which we banked profits on both those positions. This week, which is just providing some really fast opportunities to capitalize on big moves in just the duration of two days really effectively where we’ve seen the breakout on Friday or Monday and now on Tuesdays.

Halfway through the day and we’ve, already seen phenomenal moves on the precious metals. So as we transition into next week, the last week of July keep an eye on the FOMC statements that’s going to be next Wednesday, 700 o’clock London time.

That can often be a catalyst for some really big moves now, if we do manage to break in close about 21 per ounce on silver that’s going to be clearing above the seven year highs, and if you can get above those levels, of course, the next magnetic Levels they’re going to be 23 and 25 per ounce, but we’ve already had a very strong run. Even at the beginning of the week, silver prices since March worth 60 we’ve, seen another 10 increase in price so effectively. At the moment, we have seen over 70 move now on silver since March, which is almost doubling even price. In fact, we drop down to 11.50 per ounce. If silver gets to 23, then it has essentially doubled in price in 2020 off the loads, which is just a fantastic trade opportunity. And of course many of you have capitalized on these moves. You follow. Our channel follows silver asset of the day gold. Outfit of the day you follow a week ahead. Commodity report believe me: there’s many traders out there who’ve been completely chopped up with these moves. They’Ve been trying to sell into these valleys. In fact, at the moment, over 67 of retail traders have been selling gold.

Since last week, they’ve been trying to sell against these rallies effectively getting stopped out on the break out with gold. Here we’ve seen ups at 1840 US dollars per ounce, so many retail traders have been flushed out yet again, looking for it to be an overbought condition where it’s not at all.

We just continue to see breakouts by on the dips on gold. Silver on platinum has been the best trading strategy and observing, of course, what the hedge funds or money managers are doing, which is, of course, continuing to build their overall net long position. So I would watch out for that major news item now next week, we’re certainly taking some profit off the table here at the moment, but we’re keeping some core positions on we don’t want to take all of our profit off the table. We’Ve seen some really fast moves just since Thursday’s European Central Bank announcement, as many of you have as well and comment on our YouTube channel. Thank you very much for all of the comments. I’M, so pleased that many of you have also caught the moves, which is absolutely fantastic, that’s what we want and, of course, if you would like to learn a research driven approach to the market, join a community of successful traders.