All time top of 1920 in u.s dollar terms and setting fresh record highs in most other currencies as new cases of covid 19 continue to surge worldwide. The price of silver meantime peeped above 23 per ounce for the second time in two days overnight, up 18.9. From last weekend, before falling back 50 cent from that new seven year, high hong kong and tokyo today, both reported fresh daily records for new cases of covert 19. While poland showed the most in over a month, and iran confirmed. A second wave is clearly underway with 221 deaths on wednesday alone, after starting to ease lockdown. In mid april, japanese yen gold prices came within 1.2 percent of january 1980s, record top, while in china source of the sarsko v2 pandemic, gold set fresh all time highs in yuan. At more than 413 yuan per gram, weak local demand in the metals number one mining and consumer nation, however, kept the yuan price over 35 per ounce beneath equivalent quotes in london. Heart of the global bullion market. With the uk prime minister today visiting scotland, which voted against independence in 2015 and then voted against brexit in 2016, coronavirus, boris johnson says response shows, might of uk union says a bbc headline uk’s pandemic planning. An astonishing failure says another reporting, today’s findings from parliament’s public accounts committee 9, of whose 16 members are mps for johnson’s ruling conservative party, the live uk gold price in pounds per ounce today peaked at 1 486 pounds per ounce 29.

9 higher for the year to date, And ‘.0 percent above the high reach to sterling collapsed in june 2016 on the eu referendum. Victory for johnson’s brexit campaign, uk close to abandoning hope of eu trade deal says the pro brexit express newspaper with both the uk’s and eu’s chief negotiators, blaming the other for not moving on key issues ahead of december’s end to the transition period following britain’s official exit. This january, indian gold prices also set records on thursday, with import duty and sales tax, taking the cost of bullion for the world’s number two gold consumers further above 50, 000 rupees per 10 grams gold for euro investors also pushed higher again coming with five euros per Ounce of mid may’s current record at 1 633 euros giant gold etf, the spdr gold trust yesterday expanded by another 0.4 per cent to need 1 225 tons of bullion bars the most since mid march 2013, eve of gold’s steepest, plunge in three decades, cheaper. Compare the ishares gold product also grew recovering the prior day’s net liquidation of 0.5 percent to need 473 tons of backing. Also from ishares silva’s largest etf. Meantime saw its shares in issues swell by 1.4 percent to spare an inflow of 224 tons on tuesday equal to more than three days world mining output to reach a fresh lifetime record of 1782 tons. But the real move came in comex derivatives with futures contracts for new york settlement previously hit by traders, switching their hedging and speculative positions to london’s physical market, seeing a 41.

9 surge in volume for gold and 41.5 in silver trading in options. Contracts offering speculative traders still greater leverage to the money they lay out. Meantime grew 318.7 in gold compared to wednesday last week and rose more than five fold in silva with the u.s meantime ordering beijing to close its consulate in houston this week over accusations of espionage, u.s prosecutors said thursday that a fugitive scientist accused of fraud and links To the chinese, military has fled to seek sanctuary in beijing’s consulate in san francisco u.