Alright, the price is going up, there’s, no way somehow someway it’s gon na get it’s gon na go down after the opening a bell, something’s gon na happen, and honestly, it slightly fell as the Dow and SampP both headed further south, but soon after gold and silver. Just rebounded dusted off their shoulders and went back up. So what exactly is going on this Monday morning find out shortly, but first, if you’re new to this channel, please hit that big red subscribe button right down below. Also, please hit the like button. It helps to get this economic evangelism out there to the masses to bring more people into precious metals. Okay, so let’s take a look at some safe havens. First, so the dollar is just below ninety six. Earlier today it was you know it broke above ninety. Six now it’s just a little bit below ninety six it’s, still up 0.2 percent from where it started, but still not looking good for that for the dollar. But generally it was trending upward, showing a little bit of some safe haven behavior, and this is all the while. The Japanese yen has also started to head up higher as well so a little bit of some safe haven behavior. In addition to that, the US 10 year, Treasury note is also just heading further and further southward, and you know it’s getting a lot of buy in as the yield is going down.

So generally can tell we’re having a bit of a risk off kind of morning.

On this Monday, so let’s take a look at where our favorite, safe havens are right now, so obviously our favorite ones are gold and silver. You know if you didn’t know that you’re you’re on the wrong kind of channel here, but obviously gold and silver both have some nice momentum today and if I had to pick a winner between the two between gold and silver, it would definitely be silver. Today I mean just take a look it’s 2.2 2 above where it began. It’S just been just it’s nice upward movement. Gold has been a little bit shaky a little bit choppier. Today, though, it has been ascending and, as you can see here, yes, you are not miss reading. We are getting really really close to that twenty dollar level, and this is extremely wild, because you know I mentioned this over the weekend. I think it was on Sunday if you saw that video that we don’t really have much major economic data coming out today, and I mentioned that because of that you know, they’re really, there might be a possibility of not much getting in the way of gold and Silver’S momentum – and it looks like investors are taking that as an opportunity and taking advantage of this now, why do I talk about investors specifically well check this out, so this is SLV, and for those of you who don’t know, SLB is one of the largest silver Etfs and take a look around here now look at the date in the time, so this was Friday.

Last Friday, volume was roughly around the 400 million started to edge up a little bit more and more 1.6 million I’m. Sorry, not 400 million there’s. Four: five hundred five hundred thousand seven hundred thousand eight hundred thousand 1 million 1.6 million and 4.0 seven million by the end as the price was ticking downward. Now take a look at the volume this morning, Monday July, 20th, 930. Five point: nine, seven million! That spike is insane and right when that happened. Look at that price right there for SLV it just jumped from where it was. It was at 18 and then it jumped to 18 point 275 and then, as I continued to go up 1835 and now it’s at 1845, five it’s back down below the million mark. But no, even though it is back below that million mark it’s still relatively high. Given that, on Friday, we were kind of in the mid 100, thousands or hundreds of thousands and now we’re at like 700000, you know in a halfway through the ten o’clock hour, so that’s pretty wild. But this momentum is telling me that you know investors have played a huge role in today’s ascent in silver. I mean again take a look right: around 930 yeah, this huge inflow of volume coming in to silver or silver SLV, now take a look at the silver price. I started to make this huge ascent. So definitely I think investors are helping bring the silver price up today and I you know, I hope that we get to 20 this morning, but or sometime today, but guys that was your Monday morning report if we do get to 20 an ounce before this video Goes up let’s just celebrate in the comments section.