Welcome the silver heist thank you to our returning subscribers and guests we’re, a channel that likes to buy physical, gold and silver, and we like a coin with a good story. If you like those things, please subscribe an exciting week for silver and gold. I know bad news travels fast, but i’m, hoping that good news travels fast, also so twenty three dollars an ounce for the silver price nineteen hundred dollars, an ounce for the gold spot price, exciting times, indeed, i’m, going to share with you that this is the best News and not only my opinion, i’ve surveyed, my audience and i have 250 responses, and if you want to understand where your fellow stackers are at stick around to the end so i’m going to share with you the good news, the numbers behind the good news, but Also, the reasons for interpreting why this is good news. What is the significance of these milestones that we’ve hit in the past week so let’s? Take a quick peek at a chart for gold. Gold has moved up to 1900 an ounce on the right side there on july 24th. If we quickly jump over to the 10 year high for gold, you can see here that it’s right at 1900. Now that goes all the way back to 2011, which also experienced 1900. So we are back at all time highs and depending on who, you ask we’re just getting started so the 30 day price for silver, also impressive, it slugged its way back to 18, an ounce.

After the market meltdown across all markets, and then it got to 19 and then just in the past week or week and a half, it went 19 and then very quickly: 20, 21, 22, 23. So quite impressive. A lot to be excited about going back to the five year for silver and it’s, really steep uh july 2020 is really steep. It’S it’s it’s a red line right on the right on the right side, axis going 20 up to 23., so it tops off at 23 folks and you have to go back to 2016 to see it a little bit above 20., so we’re at a five year. High it’s and back even further so it’s made a big move they’re both on the move and what we want to consider are what are their strengths right now and what are some of the pluses to the exciting news, so let’s go to the chalkboard and we’ll. Do a side by side comparison, let’s, do a side by side comparison, and so, as we saw 23 dollars an ounce versus nineteen hundred dollars. So that is the good news, and so that is let’s call it an all time high. I think it’s close enough all depends on which data set you use, but all time high. This is at least a six year high, so that’s equally that’s, also impressive, and it all depends where you get your data from, but from friday to friday. I just used sov and gld as comparisons, because it’s easy for me to get that data on my phone.

In one week, silver was up 17, while gold was up 5, but this is not near its all time. High its all time, high is a lot higher than 23 dollars, but it’s made a move in such a move that i believe the year to date. From january 1st, or at least december 30th, this is 25. This is 26 percent so year to date, silver’s actually up a little bit more just a little uh. So this has been sort of continuous. In my opinion, it’s, it took a little ah continue us the spelling’s messy, so continuous growth it’s taken longer to get here. It’S uh it’s been on a nice run for over a year and a half silver really did it all into into in two months. So this has been on the rise for at least a year and a half. This has been on the rise for a month and a half so, but it is sort of meteoric. Maybe meteoric might be a little too Music um. I don’t want to say hypey, but maybe meteoric is being too generous, but i just mean the difference between continuous versus spiky, so it’s spiky on the up, and so i think this is kind of it’s proven over the longer haul, and this just really proves the Potential, so it proves proves potential: it’s got possibilities versus gold is a proven winner. I think silver has proven that it’s still in the game.

So, as yogi berra says it ain’t, over till it’s over gold has been a consistent, most valuable player, silver’s a little streakier, but right now it is on a hitting streak. Okay. So this is all good news, but this is the best news, so i’m gon na share with you what i think the best news is but stay tuned, because i want to share with you also what over 250 of your fellow stackers thinks is the best news Of the week, so this is exciting all time high and just the continuous proven performance of gold. But frankly this is also super exciting. This is a higher number than many of us have seen as silver stackers. We have to go back six years even further back to see a high as high as that and the proven potential, and in my opinion, they both have room to go but let’s see what other people are saying: okay, over 250 votes. All of these happened this week, which one are you most excited for: gold price hits nineteen hundred dollars. Twenty six percent silver price hits twenty three dollars: sixty five percent, but wait there’s a third choice: first pitch 2020 major league baseball season, nine percent, and even though i don’t go to fenway park, often or every year i like the freedom to go to fenway park. When i want to it’s possible i’ve been since, but the i know, i went in 2013, it was one of their championship seasons and they had clinched the pennant.

And so as a thank you to the fans and maybe just to sell tickets to a game that had no consequence that season all the red sox players had big beards, and so they gave tickets away for one dollar. If you had a beard. So my nephew and i went to the game, my wife wore a fake pirate beard and it was a great time it was just silly. People were wearing beards in september santa was there they’re playing thunderstruck in between innings, so there’s the game and then there’s a spectacle in between the innings there’s, just something about being with 35 000 people having a good, clean fun and so where’s the fun. So i know we’re all excited about gold prices going up silver prices going up. It means that we are taking precautions that are paying off and so we’re prepared for future uncertainty. But i think, with the desire for major league baseball to come back there’s a desire for normalcy. So you know i really love that neil diamond, especially that song they sing at the red sox games, it’s.