This flurry of engagements come after the royal family has lost three senior and full time working, royals, meghan, markle, prince harry and prince andrew. This may suggest princess eugenie is stepping up to the plate and fulfilling her duties as a member of the house of windsor. Despite having her own career in the arts, sector, royal commentators have been discussing for months whether princess eugenie and her sister princess beatrice could boost the public presence of the royal family. Despite mexi, and the duke of york’s decision to step back from public duties harry mount. The author of how england made the english believes, prince andrew’s daughters, could take on some of the workload the author wrote in an op ed for the eye in january. Perhaps the only prominent royals who could take up the slack in andrew and harry’s absence are princess. Beatrice and princess eugenie, no one could blame them for their father’s, appalling behaviour and no one could say there’s too much on their plate work wise. At the moment. Yesterday, the young york shared a snap from her zoom call with dr olivia chappell co, founder of horatio’s garden, a national charity creating and nurturing beautiful gardens in nhs spinal injury centers to support everyone affected by spinal injuries. Dr chappell is the mother of late horatio chapel a 17 year old boy who died after being attacked by a bear during a trip. Horatio had envisioned gardens created to bring hope to patients in spinal wards and his mother made his dream a reality.

Publishing a snap from their conversation alongside other members of the horatio’s garden charity eugenie wrote on instagram. I had such a lovely call with co founder, dr olivia chappell, and all the head gardeners from at horatio’s garden, who told me about their particular gardens that they have been nurturing during the lockdown and built by this wonderful charity. Horatio’S garden was born from horatio chapel’s. Mind where he believed all spinal units across the uk should have a garden that patients facing a life changing disability can find consolation and hope. His mother olivia now continues his mission in his name. Eugenie heard about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected this charity’s work and how volunteers and staff have done the utmost to continue to assist patients. Eugenie added with the coronavirus pandemic. Many units have been closed to visitors and their usual gym and physio sessions suspended stephen imogen, jackie and sally were able to share some lovely stories about patients really thriving in the gardens from planting their own vegetables and flowers to having some peace in nature feeling like They are somewhere else entirely for many across the world. The garden has been a place to heal and mentally adjust to the world. We now live in for patients with spinal injuries. It can bring freedom physically and mentally when confined by your trauma, and now more than ever is so integral. This virtual meeting came just two weeks after eugenie and her sister princess beatrice held a joint call with charity teenage cancer.

During the heartfelt call, both young royals were moved by the stories of the young patients, frontline cancer nurses and fundraisers eugenie and beatrice revealed. They grew up hearing about this organization, thanks to their mother affectionately known as fergie, who had been its honorary patron for decades. Eugenie said beatrice, and i have grown up with teenage cancer trust. We have been inspired by our mother, who is an honorary patron of this incredible charity and supported in what is its and my 30th year. We’Ve shared many experiences along the way, and people like these worthy award winners truly inspire us after the call beatrice left in tears by the emotional stories shared during the meeting said. I came away with such a feeling of hope and inspiration and also the amazing work that the team at teenage cancer trust has delivered for them.