You know hit each other and get physical and and make tackles and try to make guys miss. So i thought it was good. Competition got to go back and look at the tape as far as the number that we want to do. I don’t think there’s really necessarily a number, but we definitely want to expose these guys to some live situations because you know – and until you get into those situations, you’re not truly sure how guys are going to respond. Erin negler coach was there any consideration given to delaying or canceling practice after the announcement from the league about the testing lab in jersey, yeah that definitely came into uh play for us this morning and um? You know we only had a couple guys that were that was affecting so we felt like we could still go out there and run practice, but uh. It certainly crossed our mind and – and the other thing is, is we never want to put our guys at risk? You know i one practice isn’t worth it if, if we really truly felt like this was a serious problem within our football team in terms of a bunch of guys testing positive, so um, you know if we ever got into that situation, where we thought it was A real thing we would definitely uh cancel the practice bill. Huber yeah along those lines, um just i’m, just curious, just obviously impacting a lot of teams. How do you figure out if it’s a if the false positive is false? Like saying that, right yeah, you know, i mean like it’s just one of those things where you do the rapid test as well and and just the circumstances around it with it affecting 10 other teams or 11 teams or whatever it was.

We felt that there was a pretty strong case that that that may have been the issue today, mike spafford yeah matt. Could you just talk about the command that aaron rodgers had in that two minute drill defense didn’t seem to be giving him much not easy plays, but yet he got the ball down. There got the job done almost picture perfect, yeah that’s. What he does i mean he is, he is in full command out there at all times, and you know, especially in those those two minute got ta, have it situations you have all the confidence in the world. I mean he’s done it a bunch and uh that’s that’s the the standard that he set so we’re, very fortunate to have a guy that has that ability to methodically whether it’s methodically moved the ball down the field or hit the big plays in those situations. But i thought he did a tremendous job, not only just taking what the defense gave him there, but managing the whole situation managing the clock. The play calls and um again just thankful to have a guy like that steve mcgargey you’re three weeks from the season opener in a pre season where you won’t have exhibition games. Just where do you feel y’all are right now, just in terms of readiness. Three weeks away from an opening game, obviously everybody else is in the same position as you are, but just what your comfort level is being this close to the season opener without any pre season, games that’s a hell of a question, but it is what it is.

You know you said it it’s the same for everybody. I don’t think until you get into those live situations you don’t truly know, but you know i feel good, that the guys have have put in the effort and i feel like we’re getting better and better each and every day and we’ve got to continue that momentum And and guys got to also understand that it is going to be a little bit of a grind at times, today was a little bit hotter for them. We went a little bit longer and they’ve got to continue to push through and dig deep and and find a way to to keep on fighting rob. Demofsky, hey matt, just to be clear on your answer to nagler’s question. You said it affected a couple guys. You have to hold anybody out, though, because of these false positives. No, we were able to get everybody that was supposed to practice back back out there. So um did not have to hold anybody out. Mark daniels, hey matt, we’re up in the stands, and we take note of a guy like kamal martin who’s made a couple of plays. I mean how do you see that when it’s happening, how do you go back and look on the film to make sure he was doing the right thing when he made the most of all those opportunities yeah? No, he had a great play. I think there was a blitz called and he he timed it right and made a play in the backfield, and you know he he has shown that explosive ability and we just got to make sure that he continues to grow and learn and and know the details Of what we’re asking him to do – and i think kirk oliver dottie and wendell davis have done a great job with him along with coach patton, and you know, i think i think kamal’s got a a high ceiling but he’s a young player and he’s going to Make mistakes but he’s just got to continue to get better and better each and every day, pete doherty, hey man along the lines of one of the earlier questions.

Do you think you’re going to have any two hour practices, or you think, you’ll keep everything under that and how do you? How? How does the work you’ve gotten done so far? You know a little more than a weekend compared to previous camps. Well, today was our longest uh practice and we were allotted two hours and fifteen minutes and then from there it goes up to two and a half, so yeah we’re going to have a few longer practices, and some of that is just um. You know a byproduct of kind of what we’re doing at the end, where we dismiss the veterans a little bit early um, and then we give that developmental group an opportunity – and you know they’ve – got to maximize those opportunities. Matt schneiderman, jerry, montgomery, said the other day. I think this was his quote that it’s time for kingsley kiki to put up or shut up this year, are you seeing him put up so far in camp yeah? I mean, i think, that’s uh, you know he’s a second year player, but certainly for us to be at our best. We need more from him and he’s talented, he’s, extremely talented, and i think he worked hard and he’s got to continue to stack good days together and it can’t be up and down. He’S got to be a consistent performer for us, and you know we do have high expectations for him. Erin negler coach. I know you’re always in communication with goody, but how much do you design practice around something he might need to see or the personnel group might need to see, or is that just completely a separate operation? They just take what you give them no it’s funny.

You ask that, because we had that conversa conversation earlier today, so yeah there’s, i think, certainly uh moving forward with. With a few of these guys. We want to put them in position and we got to make sure that we give our scouts the the opportunity to to evaluate those those guys in those certain situations, along with our coaching staff. So we’ll continue to have communication on a daily basis and if there’s, something that the scouting department needs to see on one of our guys we’re going to make sure that we get that done. Tom silverstein, hey matt uh. I got on here a minute late. So if i you were asked this, then just next question: mate um. What did you specifically look for in the live action? What do you watch when that’s going on well there’s, so much to look for and um first of all, it’s it’s unscripted. So there is it’s hard harder for the our players to prepare for those moments when anything could get called both on either side of the ball, but also just to see how guys respond in the heat of the battle when it is it’s more real when you’re. When you’re being physical and you’re you’re getting hit or you’ve got to make a tackle uh, you know some guys respond differently, so we just want to continue to to put guys in those situations where they have to kind of think in their think on their feet And react huber.

I know you never want to have guys hurt, but when a guy likes z misses a couple days, um is there an upside to get more gary, more snaps and um during that red zone period? He was really disruptive. I guess on a play to play basis, so what are you seeing with him on rashaan, specifically yeah yeah? No, i think rashaan’s had some good moments. He is. He definitely has the physical ability and it for him it’s just going to be a matter of again. I feel like a broken record saying this, but just consistency, because he he has that ability uh um. I think he is more comfortable in year two and and what we’re asking him to do, and i think our defensive staff has done some nice job of of trying to get him in position to have more disruptive plays so um. You know, i think, anytime, you never want to to your point, see a guy like z out, but it is an opportunity to evaluate somebody else at that position. Wes hard, quits uh, just to follow up on the developmental period. At the end, there were you happy with what you guys got out of that and secondly, how valuable do you think that is for a guy like jordan to be able to get those reps? You know snap after snap like that yeah, because you can see a guy if, if you can get him into a rhythm or not and um, certainly i think for him there’s a couple throws he’d like to have back, but that was the first crack at it And i i have full confidence that we’ll he’ll continue to to learn from both the good and the bad and and get better each and every day and um again.

I just want to see guys compete in that that period more than anything else, we’ll do two more mike clemons. I really enjoyed the 19th period that’s worth the try from milwaukee pal uh. I wanted to ask about two players: uh darius shepherd who makes the team last year and then his response in the offseason coming into this camp and the second one, a first impression of number 86 malik taylor, yeah, well, darius um. You know he he had some ups and downs last year. There’S no question: you know he was a guy that not many people knew about, including myself, and he came in here and showed that that reliability he’s very intelligent, and he always knows what to do. You can plug him in at any position, and i really like how he’s responded. I think he’s done a nice job and he’s shown a good level of consistency throughout this. This camp and he’s made some plays and then malik’s just he’s he’s, another young player and um he’s had some really good moments and some stuff that hasn’t been so good but it’s just trying to find that level of consistency with each of those players. And last one ryan: wood matt. The league doesn’t often reward overly physical cornerback play when you’ve got a young guy like josh jackson, who really relies on that physicality at the line of scrimmage? How do you teach a guy to balance so that he’s doing what he’s got to do to showcase his strengths? What he does well, but is also getting rewarded for that yeah.

I think jacko’s done some nice things uh, he competes on a daily basis to the best of his ability and um. You know just we need him to step up and be and be a player for us and uh. I think there’s been many times where he’s in position to make some plays and he’s gotten his hands on some balls and then there’s other times where you might see a little tug here and there and we got to get him to to stay away from that.