I thought they communicated well and it was nice to get in the stadium with some of that crowd noise that we’re gon na experience. You know moving forward mike spafford yeah matt. Can you hear me gotcha, mike um, just uh. Did you get out of this practice? What you wanted to, i know you talked about. You know guys needed to bring their own energy practicing in the empty stadium, and all that did you did you accomplish what you needed to today. Yeah i thought like i just talked about. I thought it was super competitive and you know we’ll go back and and look at the film there’s definitely some stuff. That uh can be better, no doubt about it for in terms of play and our guys got to understand and adapt to a new environment. And hey it’s it at the end of the day, it’s still football, whether we’re out on nitschke or or we’re. You know inside lambo it’s. Still football rob demofsky, hey matt. What did you think of the way jordan handled the two minute i mean, especially starting with the sack and then that throw to shepherd down at the end i’m, not sure whether he was in bounds or not. But what did you think of the whole sequence yeah? I thought he i thought it looked like he did a pretty nice job. Can you know in a in a tough circumstance? Uh. Certainly we know that we never want to take a sack in a two minute.

The odds of you converting are very, very slim. If, if you do get sacked and there’s, probably a couple others in there that i could have called, but i just wanted to kind of let those guys get some more plays and um you know, go through those situations, there’s a lot of good teaching. That comes up the the further on that you get into a two minute: drive erin, negler coach. Are you still strictly installing right now or are you working on stuff for week, one no we’re we’re, still we’ve gone through four installs, both offensively and defensively. You know like, like i talked about prior to this, that whole ramp up period. We had actually went through every install and now we’re going back through them for a second time. So it’s really afforded our guys to really dig deep and and learn the details, because we know that’s going to be the difference. And you know, and and in our play mark daniels, hey matt, can you just talk about the the triumphs and uh and tragedies of a rookie out there on the practice field? Aj makes a really nice grab down the seam and redmond clips him and he hangs onto it and then a one on one uh rush: drills against linebackers. He just kind of dips, his head and whiffs uh. You know great moments: bad moments, uh just talk about how typical that is for a rookie yeah, i think uh, you know every practice can be a little bit of a roller coaster.

You know there’s going to be some good and some bad and the biggest thing that these guys have to understand is they’ve, got to keep making strides and get better each and every day and and when it doesn’t go so well. You got to learn from that and get better jason. Wildey, hey matt, going back to the noise for a second, you know standing out there in the stands. It felt like you’re at like a party where there were a bunch of people talking um. Have you gotten any direction from the nfl on what exactly the sounds are going to be like and whether they can be increased or decreased? What have you been told so far uh? Well, i from what i understand, that’s kind of like the prototype that they are putting out there right now and it’s they’re gon na adjust that as needed. I had our guys kind of lower that decibel level down a little bit because we haven’t done any of our silent cadence, but when it when we first went out there, i thought it was pretty loud and loud enough, where you’d have to use the silent count. Tom silverstein, hey man, hey tom uh at this point, do you feel like um billy turner could start for you at right tackle on your offense. If, if that’s, what you decide has he proved to you that he could do that? Yeah we’ve got a lot of confidence in billy and and he’s started at tackle before in his career and um.

But like we said before it’s, you know it’s a competitive situation, we’re just trying to find the best five to go out there to to help us execute at the highest level, matt schneiderman matt. What do you think you have at a swing tackle this year? Obviously, jared filled that role for you guys pretty well late last season. What do you think you have in some of the young guys there yeah again, i think it’s, just a competitive situation and we’ve got to find our starting five uh before we find that swing. Tackle so uh right now, we’re just you know, trying to take it one day at a time and and put these guys in position to compete for that spot and um. You know: we’re still, we’re still only five practices in right now and there’s. A lot of practice left in front of us and uh. I think that you know, as time goes as we get into more of these scrimmage type situations that it’ll all sort itself out: pete doherty, hey matt, that inside linebacker i mean there’s, always a chance for injuries during the season. What have you seen from um, martin and summers, and do you think either one can be ready to play uh, not just special teams, but on defense, if you need them well, yeah they’re gon na have to be ready to play. Uh we’re gon na we’re gon na need both those guys at that position and you know again another great competition going on in the inside linebacker role to find you know who starts opposite christian kirksey bill huber, um, going back to the old line, matt um.

I know you got plenty of time to figure it out, but is there a first domino that has to fall? You have to find your right tackle. First, you have to find your right guard first and figure out the other stuff or how does how does that? Ultimately, get figured out, i i just think over time you know i we just got to keep putting them in situations to compete and um game like situations as as game like as we can make it uh and, and it tends to sort itself out over time. Obviously not having the preseason games, you know, that’s. That makes it a little bit more challenging, but we’re gon na try to um. You know have some more live situations, more call it periods coming up here shortly we can do a few more jim mizarski, hey matt. All right, hey, jim good! How are you good, so you mentioned the the competitive periods and such things so in year, two with mike and and working with pet and scripting, this um. How has that gone and have you asked him to give your three quarterbacks different things, your linemen different things? You know in terms of upfront stuff how how has that evolved in the last year? Maybe what did you change to to make it more competitive, yeah we’re? In constant communication – and i i think you know – he and nathaniel hackett – have been meeting a lot going over the script together, just to make sure that both sides of the ball are getting.

What we need – and there is some give and take there and so we’re going to continue to do that until we feel like we’re in a good spot and then eventually it’s going to start going to some more carded periods, where maybe there’s something that our defense Doesn’T give our offense and vice versa, stuff that our offense doesn’t necessarily give our defense ryan wood, hi, matt, i’m i’m, a little late coming on this call. So i apologize if you’ve been asked this already. But what is your your confidence level in alex light? If he’s on the left side, obviously he had some struggles last year, how have you seen him grow and, and particularly the athleticism on the left side what’s your confidence level with him yeah? I think we have a lot of confidence in alex and you know he’s still a young player and i think he’s shown the ability to go in there and he’s flashed and and that’s more or less with him. It’S just got to be consistent down in and down out and you can’t have you know bad plays in this league, so um it’s just continuing to work with him and work on that consistency, erin negler coach. Sometimes you pick up guys off waivers and they have the proverbial cup of coffee. Sometimes you pick up guys off waivers and they surprise you have you been surprised by what you’ve gotten so far out of john lovett.

He has been all over the field and you saw again today making some big plays yeah. No, we were super excited to get john and he hasn’t disappointed. You know he’s gotten some opportunities. I have to go back and look at the film. It might have been a little bit of a push off on that go ball there, but no. He is athletic, he’s very, very intelligent, which is to be expected. Um and he’s, versatile he’s, a guy that we feel like he’s, a movable piece and um. You know it’ll be it’ll, be really cool to see him in some more live situations where you know where we’re really going to the ground and see what he can do: jason wildey uh. You know, we’ve we’ve asked you about aaron jones and talked about him. We know how good he is. We’Ve talked to you about aj dylan a lot and not just demofsky’s obsession with his legs i’m wondering um i’m wondering about jamal, though how you see him fitting into what you guys want to do: um he’s, a fun loving guy but he’s also pretty competitive, and He obviously had some good moments for you last year, no doubt about it and he brings a lot of energy to our football team and um a versatility, and i think he came back in really really good shape. Yeah, like i said before, he he definitely. I saw some of his uh workouts that he posted and it didn’t it did not look easy running the mountain out up there and uh or down there in arizona, but he he really worked his tail off.

You know he knows what to do. It’S nice to have him back for another year um, you know i, i think he’s kind of a sleeper in the past game as well. I think he did some great things for us. In the past game, he’s demonstrated that he today he had an opportunity or didn’t get the opportunity, but he ran a route. You know and did a great job getting open. The ball didn’t go his way, but got ta. We’Ve got a lot of confidence in jamal, not only from his ability to run, but in the passing game as well as a pass blocker. We have two more rob: demofsky, hey matt, i don’t know what the deal with amos was, but he was tweeting during practice. So i’m, not exactly sure what the plan was there, but can can you just let us know what the plan is and was for um adams and zadarius yeah. So so adrian had um a personal matter come up, so he was excused for the day and he’ll be back with us shortly and – and you know again with z and with z and devonte, i don’t it’s nothing serious um, you know they’ll be back there in A matter of time and last one bill, huber yeah with amos and savage you’re, pretty well set at safety and raven in that dime role. But you know going off kind of what rob said. What did you think of raven as a pure safety which you had to play today? You know until i go back and look at it it’s kind of tough to tell at times, but you know just from what he’s done in the past few practices, he certainly makes his physical presence felt.

There were a couple plays yesterday, where we had a couple receivers: try to go, uh block them and uh, he put them on their back so uh. We have a lot of confidence in raven and just his versatility, not only as a dime linebacker, but also in that safety role, all right, coach that’s. It thanks for your time.