I’Ve got an integral member of the jamaica taliban’s team and i want to hear his take on glenn phillips. What are your initial impressions of this surface? I mean honestly showing up just now. It looks like an absolute belter um, but obviously we know here in the caribbean that it can play a little bit variable um, as we saw brian lara as well. Some of those pictures looked incredibly good and they just played up and down which i think adds to the challenge of it. I haven’t seen that first game being played yet does that affect your game plan in any way. Um. Personally, not really. My game plan is very simple and it’s not very pitch based um. Obviously i like to allow myself the chance to change on the spot um and if the pitch starts playing differently, then i’ll change my game. Accordingly, glen flips pasco on the surface um, obviously looking at 150 as a base start. But obviously, if you get off to a fly then you know you can maybe push it up to 160 170.. Maybe push into 170 glen flips there. You have it so jamaica tala was they went down to the amazon warriors in the first game. Can they level this one a piece all right, so let’s have a look at the teams. The guyana amazon warriors darren very good side. I think you look at navino. Haku’S back into the side, i think he brings a little bit of an x factor to this bowling.

Lineup they’ve been very reliant on imran tahir with his spin ashmit ned has had a very good first game. He will partner his captain chris green, but the batting will be the major focus, anthony bramble he’s, brought into the side for today’s match. He will open the batting alongside brandon king, so himmler and chandra paul will not get the opportunity, but they’ll expect runs from that middle order, hitmaya, taylor and puran, and now the jamaica towers. Who are the danger men in this lineup? Well, they will expect that glenn phillips will fire again that middle order has produced runs for the talibans you think of rockman paul assaf ali, even andre russell, although i think he bats a little too late. They brought in german blackwood to bulls other parting in the last game against the warriors. They didn’t really score a total that uh would get them a win, but they’re, focusing on that. Their spinners seem to be doing the trick for them lamachani and mujeeb, and they will expect the same in this contest. All right so it’s going to be all about the spinners and in fact we caught up with one of the key spinners from the jamaica taliban side, sam deep la michonnani. This year, jamaica was and so so excited for this tournament, especially because you know they saw that they showed that faith and believe in me. They got me into the team as a market player and it’s a big responsibility on me as well.

The role of every player is going to be the same because it’s a team game – and you know one player – you can’t – make that lot of differences in the team, but yeah as a team member, if individually all, are putting that effort in the team. It’S it’s gon na you know build an ocean so looking forward to it this year. I definitely will try to give my best and i’m. Very, very you know, excited about you know because of this kobe 19 as well, you know, was far away from cricket for a long time and then back to the field again and hopefully would love to give my best. The fact that we are, we are only playing in the two stadiums is like because of the scoby 19 thing as well and which is uh. We respect that decision and uh it’s a good news for spinach as well. You know when you play a lot of games in only two games. Only two stadiums, uh it’s gon na – be like favoring, the spinners later on and uh. Very very hopeful, like we’ll, get a bit big amount of turn and bounce from the wicket and can get a bit of a lot more wickets for my team, and i think every spinner must be thinking in the same way since the day. I left nepal for the cpl people back home. They are like i mean they are super excited because after a long time, they would see somebody from nepal playing along at any level of cricket, because there were no cricket in nepal as well so yeah.

Everybody is so excited in nepal and i would love to contribute as much as possible for lifting this trophy for talawas. Well, we’re happy to welcome danny morrison out here, danny sandeep lamachani, an absolute angel off the pitch, but he’s a terror with the ball in his hand, great to see everyone having these mystery spinners and yeah he’s, another one that just excites us all in the form Of t20, because he has so many different deliveries and he’s. You just mentioned alex he’s, just a really nice guy learning his craft and being on tour and absorbing everything yeah. He is he’s nepal’s, most famous cricketer. They love him there darren. I want to also underscore the importance of him bowling alongside mujibur rahman, what we’ve seen from the first three matches, we’ve seen: mujibul uli, set the tone set the scene and then we’ve seen the introduction of lamashani. So i think the warriors will be mindful of that and mindful of the importance of muji bullying before lamashani he’s, a classic he’s picked up four wickets so far la mashani, and i think it says variations that will do the trick on a slow dry. Queen spark oval pitch. It is going to be in exciting and interesting to see what happens, because we know what happened in the last match. That was down at the brian lara cricket academy, a most unusual game where the ghana amazon warriors were bowled out for 118, and you thought well.

They must have it in the bag and then wow the innings by the jamaica towers. Despite the 50 odd from dre ross, they couldn’t make it well. I just want to underscore chris green and how effective he’s been as captain in that particular win. He bowls primarily in the poor. He usually picks up a wicket and then he allows for the other spinners. I spoke about the significance of imran tahir he’s, the leading wicket taker for the warriors and he’s found good partners in young ashmit ned the left arm spinner, who looks very mature for his age he’s only 19 coming out of the under 19 level. Also, his uh variation, his accuracy. Those are things that have served him in good stead and i expect to see this young man grow from strength to strength danny. When i saw this team go out to try to defend that number. They looked like they were. A team who believed they could win this match absolutely and i think in the conditions that suit uh at lara and then out here on the queen’s part i’m, going i’m going to be get off the fence and get out of the stores i’m backing. Guyana. Again with the three spinners, because to me they do, as darren just said, they complement each other so nicely and uh yeah they’re very keen to keep trying to avenge that jamaica was a lot. They liked having a crack at these guys, and i love the contest with those two sides.

Danny says they’re very keen. Well, what about chris green? He is their captain he’s, so well loved, not only by his team but for the fans around the region and he’s a multi talented athlete, as we found out Music, yeah it’s, certainly a different year and a different landscape for qriket. Personally. I’M. Really excited about cricket. Being back, i’ve had a longer break than than most people it’s. Not often we get the time to to spend working on specific aspects of our game. So now it has me really excited to get back out on the field with a team. I love playing for some teammates, i love playing with and in a competition that i love it’s, going to be different this year. Sure, but you know i’m excited to get back out there. I’M, certainly going to miss providence stadium. You know we get amazing support from the guyanese in guyana and then all throughout the caribbean, so i’ve already started getting sent messages from a lot of fans and all the guys are so it means so much to us. I think we’ve got the team to go back to that. Finally again and go one step further. We’Ve been able to keep together a really cool group of players that you know got us there last year and we come back more experienced more motivated and ready to go. Tennis for me started a very young age. My parents, both played at wimbledon, met playing professional tennis, so naturally my first steps were taken on a tennis court.

When i was a young kid and i grew up loving the game still have a massive love for the game. Um. It was a tough decision. I could never choose between cricket or tennis growing up, and you know upon re leaving school at 18. I had to make that choice about which way. I guess i wanted to go in my life: pursue tennis to america with a college scholarship or stay in australia and and pursue cricket and see how i go so look. I found myself here in trinidad playing qriket, but playing a lot of tennis on the court and taking down a few of the coaches. Roger federer is my absolute idol. Um. You know i. I can never stop watching him win enough um. I i’m a big fan of all the players, but roger’s just got a classical game. He’S, always my answer for the guy you want round at dinner. He just seems like a really humble down to earth human being a great idol and a great part of the sporting world serving and offspring bowling. There can be some correlation there look. I don’t really know if it had any impact. Um spent a lot of time hitting serves spent a lot of time bowling balls i’ve had six months where i’ve been able to work on my action and i’m excited to get back bowling, um and and competing again. Tennis is a massive mental game, so you have to be really strong mentally.

You have to deal with those inner demons and in the moment, you’re under pressure – and you know, there’s no support out there. I’Ve found it’s taught me to trust my gut feel, and i think it’s also helped me work out. My opposition in the moment it’s certainly going to be different, no fans. You know, especially here in the caribbean, the vibe in the stadium. You can live off that energy all around. You know. I think all the players are super excited to get back out there and enjoy their cricket. I can’t wait to lead this guyanese team again this season and i think we’ve got a red hot shot. Well, tennis’s loss was certainly cricket’s game, danny good mover, good, looking and a good cricketer i mean he’s got it all hasn’t it i mean geez what an all rounder – and i you know see. I love that there brenda mccullum, yes old, bears bullied into his partner. He wasn’t anyone else partner, chris green, but himself. Yeah baz is actually not a bad player himself, chris green so crucial as captain as well um, darren, he’s, a cool composed customer. You look at him on the field. He’S never rushed uh seems to be calm and that calming effect is always good in t20 cricket it’s, a high tempo game, so with his experience of playing previously for the warriors will help because he will have a better understanding of the players in his team.

He can bat as well, so he brings that all round quality to this warriors side and he’s eager to lift this title, alex well, he’s got to be eager and that team has got to be more bonded than ever, because they’ve got the likes of dre russ. To face today in this match up, we know what he can do this last time out: 52 unbeaten off 37, danny yeah and look at this ground too. Let’S not forget that 100 anna hat trick at this very venue, and we just we’re just waiting for something like this to unfold on saturday. With these two last matched up and now match at and – and i just love the way he can play cacho he’s a bit like the great chris gale – they can play catch up and they can sit back and they can absorb a bit and take it really Deep and he uh he does and the strike rate i mean just a phenomenal striker of the ball. Such a match winner, such hashtag box office, just got our total box office. Well, this is a six hitting ground isn’t it darren ganga. We want to see some fireworks from dre ross today. Indeed, i mean he’s shown that he is a muscular type player. He can assess situations he’s, always very handy. At the back end of the innings, i would like to see him be used a little bit higher up where he gets a little more time to get himself in and then to try and control the ants rather than deal with a crisis.

The inclusion of german blackwood in this side will just give him a little more leeway to sort of express himself he’s, also seeing that opposing teams are attacking him in a certain way, bowling full and wide outside the awesome, not allowing him to use his power to Hit down the ground so that’s an adjustment that he will have to make because teams are looking on and everybody will be planning to try and curb the power from andre russell. Well, that’s the big question: how does one curb that power danny? If you had to ball to him? What would you do you got to have a bag of tricks and you’d be really brave? We all know that whether it’s cutters, slower ball, slower tennis, ball type of bouncer challenging here, because it’s not a very big ground, as we know, and i think if he gets in a bit and then we’ve seen in other franchise t20s around the globe. They like wide yorkers set the field accordingly and the other one is if you, if you’re, confident enough as a quick merchant you’ve got to get it full of him, and you really do want to close the angle down and hit him on that boot. Easier said than done yeah: well, he is a king and speaking of kings, brandon king for the he’s, a young jamaican he plays for the guyana amazon warriors. He was the highest scorer in the 2019 edition just 29 off 19 in the in the last game.

But the top scorer in that innings, darren ganga, looks like he’s getting into his form again. That expectation is on him because he was a leading run scoring in 2019 he’s. A young player that has started could play both sides of the wicked. I think, as a top of the bus, when you still need to give yourself some time to getting to assess conditions, he’s got to understand that he’s got a deep, batting lineup, so there shouldn’t be that pressure on him to take too many risks too early he’s Shown that he can score t20 century he’s done so the highest individual score uh by someone in hero cpl, so he’s got to try and rekindle that type of approach to his batting. He strikes me as a really cool customer, quite mature for his age, danny yeah and i think, that’s, what we all loved about last year and as darren touched on. You know that individual score lots of runs. I wonder: does that pose a little bit of weight on the shoulders, though there’s an expectation now it’s easy when you’re sort of an unknown entity, so he’s got a lot to work on, but then hey that’s, the nature of the game, that’s? How you build and learn and get experience all right? What about this warriors middle order? That was a little exposed in the last game. We didn’t see much of it in 2019 darren. I was surprised when i asked chris green in the last match.

He if he has a concern about the warriors batting and he just dismissed it and that’s because of the exciting young talent that he has in his team. We saw nicolas puran get a half century in that last match and if he finds form well, you have a genuine match winner there. He might possibly want to see more from shafein rutherford hasn’t been getting a lot of balls. Kimo paul he’s been promoted in the last match as well, so there is pedigree in that batting lineup it’s about all of them, striking form and giving the confidence to the bowlers and everyone that they can go on to win this title yeah, and it is the Youngsters that energizes this team even nicholas poor and given the vice captaincy this year, yeah, and i think it like a lot of us i’d love to see him, get an opportunity, maybe to swap with ross taylor, because ross taylor’s got great stats batting at five. For new zealand let’s see if they could swap those guys around love poor round to get four yeah indeed well. It’S gon na be anyone’s game. Today, really he’s already come off the fence. Yeah darren ganga who’s, going to win this today. I will just go against danny morrison, i think the followers they like this venue um and they will be back in second, it might be better for batting all right. Well, thank you guys. Thank you. Gentlemen.