He was lbw playing the sweep to her fees, but his execution here is brilliant shazam, flashing blind. You got ta love that sweet Applause, it’s been a rough tournament for shannon gabriel. He hasn’t been able to hit the areas that would cause the batsman problems he’s. Just given too much width Music she’s, that is climbed into it, brain smith – is that backward point, but he had no chance and he’s a good fielder. Finally, is up inside the circle. Third man is out, and the man at deepak would square the only two allowed out there’s four more don’t bother running shahzad quality with a capital q, not peace. Two deliveries been too short, given too much with. Yes, he has a piece but it’s a slow pitch. Those really are not the type of deliveries that he would have been getting in his mind as he running running to ball got the ball straighter. Maybe a touch fuller, gabriel himself, loving it there. Oh that’s, poor, no that’s, a shocker short and gone. Oh yeah don’t bother running that was clean Applause, trust the bounce on this pitch and shazad had no hesitation. That was short. Nothing ball really and got slapped away. We’Re, not the type of bowler that relies on pierce it’s more his variation, so he needs to pitch the ball up. All runs away by the cover consecutive boundaries here from both these two short on runs, but they mean business here in match.

Nine Applause well he’s expressing himself no amid shazad likes to play his shots he’ll be happy to be on a track where the ball is coming onto the bat. Maybe just needs to it. Just needs to be get gotten a little bit more: even Music, slower ball. It’S gone over the top he’s dealing in boundaries here as shazaar. This is great stuff for the men in green tries to change his piece, but this time, just over pitches and shazad is looking for anything that’s in his range, and this drops right into the slot.