They really haven’t been able to get up to the type of start that you’d expect from these two very destructive evan lewis. You know what he can do inside the poor play woman and maybe they’re in a sort of catch 22 situation where they want about deep. Oh, this goes away down to the boundary passes, the wicked keeper and the first boundary excellent bowling a little bit slower. The previous delivery trying to turn not on that occasion, you cursed him samuel, you’re kirsten i’m, blaming you 15 without loss after two, exactly what look is always looking for hanging back in the crease and looking to play a horizontal back shoulder in the middle magnificent from Even lewis, lewis and lynn will attempt to go at what is their normal pace. That was supposed to be a delivery coming back in towards the stumps and arm ball, but started to wide. Is that a bad delivery? Again, i wouldn’t say that it was middle five and lewis quite effective Music for that direction. It was even variation from santa 34 without loss. You love it when a plan comes together for jason, holder, rasheed fan and the tridents i’m hugely disappointed who chrislyn dismissed the first delivery of imran tahir soon. Question is made t20 is on i’m, not too sure this was another googly, but a brilliant shot from evan lewis. The silver cart behind for one yeah, perfect length, perfect line from holder just leaving the right handed just concentrating on his balance and just hitting through the full line.

Evan lewis is one player that can hit sixes over the offside with wonderful ease. He really has got a beautiful bat swing, a full bat swing and once he gets those arms free, it’s very hard to stop him very fast century against pakistan. In kingston jamaica, it was extraordinary, aidan, walsh, jr in a way just trying to gamble his way out of this over, but has paid the price sweet and goes all the way. This guy is a genuine sick, hitter evan lewis add another one to the kitty: hero maximum i’m, just Applause step it up now could have stayed on the field. I mean sounding easy in the heat of the moment: they’re both gentlemen going for the catch, an excellent bit of of the feeling edition so far, 16, then it’s 116 for two now explain what i mean by this calls. Undyne just wrong. Music lewis on 80 disappears. Bowler is under the pub, hence the discussion with jason holder now with Applause and then these next two balls is a batsman. He knows he probably wants to go a little bit wider, you’re brave enough. Are you brave enough to spear in a really good hooker, an uproot off pole? Keep your head down change your feet. Square leg has gone out onto the boundary previously he wasn’t there left of your screen, get their first points and hero cpl8, they’re up and out of the dugout and high fives everywhere, big hope for being done.

Well done. The patriots well done indeed set up by that brandon lewis partnership that did not panic. We thought there would be a change in line. There was, and a change in length to a leg, stump delivery, an eldorado celebration – and why is this such a big win, because losing is a habit, so is winning learn to win? Often you get into a rut. It can be very difficult, and this uh fast and furious format can be so unforgiving. They’Ve done it with half and over to spare, have the kits in need as patriots trapped down the 152 required for victory with half and over the spear speakers aren’t too bad. He was put in a pressure situation at the end, but he’ll have a future ahead of him, which i hope will be a bright one 151 for seven was challenging no doubt about it because they breached 150 detroiters, but in the end, the patriots got to with Three balls to spare and four wickets in the back rodeo. It is time to go sideline with alex jordan. Well, it was the best batting performance of the hero. Cpl, 2020. Congratulations. Evan, lewis, just be relieved yeah. Of course you know um. He did this win or we went all day back over skills. I got a good start for the team. Bad luck! I didn’t carry on to the end, but um sit down fulfilled and thankful for the victory yeah. We were looking entry, but you did start really.