Yes, yeah um, so we didn’t think the weather was too bad, but there’s obviously been rain overnight this morning, and then we got quite a heavy shower. As you know, so the outfield is wet we’re, just hoping that we get some sun and it dries up pretty soon. Just look at the three games that have taken place. Uh you’ll be delighted with the results um. I think you feel that there’s more to come, though don’t you yeah, i mean the most important thing is three wins um. I think we could certainly play better in the kent and sussex game, but um, i think, we’re. You know judging our night on our high standards. You know, i think, sometimes um when we get a win. People just expect it nowadays, but we’re always looking to improve and that’s how it’s got to be so. You know we were always looking for that, especially coaches, that perfect game, so we wanted to put four days of you, know perfect performance together and that’s. Obviously the ultimate goal yeah, and to have illustrate that only four batting points in the three games. We have got the full ball of uh bowling points. The nine points there uh so obviously it’s the batting that you’re looking to for improvement, yeah, of course – and i think especially the games that chelmsford i think we could have better um. You know, i think they always say: don’t judge your wicked until both teams back.

So i think if you look at the last five innings with both teams out for under 200 as well, so that’s got to be taken into account. I think, if we’re getting 200 in the opposition to getting 600 um, you know you’ve got a real problem. So, yes, we wanted that better, but you’ve got to condition another team score into account as well. We’Re going on the bowling side of the party and thoughts get getting all the credit and the claudius at the moment, that’s right too, but you’ll be delighted that other boulders are chipping in as well saying cook, aaron beard and matt quinn all getting vital wickets aren’t. They, when you look through those scorecards um, you know to support the role that harmony and ports are doing. Yeah i mean we often talk about. You know the batting batting partnerships, but bowling is exactly that. You know you mentioned harmony and parts, but unless the other guys are backing up at the other end, you know the run rate is a good indicator of that. If you’re going under three and over you know it’s very tough for the teams to get away. So the guys uh, as you rightly say, probably missed out on the claudius winnie cookie and beardy – have done a brilliant job, because they’ve kept the pressure on and i’m sure, thoughts and harmony will say that as well they’re, only good as the guys falling at the Other end, so there’s been no let up, i think you know we won’t create our first day against kent, but after that we’ve been superb in every five minutes.

So that’s been a feature of our team the last few years. Just one word about party. He is phenomenal, isn’t it going back into your experience. We don’t talk about age, but certainly here’s the experience. Where does he figure in the list of slow bowlers? That you’ve seen played against and uh and obviously he’s got to be right up there isn’t he yeah right. I mean you can’t use one word to describe it. I mean um. I honestly think it’s getting to a point where people expected to get five six. Seven wickets every innings and yeah that’s unfair, though i mean the amount of work he puts in behind the scenes. What people don’t see you know whether that’s you know physically or skills or he’s, always thinking he’s, always watching another batsman um. The consistency he shows is just phenomenal, it’s, it’s, incredible, really um. You know, teams have tried to attack him, defend him, he’s bowled on different surfaces. You know, ideally you always want him bowling last, because the pitch will give him more assistance but he’s bowled. First, in first scenes many many times, probably more than the latter, so he’s done it under pressure. You know more often than not when we’ve needed something he’s, you know just found solutions, and you know you run out of um. You know superlatives really to describe it. We’Re very lucky to have him um, but you know he said on record and off that you know he loves.

The club. He’S had a great opportunity here, so we don’t take it for granted. But your answer to the question is he’s right up there in recent history, you can’t hear many better than spinach and patel real levels of consistency, buster carmen, probably the guys i can think up at the top of my head, who played consistently in county cricket and Harmony’S record in the last, what four years or three years it’s just been second to none and they say: spinner’s mature, related with frightening perfection around the country over the next three or four years, couldn’t it yeah that’s. Also, i mean he’s. Only a young guy he’s fit you know, but i think that the lesson probably for all young spin bowlers is you know he wants to have the ball in his hand whether that’s training matches he’s always looking to improve and and then you move away from the Spin, you watch him catch a slip, his amount of one handed part catches and the work he puts in and then he is he’s fielding in general and he’s back and he’s the all round package and a leader as well. So, as a coach i mean yeah, you can’t be lucky. Stars is with us, but it’s, not a fluke. It is the hard work dedication day after day hour after hour, he puts in yeah. You know so that’s the real man behind the success yeah tremendous. Can we ask you about rishi patel as well he’s gon na on loan to leicestershire get some of the experience, which is important? Obviously you yeah, i mean, i think, you’ve seen around the country there’s the loan market’s being used quite a lot, so you know for us, uh, cushy and paul walter are coming with a batting spot, so, unfortunately, which was missed out.

So we want all our guys to play at the highest level possible there’s. No second team quicker either. So given we’ve had um, you know shortened season. The guys are desperately disappointed if they’re not playing. So hopefully he gets an opportunity at leicester and he can get some runs because we’ve seen in glimpses what he can do and hopefully you know, go on and show first class level what he could do at leicester, yeah people like him and peruse. Are you looking? I mean they’re the future that come up. They um. You know departure. For example, most recently at ravi someone’s got to come in and take his place and it’s an opportunity. You want these guys ready to take the opportunity when it does happen. Don’T you definitely yeah. Um, i think it’s been examples of that. The last few years were young guys coming in. You know for us: he’s had a couple of games waltzes playing nicely, as you said, wish he played last year between beardy sam cut, come in so it’s all about getting young players in, but you know they’ve got to come in at the right time and you Can’T just throw a group in i mean if you’re a young player and you’re batting with alice to cook around 10 sky. You, you learn a hell of a lot more and if you’re a young bowler coming in and you’re bowling with peter and simon. You learn your trade very quickly, so it’s a it’s, a it’s, a tricky one in terms of selection, because we want our young players to come in.

We want young, essex players, but you’ve got to earn the right and then you’ve got to come in at the right time and perform it’s, not just a freebie where you come in and give a young player again. We want success, we’ve had success and we want to continue success so um yeah i’m. All for looking to the future. I think we’ve seen that, but your senior players are so importantly in place. Yeah yeah um just look ahead. The 2020 starts next next thursday uh essex in a unique position in the history of the club they’re defending the title. I mean for the efforts of all the talk in the past few years of actually getting through to the final, and maybe this could be a year. We did it last year um, but a bit more pressure on us. No, i don’t think so. I think everyone’s. Looking forward to it again, it’s a short season and again there’s going to be opportunity because there’s no overseas players, so we will certainly see guys making the debuts and some some you know guys in there. I think everyone’s looking forward to you, know defending the title. You know it was a bit of a unique way. We won it. Last year we left it late people call it lucky. Some people say it’s, good timing, so but um yeah it’s not to peak too early in these competitions in there yeah. No, i mean look.

It was, it was great for the club last year with um with the championship and t20 and i think we, we all admit we’ve got a start better than last year. We can’t leave it as late um, but um yeah. Look, i think we we found a decent method towards the end. I think the players really started shifting the mindset that they believe they could win it, and i think you know winning the last seven or eight games showed that, so we want to try and keep that mentality that form yes, there’ll be different personnel, but we’ll be Using a similar template and again it’s a great opportunity for guys to to go and play for essex and try and win frigid matches yeah because it seemed we got to run stage at the qualifying um of the qualifying matches and either um. They almost cut finals. Uh we had to, they were ever. I think the last three games were: must win games almost um, so you’re like playing catfile. So by the time we actually did get to the cut final. I think all the boys well we’ve been here before this – is you know, there’s, no, more pressure on attention. Was there really? No, i think there’s, not probably four or five group games out. We have to win and other teams lose and then that takes you into quarter finals and it’s, a knockout, so we’d already played four or five knockout games, as you say, and then finals day.

You know people kept telling me essex normally go on by 12 o’clock on a finest day, so we had to get that right. Luckily, we played in the second game so that took care of that. But no, i think you know we wanted to connect a better show in one day cricket than we have, and you know championship cricket we’ve always found away from the caring situations and t20 cricket. We probably haven’t folded, but it was great to see that mindset. Where look, we can do this and when we got hot we were very hot, so um we’ve got to now take that into the early stages and, of course, we’re. Looking for improvements, we know we got away with it a little bit in the early stages but um, as i said a few times, it’s better to finish strongly and when it really matters win the game. If you do get to finals day, i honestly believe our game against darvy and worcester. We played as well as we had in the competition and lancaster in the quarter final, so we’ve got ta, make sure we get there first and then from there use that experience. If we do get there to take it on again, as you said, with not some very uh international players and uh overseas players available it’s a great opportunity for one of the. If you’re, not one of the pack to the guys in your pack in the squad to come out and show themselves and uh prove themselves with a good z25, definitely i mean we talk about every year that you know it’s the squad game um.

I think there’s a few things that can happen a young player or player who doesn’t normally play comes in and he’ll justify getting picked next season. You know there’s a hundred ball up for grabs. You know there’s international cricket, so someone normally comes through every year and you think oh we’ve found someone and that’s the challenge to the guys in there. You know there’s three, four five spots up for grabs it’s who takes it and who takes the chances because you’ve been you know very quickly in a two week period from not being in the team too. Oh god, we’ve got. You know the next one coming through. So i think it’s so exciting. You know.