Today we are here at winco foods to get some ice cream for natural Music, national ice cream sundae for natural ice cream ice cream day. Today we are going to get some ice cream and other toppings for a sunday. So so so each of us are going to pick. The three are gon na make three or five ingredients: three or five ingredients. So now i’ve gone to the store and picked our ingredients. So far we have fruity pebbles. I don’t know how great that’s gon na go on the sundae, but – and i never tried fruity pebbles so hopefully, it’s gon na be fun. It’Ll, be the drinks up right. There are just for the family they’re, not really ingredients. Okay, so we got. We got like um rainbow marshmallows and we also got this like weird marshmallow Music. So now we are going to get some more ingredients. So now! Okay, do you guys see me? Okay, yeah, we’re, gon na go pick out ice cream. I love ice cream, Music, Music. So now we have rainbow marshmallows chocolate syrup, edible marshmallow, blue um. I don’t know which cream cookies and cream ice cream cookies cream, Music. Okay, we got hot fudge: syrup strawberry syrup, caramel syrup. We got some sprinkles to that uh nice. I don’t know why we want that. We got some more chocolate syrup, we got chips original edition, we got oreo mega stuff, we have lots of peanut beans and we also got some whipped.

Toppings Music is Music. We need Music. All there, you right, Music, sprinklers Music. I open the blue as Music, watching our well make sure to subscribe and comment down below what kind of favorite high schools, oh and by the way, tell us what ingredients you added and what’s your favorite ice cream too, and which ice cream thanks for watching season.