Harry maguire has been included in gareth southgate’s england squad for the upcoming uefa nation. These games against iceland and denmark – and this is massive massive massive news and i’ll – tell you why? Because southgate was supposed to be was, i would have already spoken to mcguire about what happened in greece and the fact that, on the back of that discussion, he has chosen to include him in the squad means that whatever happens, uh whatever happened. Obviously, it means that he thinks that maguire was in the right and that nothing’s going to come of it and that you know he thinks that it’s not going to be a major thing. This is a massive massive statement, um by southgate to back maguire. Within the circumstances i mean harry maguire’s trial is currently going um on at the moment earlier and it’s. Quite a straight. I mean if you’ve been reading, all the results and stuff like that there’s been a lot of um missing, um or, if anything well, definitely counts. What actually happened, but before go any further i’d, also like to say that mason greenwood has received his first ever call up to the english squad. I mean why i mean i’m, not even surprised. Why would we be surprised in greenwood as a future, manchester united star he’s, a future england star, and he has been called up to the squad? He is one of three uncapped players: uh man, city’s phil foden, has also been called up as well as carvin phillips, who um won promotion with leeds united and he’s supposed to be a very, very good talent.

I’Ve watched him a few times um. Apart from that other interesting selections, danny has been called up and from the united point of view, dean henderson is on the squad, obviously obviously as well as marcus rashford. So if we want to just go through the squad and then we’ll talk a bit more about mcguire and and and the significance of this um, so the squad reads as follows: tammy, abraham trent, alexander arnold, eric dier, phil foden, joe gomez, mason greenwood, dean, henderson, danny Ings harry kane, michael keane, harry maguire, tyrion rings, mason mount carvin, phillips, jordan, pickford nick pope, marcus rashford, declan rice, jaden sancho raheem, sterling kieran, trippier, kyle walker, james ward, prowse and harry winks, and from what i can immediately see. I think united have the most players out of anybody there. I don’t see any other teams with four players: chelsea you’ve got abraham mount um yeah, i think that’s it yeah so shout out to to united as well as obviously shout out to mark keane who um since leaving united, has gone off to have a really good Career and to be honest, i think when we look at our center back situation, he’s – probably somebody that we could have used but um yeah, so just really really good to see that mcguire’s been called up, because i think you know this was going to be such A telling point does the fa back harry maguire. There would have been lots of talks between southgate and mcguire between southgate and the seniors and genius thai fa about whether they include maguire, because by including him now they are basically saying that they’ve spoken to him.

They’Ve heard the situation and that they are backing him, which is very, very good for united. I mean lots of talk about whether united should back him, whether he’s going to keep the captaincy what’s going to happen to him. The fact that gary southgate is so willing to to back him hopefully hopefully means that this is all going to blow over and hopefully it’s a case of everything’s been blown out of portion. And now, if you read the stories and from the core kids it’s been a lot it’s quite hectic, the more you read it. I mean there are two star comparisons. Mcguire’S defense is apparently saying that his sister was not only stabbing the arm but was injected with something and she fainted um and that they were supposed to go to the hospital and they ended up police station. Then they were talks about the resisting of the arrest, and the lawyers are saying that apparently greek police weren’t willing to let them have a phone call, and so they were trying to break away to phone somebody um. The greek police, on the other hand, are saying that they got aggressive and that they were assaulting them um. One said apparently mcguire said i am the england captain. Do you know who i am? I am the manchester united captain. I can very rich. I can give you lots of money, let’s not make this go to court, so lots and lots of varying stories, and i think it’s going to be one of those cases where either mcguire is going down big time.

You know if it is bound that he was boarding with police, that he was um trying to bribe him and all that and the police side and that sort of stuff and the prosecution um holds true. Then that is captaincy gone. That could be a space in the england squad gone. You know his career will take a massive downfall. From that i mean he could get charged. However, if it is then proven that that is not what happened, and it was a case of him defending his sister and that there was you know, instances with the police um that weren’t um the right sort of way to go about it. And – and it comes up that he’s actually innocent, then you know it’s it’s, suddenly a massive case of again of the sort of an immediate reaction towards sort of what actually happened, and i really really just hope that it’s been a complete misunderstanding that it’s a complete Blur i’ve been completely blown out of portion and that not much happened and we can just get on with it, because i really i mean this is the last thing manchester united need. We do not need to be worrying about our captain. We do not need to be worrying about our 80 million pound centre back he’s been given so much criticism this this season. We do not need to worry about the fact that now he’s got um police investigation, he’s being uh prosecuted um for, for you know, assault and stuff, like that.

There were then stories yesterday that his charges have been um reduced to misdemeanor and offences so i’m hoping i’m, not i’m. Also hoping it’s not a case of you know, money’s gotten involved in sweeping it under the rug, but the fact that, but more that it was burned out of portion and the more that information comes out to light the more you know, he’s actually hasn’t done much Wrong that’s what i really really look i’m, not saying that’s what’s happening that’s. What happened i’m, not going to try and sit there and defend him, because i don’t i mean i don’t know him. I mean for what we know about him for what we see in the way he carries himself. He seems to be like the sort of modest professional that doesn’t do much wrong, so it was very uncharacteristic of um from what we know but to be fair, we’re. Not there. We don’t know what happened so for all. We know he might have lost his temper and this could have actually all happened, but you know you just i mean if you look to look at our squad and you have to say right, you know somebody’s gon na get arrested for brawling. You don’t. I wouldn’t you wouldn’t immediately say harry maguire, you know. If you hear brandon williams, i would have gone. You know. Well, he’s got a bit of a temper, you know um, so just uncharacteristic of somebody who’s always sort of been that sort of model.

Citizen and – and always you know, always been quite yo. I mean just understated really he’s never been in the face of media he’s. Never done much wrong, you know he’s just sort of it. We need to talk about how he’s risen through the ranks, so it was quite uncharacteristic and that, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen um, but we’ll only know once this all it’s one of those things we’ll only know that probably the details in a few years Time, but i really hope that that the fact that even called up just means that it’s not going to become a major issue and we can move on so that when united to come back from pre season, he just fits back into the squad. He keeps the captaincy armband and we can just move on and focus on playing matches, getting signings winning trophies becoming the manchester united that we all want to see um – and this is big so massive. Congratulations to jason, greenwood, huge news for him, um. What a deserved call up good to see? Mcguire there rashford good to see him there and obviously dean henderson. Representing i mean how am i we’ve got three international goalkeepers in our squad, just by the way in case anybody sort of realized that three international goalkeepers in our squad. At the moment i mean how ridiculous is that and that’s going to create a whole lot of problems. I mean look, we won’t have them next year because i think romero is probably going to go, but you can see why one has to go because the quality we have in our goalkeepers is incredible.

Um. So, while awesome to see that, though those players are there shout out to michael keane doing the business um for everton shout out to jen sanchez come to united let’s. Just you know add those numbers in that’s all for me, i’ll be back later with the transfer update, not that has been much going on um but we’ll sort of cap around all the stories and what we think is happening if you’re new to the channel like And subscribe down below become part of the forever sports community um become part of forever red devils, um and – and you know you can join our discord server. You can vote for our end of season play awards that we are hosting um on friday, which is gon na be a live, show come be part of the community. Give your shares your voice come to our discord, server, um and just be part of be part of all of a community of manchester united fans, as always glory glory.