Numerous accounts of attempted bribery after an incident at a nightclub and then a police station after allegedly his sister, was injected with a substance. It’S still very murky. The situation around this right now he’s been given a suspended 21 month sentence. Um he’s returning home now he’s denying them. He will appeal the club says he will appeal, but uh uh, you listen. There must be cameras somewhere footage. We don’t know what happened that’s, not even the issue right now, but as as a former footballer, you understand that you are a target and your family’s a target as well is a sympathy to a certain point for harry maguire. Here, yes, uh and again, we don’t know the whole the whole truth and it’s, probably somewhere in the middle um, as it usually is. I think this is a great lesson for a lot of young players. Um at big clubs, especially the microscope that you’re under and the fact that even the guy, like alfonso davies, 19 years of age, looking at us thing like with maguire that let that be a good lesson to you that you know everybody loves you at the moment. Until they don’t love, you anymore or they don’t want they’re. You know jealous of something and they’re going to come for you we’ve had that demo rig, i mean in england, it’s intense, you know, there’s a lot of fans tonight’s out there, so yeah! Well, london, yes, which isn’t too bad but well let’s, hear now from england manager.

Gareth southgate spoke about it earlier today. He named actually mcguire in his squad for matches coming up. We recognize that if you’re a player with england that has a profile and there are expectations – and there is also a tension and focus that goes with that and clearly, if you’re, the captain of a club like manchester united that’s the same so um he’s he’s, fully Aware of that um – and you know i think, it’s the same for all of our players really um. We know that there’s a responsibility in in wider society. We have a fantastic connection with our fans. Um he’s been a big part of that over the last couple of years and i think he’s very conscious of his responsibilities. Um at this moment in time he would be very keen to just get back training and playing football. So um. You know, i think, when you’re playing with england and you’re playing at a club like manchester united you’re, always in the spotlight, there’s, always pressure on your performances, so that that’s not a new situation for him to be in um. The specifics of this obviously are um, but he’s he’s, more than capable of dealing with everything well mcguire has since withdrawn from the england squad, and you keep hearing the word responsibility there and again. We don’t know the full details of what happened here, but families involved, and we saw eric dier this past season at spurs attack a fan who was essentially berating and attacking his brother in the stands.

You know in this case, allegedly his sister was injected with a substance. You can understand why he may have lost the plot a little bit here, but still you have to realize the name of your back right and that you are representing not just your club, but also your country, yeah, um, yes, and no, i think, it’s very easy, Easier said than done, um, like i said if someone’s gon na, is attacking your sister, injecting her giving her a pill of some sort. You’Re gon na react you’re, not thinking, may night you’re, not thinking england you’re, not thinking i’m skipper, you’re thinking my sister and to protect, and so i i have a little bit simply for him just because we don’t know um the reason why he was um arrested And the fact that he’s been taken out the squad because i’ve been in situations when i was playing back in the day and sometimes you with your mates, you’re out and something goes down and your mates react from natural instincts and where else from the rough area. They react in a rough way, i’m caught up in the melee and all of a sudden. It gets back to club that roman was here. Maybe didn’t do anything so and i think people need to understand footballers we’re, just human beings at the end of the day. So we live regular lives but we’re going to be scrutinized a bit more. But i i would say that people need to understand that he’s, just a regular guy and he’s, probably protecting his sister yeah.

I mean it’s fun being a star, but there’s also come some sacrifices to that as well. Some net places in that that you didn’t you should not go mykonos is one of those places it’s full of english. Why why why wrong people? Why? Why is that yeah? There’S all these english strong people there a certain feeling towards the uh, the tourists there yeah yeah yeah and rightly so, they’re a disaster yeah. They really are they’re right, but but the sad part is, though, that this is an example once again of the gap growing between the fan and the professional footballer. You know and footballers get criticized so much of being aloof and the alienation between them and the fans, but you can’t blame them from seeing these incidents and saying why? Why would they want to put themselves in that position? Yeah separate you’ve got to and you’ve got to, you’ve got to read the situation too. You got to know what you’re doing but, like i said, there is certain sacrifices that you have to take, because you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you’re going to put yourself in front of hundreds of potential fans and you’re recognized. Not just in your own country but around the world when you’re playing for clubs like these you’re being recognized around the world was every time that you had to say. Do you know who i am i’m craig forrest. No, never said that tell the truth, quick! No! Once never right never used it because it wouldn’t work and then i would be heartbroken because everyone Laughter growing up in south london there’s a lot of times.

I was stopped and just stopped and stopped and there’s times when you you have to say to them. Look just to quickly get out of the way. Look my name’s ron rick is i play for xy as a team and that’s it and it usually does work and then the odd time when you use it in the wrong place and it don’t work and you’re banging trouble. Yeah it’s tough, i mean and again like we said it said it before a thousand times. We don’t know the details here, but from what i’ve read what i’ve seen i have got a bit of simply for him in this case and uh there’s a lot more to this story.