Now i did say in the last video that i was gon na include those characters that i missed, but the character list eventually started piling up. So i decided to break it up into two last videos so today, we’re tackling the water in the air in the next video we’ll get to those forgotten characters. In the first video, i talked about the inspiration for culture within avatar and the possible ethnicities that it might fall into so today, specifically we’re casting inuit actors and those from indigenous roots in order to fill up the water tribe. Now these are some smaller characters, but within the overall story they still provide growth in important segments not only for our main characters but for the story itself. But before we get started, i have to say thank you to today’s sponsor surf shark. Surfshark is an app and a browser extension which allows you to protect your privacy and information and even photos and videos from potential threats. But if i’m being honest, it all comes down to being canadian and wanting to use american netflix surfshark allows you to disguise your ip address and allows you to select which country you’d like to appear from. As i said, i usually choose the states and have my way through those titles that don’t appear on my version of netflix, but in a time of so much uncertainty, especially online, it makes sense to put up that barrier for those who are looking to steal.

Your information online, i actually use it a lot when i’m in public wi fi, like when i’m at the airport. It has a lot of potential threats. The great thing about surf shark is it’s the only vpn to offer one account to use on unlimited number of devices, so use brine seeker to get 83 off plus an extra three months for free. They give you a 30 day, money back guarantee, so there’s no risk to try it right now so check out the link in the description below for more details. Now on to the casting, we are gon na tackle majority of the water tribes and a little bit of air today, we’re talking about monk, yatso, princess yue, hakoda, master, paku and gran gran, so let’s recast last airbender. First up we have monkeyatso a soft spoken character, who is really a great mentor but, more importantly, a great friend to aang. He is one of the few people within the series that is acting without his own interest in mind and it’s. Quite refreshing, he’s, calm, relaxed and able to enjoy life and just have fun his demeanor and his nature is the thing we need to tackle here. We need someone who has that gentle calming voice but isn’t afraid to do something silly. I went with for this role, who isn’t exactly tibetan and isn’t in line with those nationalities we are hoping to cast from. But when someone is as perfect as randall is for this role it’s hard to overlook, he has that perfect voice, as seen in the kung fu panda series where he plays master oogway.

Ah, yes, but no matter what you do, that seat will grow to be a peach tree. You may wish for an apple or an orange, but you will get a peach, but a peach cannot defeat lung. Maybe it can, if you are willing to guide it, to nurture it to believe in it. He’S also showed a thunderside in a more slapstick style, as the key master in the matrix, sequel and he’s also aged very well into this role. He has the same bags under his eyes, but it’s his persona and the way he carries himself that would work well for gyatso, so randall dug him as monkeyatso. Next up we have one of the first members of the water tribe. We really see and one that is really important. Grand grand now grand grand is obviously katara and saka’s grandmother and their main caregiver after their father leaves grand grand is obviously loving, talks with wisdom and sense and has a caring nature. She obviously wants what’s best for katara and saka tansu. Cardinal is beyond perfect for this role. She is one of the best indigenous actors of all time, she’s a powerhouse of an actor, but she can bring that calm, wise and understanding nature to grand grand she’s, also getting up there in age, but isn’t too old. To give a little bit more of a spry performance, we can just tell the tantu can do this through simple dialogue having that loving nature and that wisdom and if it didn’t he tortured that woman he’d still be haunted by all the what ifs he spent a Lifetime going down the path not taken so tantoo cardinal is grand grand next up.

We have princess ua. Now ua is important to saka’s character and really important to the first season. The conclusion of her storyline is well an interesting one. My first girlfriend turned into the moon that’s rough buddy, but that doesn’t understate her importance now. Princess nue is very poised, respectful and surprisingly, not terrible in the live action. She was actually casted pretty well. She talks with purpose and cadence now it’s important. We want someone on the younger side who has chemistry with saka wakasholo mardinia, who is 19 years old ua obviously needs to be beyond beautiful, with dark skin and a natural flowing energy. I did want to go with an indigenous actor here, but after searching and searching, i really couldn’t find someone to land on the role as in saka’s case in a perfect world. She would be indigenous, but i end up going with jenna ortega, who is 18 is of mexican and puerto rican descent and, as i pointed out in the first video, there is a likelihood that she does share some indigenous roots either way she has to look. But more importantly, she has that energy. You can see in the scene that her posture and even the flow of her voice is exactly what we need for you, a that’s. What i was thinking now. I really want to hear your future idea. Great i’ve got a whole pitch preparation, uh and i have like a super early morning. Dude ten minutes it’s right up your alley and i think you’ll like it enough to share with your producing partners, really and she’s, showing you that she can do the emotional side of this role as well.

Everybody wants to get away from me why so jenna ortega as princess ue, Music, now speaking of saka in his journey, his father hakoda, is one of the most important figures towards him and really his journey. The idea of living up to his father’s bravery, strength and courage is something that is really important to saka. Although hakoda’s screen time is really limited, i feel like his presence on screen is still big. We need an actor who can translate that force in that presence. I went with adam beach, who is a seasoned veteran actor and definitely has the acting ability to pull this off he’s, most well known for his recent role playing slipknot in suicide squad, which is a terrible misuse of his talents, but still shows he can do action. But you can see in his other characters. He has that calm cool nature as well as he can do a mentorship role. I might just take you for a gap you’re gon na. Let me get dressed chick or keep demonstrating what an ignorant fool you are. He also has a similar activist spirit which shines through, which would be great for this role. So when i did wind talkers with nick cage they’re like oh adam, we’d love for you to come and read for this role, we think you’d be great. I told them. They have to ask permission from the navajo nation. Before i can even come in the room. They thought i was crazy, so adam beach as hakoda Music.

Lastly, with master paku: now he is a cold demanding, sometimes sarcastic teacher, but it should be said he is one of the most powerful waterbenders within this world. His techniques can be harsh and obviously has his conflict with katara, but we really need a veteran actor here. We need someone who can bring that presence that lived in skin as well as someone who can translate that they’ve lived a life before this series. Obviously tradition matters to him, since he only teaches water bending to males but there’s a little glimmer of humanity and warmth. That does peek through from time to time, he’s, not all harsh it’s, also important. We have that little bit of softer side when he talks about his previous engagement with grankran. I went with wes studi for this role, who may be the most famous and well known indigenous actor of all time, but i think a role like this demands that he’s best known for last of the mohicans dances, with wolves and even being an avatar it’s funny. I know him best from mystery men where he plays the sphinx, where you can see in this comedic performance. He would still work well in this role. He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions. He has that commanding nature to him and he can play that tough side, but he can also play the softer side as well as this character changes. But now i see in your eyes you are becoming your own man, so west duty is master paku.

So there are my cast for the water and the air nations. Let me know your choices in the comments below we’re gon na have that extra episode, so please subscribe as always. Thank you for watching.