What we’re talking about harry potter, all of them – and this is part one. How many are there? I recently decided that we were gon na. Do an entire re watch of all the harry potters because they’re very crazy, different from the first one to the last one and there’s a lot of reason. Why, behind that – and i want to tell you guys about it so let’s get to it so harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone. Is it sorcerers or philosophers mentor that one i’m telling you that’s interesting so it’s harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone in america? But it was actually harry potter and the philosopher’s stone everywhere else in the world that’s what’s under the trap door, the philosopher’s stone only because they didn’t think that americans would know what a philosopher was the what that’s. Just absolutely true, honestly don’t you two read i’ve been personally watching harry potter, since it came out in theaters for the first time in 2001.. Granted i was only in kindergarten, but i saw it and i loved it. It was a very good movie that just kind of touched, like all different age groups. I think everybody who saw this movie enjoyed it. I just felt like the sorcerer’s stone is actually pure magic that’s. What it feels like you watch this movie and everything’s just so grand and different than what had been coming out in theaters at the time. What pony’s going so let’s talk about? Why and how chris, i always want to say, christopher columbus, chris columbus did this.

He got everything right this man. The first thing that i noted about this movie was how does professor mcgonagall aka maggie smith? How does she look the exact same age throughout all of these movies? I can’t comprehend it considering it took probably about 10 years or so to film. All of these. Oh thank you for that assessment, mr weasley. I think she was like 60 whenever they started filming like 62 or something by the time they were finished. She was in her 70s, but gosh dang it. She was pretty freaking old. The whole time probably smoked a lot. I don’t know five points will be taken from gryffindor for your serious lack of judgment, so the fact that they filmed all these over the course of ten years is just so incredible that they had all of these actors, like all the same actors except for you Know dumbledore r.i.p, i lost earwax. For the most part, it was all the same main actors and that’s just really something special, especially the child actors. You know none of them, except for maybe a select. Few were professional actors. Some of them spoke about how they had their managers and they actually came from a talent agency. Some of these kids have been sending in videotapes themselves, reading about harry potter, so i sent one in then i did this rap song of how much i wanted to be in the film, but i think for the most part they just kind of did some free Auditions and england, and wherever over there and they found these kids and they i feel like they picked them really.

Well, i think in this first one you can really tell that everybody is kind of equally excited and eager to be on this big film set. Stop stop stop you’re going to take someone’s eye out, even though the kids themselves aren’t really great at acting. They definitely did their best. Do you think this mirror shows the future? How can it both my parents are dead? I loved watching the behind the scenes, footage that they have of chris columbus talking about working with the kids and it’s really nice, because he had four kids of his own, and so he worked really well with this crew. What was your favorite part about? Making the movie one of them is probably i’m working with chris columbus yeah because he is just he’s, an inspiration, he’s, energetic, he’s, passionate, he’s kind, he’s lost he’s, fantastic, because the kids were so young. They only had about four hours to work with them each day, because the kids had so many breaks they had to take. They had so many hours of like one on one tutoring that they had to do, and i think there was also some acting classes involved. So really they only had four hours each day to work with each of them. That’S, not a lot of time to get an entire movie that’s based on these kids to get all those shots filmed so that’s totally barbaric. You can imagine it was probably really difficult and that’s.

Also probably why there’s some scenes that you’re thinking like why? Why didn’t they just try to reshoot that hermione? You can actually see talking and saying other kids lines so that she knew when her line was going to be, and you would think that they would have just taken that out. But i think they just didn’t have enough time, and so they were like well it’s. Not super noticeable, so let’s just leave it in well it’s, not very good. Is it i also read. I thought this was just genius that they actually had the kids doing actual school work whenever they were filming some of the scenes in the classrooms. That way, it felt more real to them and i’m sure. It was also another way that they could get maybe a little bit more time with the students, kids, the actors, no, it may be nostalgia, but the music in this first one just seems so much more grand and it’s got this. This great orchestra sound to it and it just is more magical that opening is just so moving. It adds atmosphere to the rest of the movie. I also appreciate so much that they use this same house for the dursleys, all through filming, that’s, really nice and it’s. Not a set it’s, an actual house and i’m pretty sure that you can rent it for like an airbnb. Now i feel like that’s, that shouldn’t be. Somebody should like use that as their home, but you can buy anything now.

We’Ll take the lot whoa. I also want to point out that i love the actors that they picked out for the dursley family, because they’re so good at playing these awful awful people that can be hard to do whenever you’re, probably not really, that awful of a person right. You are harry. This is nothing to do with anything, but i just thought it was funny watching the first one and noticing that daniel radcliffe sort of has like a unibrow through this one, and then you know as the film’s going he doesn’t have it. So i don’t know he had that unibrow, you knew you knew all along and you never told me. Of course we do. I also really love hagrid. This is the first. You know time we’re meeting hagrid. He has a huge part in this movie and actually he has a pretty decent part up until the fourth movie and then, after that they kind of stop using him. It’S really unfortunate, because i love hagrid. I think a lot of people do. I do something that i notice a lot about the first one is the lighting it’s, really warm it’s natural it’s, really just gorgeous it’s, actually brightly lit whenever you can tell that there are lights around or fire or candles, and then it’s actually dark whenever there’s, not Lighting around real legit shadows and it’s, not just highly contrasted it feels natural wizards show yourself. I think the camera work with this movie is also done incredibly well.

They actually put depth into the scenes. A lot of them are focused on maybe just like harry, and then everything around him is kind of not as focused it’s a little more blurred, but there’s still lots of things going on around him. I think i noticed that the most in diagon alley, whenever he’s picking out like his wand and it creates a good atmosphere, very curious that just looks really nice. These sets were amazing. It was really awesome to see in the behind the scenes footage how they made these sets and that they were actually made out of molds and i’m guessing. I think it was like plaster or concrete something, very, not that you would think it was made out of, but they look so real. They look like they’ve been there for centuries. I think uh, to say the least, that at least looks a million times better in the first one than the the seventh one in the seventh one. Everything seems like it’s cgi and in this this first one it feels so real, like everything is really there like. Like charlie and the chocolate factory you’re walking through there and it’s so delectable and so darn good looking, i guess sorry in willy wonka on the chocolate factory the kids are walking through and everything there was actually edible. It seems like everything here is very real and magical. It had to feel as if it’s existed forever. It had to be sort of a little grungy a little dirty, but it still had to have some integrity and reality i mean you do walk into these sets.

Wherever you may be here, at least in studios, and you feel like you’re at the school, i love that they used the baby actor that played baby harry from the first movie as harry potter’s son in the seventh movie. In that little, like, i guess, it’s an after credit scene, i don’t know really what it is, but that little follow up whenever they’re, older and harry son. That is little baby hairy. So they really picked out these characters and these actors really really well. I feel like that would actually be what their baby looked like, but that in itself is just such a sweet little detail that they were like hey. Remember that baby that we used 10 years ago, do you think it’s still around yeah let’s use it. I know that’s really jumping ahead it’s, not really goodbye. After all, now back to the sorceress, then and again, there’s actually color in this movie. I feel like so many of the newer films just don’t have color at all, and i don’t understand that i kind of see what they did, but i also don’t i like the color. You can have a serious tone to your movie and still have color in it. They have lots of oranges and reds and yellows, and then there’s, these really great blues that they added and i don’t even know. If they’re added, i think, it’s just the lighting they use, they did a really great job in some of the the night scenes.

Just really awesome, like rich colors and that kind of honestly could have been the camera that they used to knows. But it looked awesome. She needs to sort out her priorities. I always thought that the sorting hat was really cool. I remember watching it as a kid and just feeling like that was actually magic like this is not something that we even have in the real world. Besides, maybe like a blood test, but that ain’t no sorting hat no, please well, if you’re sure better be gryffindor, so chris columbus said that they did not use a lot of cg in the first and second film, but they did use uh cg. For the ghost hello, how are you – and i liked the ghost i think they added a lot to the film? I think they added a lot to the background. You kind of just see them floating around and intermingling with students. I liked that, and it felt more scary, and just like oh yeah, you’re at a wizard school really headless. How can you be nearly headless like this? I wish that they would have kept the ghosts around uh for more than just the first and second movies. I think maybe they’re in the third a little bit, but i feel like after that they’re just not in the movies anymore, and i i really liked them. I think they should have kept them there’s a lot of great camera movement in this one too.

It just really creates a sense of wonder: do you mean to say that that thing that killed the unicorn that was drinking his blood, that was voldemort? Do you know what is hidden in the school at this very moment, mr potter, just overall nicely done really comfy af, okay chamber of secrets, number two already right off the bat you can tell this. One is lit a lot darker than the original, and i actually read something today whenever i was just looking up some facts about it, that they intentionally hired a i don’t know if there’s a lighting director like cinematographer, who wanted to create a sense of darkness that Continued to get darker throughout the rest of the films, scared potter. You wish and i get that, but i wish they i just wish they would have done it in a more natural way, but i mean this one i think is still nicely done. I think you can just tell they made it darker by taking out some light and creating more shadows and a darker look to it. It is so cool to see all these kids grow up. I think it’s cool that it’s such a large group of kids, that we get to see grow throughout these movies, and i want to point out. I think that uh daniel radcliffe looks the most like harry potter, as described in the books in this movie, specifically you’re wrong. I think the the opening to this one is really nice, the opening to hogwarts you have this, this great dining hall.

It seems bigger already, but darker too a lot darker than the first one and again this one still continued to use so much natural lighting. We get to meet a lot more characters in this hello and if you didn’t know, the woman who played moaning myrtle is actually 37 in this movie and then she makes a comeback and goblet of fire. I don’t know if she’s in any of the other movies. After that, but i know for sure she’s in goblet of fire tells me so by then she’s, probably like at least in her 40s, and i just have to also let you guys know. This is the last movie that was played with richard harris as being dumbledore because he passed away. I think, shortly after the release of this movie, oh and about time too and it’s really sad, because i think he did the best job at embodying dumbledore. He really got dumbledore’s characteristics right in the way that he was so calm and really brought everybody together. Tell them hogwarts is no longer safe. He didn’t do anything radical or crazy. Is there something you wish to tell me? He was very soft spoken and i loved that about him. It really felt like if, for me, if i were picturing how dumbledore would have been this like great great wizard, i would picture him more like richard harris’s dumbledore, oh yeah, instead of the dumbledore that we end up getting. How did you put your name in the cupboard innocent until proven guilty? Some of you might not agree with that, but that’s my opinion.

It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices all right. Everybody. Thank you for watching i’m sure this was really long, video i’m, not sure. Yet i haven’t even finished filming it. I think it’s brilliant, but stay tuned for part two, because that’s going to be coming out – and i have a lot more stuff to say – and you know who doesn’t love, harry potter and who doesn’t love talking about harry potter, so stay tuned, keep watching. Don’T worry. I will be if you like this video, give it a like don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell, so that you know whenever i’m gon na be posting stuff and also don’t forget to follow the links in the description box below. I think our our instagram’s on there twitter all the that fun stuff, but we also have a patreon and if you become a friends forever on patreon, you get to put your name on the wall back here and it’s pretty fun, because the wall is in.